Kiss Me Tenderly

My friends are a different breed, my friends are everything

It was decided that neither of them would tell their parents. Both sets had disowned them after finding out they were gay, and had not formed any further association with either son. Hopefully the chemotherapy would work and the family would never find out. But it was obvious the band and crew would have to know, for they would see the effects of the chemotherapy on Alex anyway.

And so, the next day, Jack and Alex climbed back into their car, heading for Zack’s. They hadn’t given the boy any hint as to what was going on, just told the bewildered Zack there was to be an emergency meeting with him and Rian. Both Jack and Alex would rather have their best friends know before everybody else, hence why the crew and the guys at Hopeless would be informed later. As they pulled up the driveway, they noticed Rian’s car already there. It wasn’t really a surprise, those two were so obviously a couple as well, it would have been a surprise not to see the car there. Alex hopped out of the car, followed by Jack, and they made their way up to the front door. Alex took a deep breath and glanced over at his partner. Jack gave a reassuring smile and squeezed his hand.

“You know they’ll be there for you as much as I am, there’s no need to worry.”

Alex shook his head, looking back at the door.

“That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m more scared that I’m going anger them in getting this. I know it’s utterly ridiculous as it’s not my fault, but we have only just started getting bigger, band wise. And then I get this.”

“Nothing will happen.” Jack replied firmly. “You are going to go through treatment and you will get better. And then we’ll make it big, and have millions of kids flocking to our shows just to see us.”

Alex smiled a little, and reached up to push the doorbell. He knew Jack was only trying to comfort him, he had no clue how it was going to turn out any more than Alex did. But it helped, even if he didn’t really believe what Jack was saying.

Within a few seconds of the doorbell ringing, the door was opened by a shirtless Zack, who grinned at them. Alex raised his eyebrow, noticing the messy hair and the unfastened belt. His suspicions were confirmed as Rian appeared with an obviously rushed buttoned up shirt and a cheeky grin on his face.

“Y’know what, I’m not even going to ask.” Alex said, raising the hand that Jack wasn’t holding at Zack and walking into the house with Jack, heading for the living room. Rian and Zack exchanged a glance, and then smirked at each other’s appearance.

“You got us, bro.” Zack said, closing the front door and following the others into the living room, where they all sat. “So, what’s the big emergency? If it’s a new song or something, could it not wait until band practice?”

Jack smiled sadly and shook his head. Rian, noticing Jack’s expression, and then seeing Alex’s equally morose one, stopped grinning and moved closer.

“It’s something bad, isn’t it?”

Jack nodded again, and Zack’s face fell.

“Are you leaving the band?! We’re just getting big, we can’t afford to lose any –“

“We’re not leaving the band.” Jack cut off Zack’s rant, and both boys looked confused. Jack glanced at his boyfriend. “Do you want to say it or shall I?”

Alex looked about ready to cry again, and Jack wrapped his arms round the boy, pulling him closer, deciding that was enough of an answer. He looked back up at Zack and Rian, clearing his throat and trying not to start crying again himself.

“ know Alex’s constant throwing up and sweating? We went to the hospital about it, they ran a few tests. The results came back yesterday. H-H-He has...” He hesitated, not wanting to say the word. He knew he had to, though. “...c-c-cancer.”

At this, both of the boys’ eyes widened and both went pale.

“Shit.” Rian breathed, and he glanced at Alex. Looking at the elder’s expression, he knew that this wasn’t some sick joke. Alex actually was terminally ill. And they could lose him. He bit his lip and moved over to sit next to Alex, trying to hug him while he was still in Jack’s arms.

“Sorry, bro. You know we’re here for you. Do you get treatment for it?”

Alex nodded, and Jack became his voice again.

“First bout of chemotherapy is next week.”

Rian gulped, and looked across to his own boyfriend. Zack seemed to have been frozen in place upon hearing the news, he hadn’t moved from his seat, just paled, and zoned out.

“Zack? Hey, man, come back to Earth.” He tried, waving his hand in front of his face. Zack blinked, and then shook his head a little, coming back.

“I...This isn’t fair.”

He’d finally voiced the thing they’d all been thinking. Alex winced, waiting for the anger at him to come. But it didn’t. Zack, instead, stood up and walked out of the room. Alex glanced at Rian, fearful Zack was angry. Rian knew what the boy was thinking and shook his head.

“He’s not angry at you. He’s angry at what this has done. It’s not fair that this should happen to you when we’re first beginning to make it.”

Alex nodded, still feeling incredibly guilty.

“He’ll be fine, though.” Jack spoke, a determined tone in his voice. “He’s not leaving us, this will just be something to get through. We’ll be fine.”

Alex smiled a little, not looking up at Jack, still worried he would be wrong. It was a fucking scary concept, and he was so afraid of what would happen next. Jack had been up all the previous night researching it all, but Alex really didn’t want to know.

“So...” Rian hesitated, breaking Alex’s thoughts. “Do you want us to come with you to chemo?”

Alex smiled, glad of Rian’s thoughts.

“No, thanks, I don’t think they really let that many people in.”

Rian nodded, and Alex got the feeling that he didn’t want to be there anyway. Alex couldn’t blame him. Hospitals were fucking scary places. Especially when you were the one being treated. He really wasn’t looking forward to the chemo, but he had to go through with it.

At this, Zack came back into the room, apparently having heard the last part of the conversation.

“You’ll let us know how it goes, right?” He asked, looking at each of them. Alex nodded.

“Of course. We’re hardly going to blank you, you guys are my best friends.”

Zack nodded, giving a weak smile.

“You told the others yet? Like, the crew and the guys at Hopeless?” Alex shook his head again, and Jack spoke up this time.

“We wanted to tell you guys first. You’re the most important people in our lives, apart from each other, of course.”

Alex smiled, it was true. The bond that ran between the four of them was tight, which was why they had made such a good band. Why they WERE such a good band.

“Cheesy group hug?” Rian suggested, breaking into Alex’s thoughts. Alex laughed, nodding, and the others grinned, getting up and forming a circle, wrapping their arms round each other. It was as cheesy as hell, but he was glad of it. He knew the guys would not ever be leaving him. It’d all work out, as long as he had these three with him.
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I apologise for the cheesy ending, op. Had to end it somehow :D