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Her Guardian Angel


-Elaina's Point of View-

"Alrighty, children," Ms. Taylor sat her marker down and began passing out coloring sheets. "I'm going to let you boys and girls color a little bit before recess. After recess, we'll go to lunch, then you all will get some snacks and we'll start learning some more ABC's. Sound fun?"

While most children cheered and clapped, no one at my table said a word. Asher was just not happy about being here and she didn't mind making it noticeable, Kayla was to busy working on her coloring sheet already, and Theo was odd. I, on the other hand, was just tired. Mommy had kept me awake all night by yelling at Brandan. He hadn't cleaned his room in one whole day and she was panicking or something.

"So, what are you guys going to do this weekend?" Asher asked, picking up a purple marker from the little cup in the middle of the table. "Derek and I are going to visit our grandparents in Alabama."

Kayla shrugged, "Matt is going to his friends house I think. I'm going to have a girls weekend with Mommy. We are going to go shopping for cute new clothes and stuff like that."

Both girls looked up from their pictures and over to me.


"Uh, what are you doing this weekend?"

I was never sure what I was going to be doing over the weekend. I was never allowed to have friends over and we were never allowed to go to friends house.

"Um, I might go to my daddy's house or something," I didn't exactly lie. "I haven't asked my mommy."

Asher gave me a weird look, then looked back down at her color sheet. I just shrugged it off and picked up an orange crayon. I started working on my bunny. The body was going to be orange, the ears were light purple, and the other stuff was pink. My favorite colors, other than purple.

After we finished our coloring sheets, we gave them back to Ms. Taylor, then started talking about random things. We talked about our pets and our babydolls. Asher was into Power Rangers, just like my brother, and thinking about my brother had made something he said the night before pop into my head.

"Guess what Sheep told me last night," I said, smiling.


I leaned in, trying to whisper, "He has a girlfriend!"

Asher jumped back in her chair. Her mouth was hanging open. I guess it shocked her a little bit.

"Who?! Do we know her and does she not know that guys have major cooties?! Oh, my gosh!" She shook her head, looking over at Kayla. "Can you believe this!? Who is his girlfriend?"

Kayla laughed, looking back at me, "Did he tell you who it is?"

"Mhm. Vienna. You know, the girl from recess."

"Oh, my gosh!" Ashed yelled out, making everyone look at our table. "You have gots to be kiddin' me, Elaina. Why on earth would that little girl do somethin' like that!? Has she got the case of the crazies or somethin'?"

Ms. Taylor walked over before I could say something back. She placed hand on Asher's shoulder, smiling down at her.

"Is everyone done coloring?" The class nodded. "Well, go out to recess. I'm going to hang these picture up around the classroom, then join you guys soon."

No one wasted anytime on getting outside. Especially Asher. She walked right up to Vienna and made a nasty face at her as if she smell bad or had said something really gross.

"What'd I do?" Vee asked, looking around. "Did I say somethin'?"

"You have a nasty boyfriend? What is wrong with you, Vee? They have cooties and they do nasty things that they think is funny. Do you not have a brother to realize that? Are you insane? You are going to die from c..."

Kayla covered Asher's mouth, giggling, "She's just playin' around, Vee. Don't worry about it."

Vienna looked a little worried, though.

Stormy and Angel walked up, laughing and screaming at each other. Some random things happened during recess. Sometimes it was hard to explain. Stormy was the main one. She didn't mind being mean. And that was her problem. She was always so mean and rude to everyone, other than Vienna and Asher, that stood in our little group. Some girls didn't even come back to hang out with us when Stormy was done with them.

"Hey, Kayla," Stormy walked up to the brown haired girl standing next to me. "Can I ask you something? It's kinda funny. My brother told me to ask you." If it came from Brian's mouth, it was probably something that shouldn't be said during school, or ever. "How are you and Matt related?" Stormy giggled, "Look at you. You got this funny look about you. It makes you look ugly and Matt look bad for callin' you his sister."

Stormy went on and on. Asher and Vienna finally walked off, Angel just stared at Stormy. They had become such good friends, she didn't know what to say. I grabbed Kayla by her hand and pulled her off towards the swings.

"Don't worry about her." I smiled at Kayla. "That girl has some issues sometimes. She'll come apoligize soon."

Kayla nodded, jumping up in a swing. I did the same next to her.

We giggled and talked for a few minutes before Kayla jumped off the swings and ran over to her big brother. I sat on the swings alone, looking around at everyone playing. I didn't fit it to good. They all had friends since they grew up with each other, and Angel just made friends easily. I made friends easily, but for some reason, I was more worried about something else.

I looked over my shoulder towards the woods.

The man that I had saw the day before was standing there. He had sunglasses over his eyes, and he was wearing all black. When he noticed me looking at him, he smiled, nodding a little bit. I was curious. Why was he hiding in the trees?

I quickly looked around me to make sure no one was paying attention. And as I hoped, everyone was in their on little world. I quickly jumped off the swing and started walking slowly over to the tall man.

Before I could make it to him, his smile went away and he stepped back into the trees, disappearing.

"Elaina," I turned around quickly, seeing Ms. Taylor walking towards me. "Sweetie, what are you doing? You know you aren't allowed to go near those trees, right?" I nodded a little, trying to explain myself, but she just wouldn't listen. "Stop all that nonsense, Elaina. There is no one over there." She point in that direction, looking as she did so. "See, there is no one there. And if there was someone there, I would hope you'd have enough sense to get an adult. Now, It's time for everyone to go back inside. Lunch is in a few minutes."

I frowned, nodding a bit as she led me inside.


"I'm so happy tomorrow is Friday," Asher said, sinking down on the bench we were sitting on. "I need a vacation already. School is stressing me out."

Kayla and Vienna laughed, sitting down on the ground in front of us. Stormy walked up with Derek, Matt and Brian a few minutes later. I didn't get to say much to any of them before their parents showed up. I had to admit, from seeing their parents, I wish there was some way I could trade them.

Brandan and Angel didn't come of their classrooms for a while. Mom and dad were always at least an hour late to pick us up. It's like they forgot we weren't at home or something.

Being all alone was not only boring, but a little scary. It was so quiet, but that wasn't the only thing. I knew I was being watched. I got that same weird feeling when my mom or dad stared at me for doing something wrong or stupid. I knew I was being watched. I looked over my shoulders, no one was there. The woods that I had gotten in trouble for walking towards earlier was the last place I looked.

The man was back.

I smiled, waving at him. He smiled a little, but not to much. I hopped off the bench, dropping my bag, and slowly walked towards him.
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