Status: Ongoing

The way life is

"We're not so different from each other actually. All of us. We're all going through things that we wouldn't have thought anyone else was. We're all fighting a battle. What most of us fail to realize is that we don't have to fight it alone."

Tammie struggles through a clinical depression while still trying to put up an act around the people she cares about. Raymond is conflicted on past decisions and finds relief through drugs. Reina's a top student with a loving boyfriend, but struggles at home taking care of her family and has the need to hide her relationship from her mother. Derrick has known about his homosexuality since a young age, being in love with his best friend for years but having to watch him with another girl. Laura tries so hard to fix everyone, but will she ever be able to fix herself?

Five teens, each with their own struggles. Each with different experiences, feelings, and problems. The one thing that they have in common: each other.