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Remember When You Were a Madman? Thought You Were Batman!

Chapter 9

"DAHLIA!!! DAMMIT WAKE UP!!" I shake her violently; I can’t stand to see her like this. I caused her madness, I just know it.

"What the fuck!!" Suddenly her eyes burst open and I stop shaking her.

She blinks her eyes abruptly around the room. We're in some run down building, really the best place you could get in Downtown Gotham, yet the room looks fairly nice. The walls are obviously odd, but all the furniture is well kept. Dahlia then stares at me with those big beautiful eyes mom blessed her with. I embrace her firmly, not really caring how hard I’m squeezing her. She pulls apart from me and engulfs me in her warm soft lips.

"My little flower..." Then like a lightning bolt, her fist smacks against my jaw.

“That’s for leaving me! That’s for abandoning! I break away from the kiss,"Why did you kidnap me? I would have just let you in my apartment, I know its you." I look down and start pacing the room mumbling.

"Damn woman....ungrateful.....doesn't even realize....Scarecrow..." She shoves me away and begins examining my room. I rub my face. “We’re far from your apartment just so you know. Don’t bother trying to go back, I won’t let you leave.”

“Who said I want to leave anyway,” she says walking towards the window, “I was trying to look for you in the first place, but instead you’ve found me.” She smiles and I smile back.

“What made you think I wouldn’t find you first?” I slowly stride my way to her and creep up
behind her.

“Well, I just assumed that you didn’t know I was here in Gotham. So when I found out that you were the new face in town, I thought it would be a piece of cake.” She turns around to face me. Her eyes glisten with the love I’ve always come to know, yet I see something that I haven’t seen since we where kids; pain. I created this; I brought that pain into her life. I was suppose to protect her, love her, but I was too busy worry about my scars that I didn’t see what really mattered; Dahlia.

“Dahlia let’s go to bed, we can talk more in the morning. I just want to hold you.” She nods her head and leads me to the bed. I take off my coat and tie, leaving me in just my dress shirt and slacks. Dahlia, already in her nightgown, slides under the blankets and pulls me into her arms; like a child. She makes sure we’re all tucked in and kisses me on my forehead.

“Goodnight Jack.” She holds me tighter.

“Goodnight Dahlia.” I snuggle closer into her chest, taking in her natural scent. Every night we would sleep like this. It almost feels like everything is back to the way it was.