No One Here Even Knew You, Casablancas

Well, aren't you King Douchebag

I leaned against the desk and watched the redheaded girl compose herself. It seemed like she was the only one who actually knew who I was. All morning I had been hearing whispers about some ' hot new instructor'. It never dawned on me that it was ME they were talking about, and when I figured it out, I had to laugh. But trust me, having 15 and 16 year old girls staring you down all morning was not exactly comfortable. And when I asked them if they knew who I was, some smart aleck replied, "an angel". Which made me blush, but still! They'd never heard of our band before. I was shocked. And only ONE person, a girl, in my senior class knew who I was. She was a beauty, smooth flawless and kind of pale skin for living in Spain. Her hair was long and a coppery reddish tone. The girl with her, a medium girl with long dirty blonde hair, I presume her best friend, was giggling and throwing looks towards me and whispering to the redhead.

"Well I see you know my name, Ms..?" I paused, giving her time to answer.
"Cian," she replied quickly, voice trembling. I then turned to her friend, and gave her a questioning look. "Kalisah," she said with a smile. "But everyone calls me Kal."

"Interesting," I said with as much disinterest as I could muster. "I expect you two won't be late to my class again, yes?" The girl named Kalisah smiled and nodded. "We probably will, Julian. Your name's Julian right? Can I call you Jules?" I was so taken aback. But this chick was smiling the entire time! I narrowed my eyes." No, Kalisah you may not. " I surveyed the room and addressed the class. " I am Mr. Casablancas, you may call me Mr. C, and if any of you attempt to call me by a first name, nickname, or 'bro', detention. Got it?" The students nodded, and the redhead raised her hand. "Yes, Cian?" I pointed at her then stuck my hands in my pockets. "Um, I just wanted to say that I love your music and I'm going to enjoy being your student, you've such talent, are you going to-"

I cut her off. "I've seen your record, sucking up to me is not gonna help you get a good grade in this class. And no we will not discuss my life, so drop the subject. Capishe?" I knew I was being way harsh when I saw her face fall. But it was true, I HAD seen her record. Nobody gets such stellar marks without being a kissass. & it was also true that I was NOT going to talk about my life. I was just here to teach them how to appreciate music. "Well excuse me for being interested. Aren't you King Douchebag." I blinked, barely believing what I just heard. She'd said it so softly I barely caught it. The bitch. "Excuse me, what did you just say?" I said, incredulous. She folded her arms and smirked. Quite an attitude she had. "Oh, nothing," she replied. "Carry on. " Her smirk was irritating the LIFE out of me, and I needed a cigarette. "You," I said, pointing at her. "Detention, this room, lunchtime!" I successfully kept my voice at an acceptable level. She rolled her eyes. I managed to tear my gaze away from her pouted heart shape lips and gave a wide grin to the rest of the class. They looked back at me expectantly. "Well class. Welcome to Music Theory."
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Sorry so short. Written on the iTouch. Comments? ^_^