Welcome to Mutant High


Have you ever known death was coming? Have you ever stared into death's eyes, yet live to tell the tale? I have. I was one second away from being nothing but a fond memory to everyone I knew...then everything came to a halt. Everything except me.
Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men nor anything else in this story besides my character, Winter Hale and her family and perhaps the other occasional original characters that might pop up. I do own my original scenarios and my original timeline. The movies just didn't happen the way they should have, in my honest opinion.
  1. It All Happened So Fast
  2. Just Take Me Away
  3. School for Gifted Youngsters
  4. Settling Into the X-Mansion
  5. I Want To Belong
  6. Goodnight, Winter
  7. A Mixed Perspective
    Varies from third person Logan/Rogue POV to the more usual, Winter's POV.
  8. Training Begins
  9. Accidents Can Happen
    First person Rogue POV | First person Winter POV
  10. Connection