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Let It Roll

Scream to be heard.

I walked down the hall, I was about to talk to Ava and tell her to delete the status now, or she was grounded. It was pissing me off how much she didn't give a shit about anything lately.

Just then, as I was about to knock on Ava's door, the doorbell rang. Her door shot open and she glared at me, before pushing past me and walking down the hall to the stairs, to answer the door.

"Ava, who is that supposed to be?" I asked her as she walked down the steps two at a time.

"Destry's coming to the studio with us," she said non chalantly.

"Uh, did you ask me?" I said in an irritated tone.

She shrugged as she threw open the door, where Destry stood grinning.

"Hey," Ava greeted with a smile.

I rolled my eyes and walked downstairs with them, Destry waved slightly and grinned.

"Alex, how are ya this fine day?" she questioned, throwing her backpack on the couch and crossing her arms.

I shrugged, "Fine I 'spose, Des. Now, Daughter, not that I wouldn't want Destry here today or anything, but care to tell me why you didn't bother asking me first?" I questioned as Destry stared at Ava with a frown.

"You didn't ask?" she asked incredulously.

Ava shrugged, "You owe me one, daddy dearest."

I gritted my teeth and crossed my arms, "Ava, kitchen, now." I said sternly.

She huffed and walked into the kitchen first as Destry stood awkwardly, staring around the house.

"Sorry, this'll be quick, no worries," I said to Destry as I walked away and into the kitchen.

Ava sat on the stool by the counter, frowning.

"Ava Marie, delete it now." I said simply.

She furrowed her eyebrows, "What?"

I glared at her, "Delete the stupid status. And it's not okay that you invited Destry over without asking, you know I would've said yes, you should've just asked me."

She opened her mouth to protest but I cut her off, "Delete it, or she leaves. Talk back, and she will. Got it?" I asked pointing a finger at her.

She glared again, "Fine."

I smiled, triumphantly, "Good, now let's go to the studio, yeah?"

She nodded as she slid off of the stool, typing away on her phone, deleting it, of course.

"Are you buckled in?" I asked her as I started up my car. The two teenagers were both in the backseat, and I knew for a fact Ava was still very pissed at me, and not planning on not being mad anytime soon.

"Yes." She said shortly, and I saw Destry nod from the rearview mirror.

"Alrighty then, let's get going," I smiled, backing out of our house and heading for the studio.

It was silent for a few minutes, and I saw Ava glaring at me from the rearview mirror.

"You know Ava, you're getting angstier and angstier every day, it's scaring me," I chuckled lightly.

"Oh, ha-ha dad, you're so funny," she scoffed.

"Seriously, how much does this band mean to you? And you shouldn't be mad at me for making you delete a stupid status that-"

"Can you just stop? I don't want to talk about it, it'll just make me more pissed off then I already am," she said angrily.

"It isn't a big deal, calm down daughter," I huffed.

"I wish mom was here," I heard her mumble quietly.

My grip on the steering wheel tightened slightly and I frowned.

"What did you say?" I asked her softly.

"Does it matter?" she questioned, annoyance filling her voice.


"I said I wish mom was here! I bet she wouldn't be unfair to me all the time, she would know what it's like to... to deal with you!" she screamed out, causing me to jump, I wasn't expecting that. She never screams at me like this, especially in front of her friends, and for nothing, I mean, seriously, this was not that big of a deal, I didn't even know why she had to bring her mother into this.

"Ava I cannot believe you just said that! Chill out. now. I'm serious. That was so uncalled for and... and-"

"And what? It's true! God, I hate you!" she yelled again. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Destry just looking very uncomfortable.

"You are so fucking ungrateful kid, I swear! How can you possibly say that to me?! Do you have any idea how much that hurts? I swear if you don't stop acting how you're acting right now-"

"Fuck you! I wish...I wish it wouldn't have been mom who died, I wish she was here and you...and you weren't!" she yelled, I flinched instantly.

My heart sank, how could she even say that to me? 15 years. I've been here and raised her alone for 15 fucking years and she says that shit? I could barley control my anger at this point, she was acting ridiculously mean, and I wouldn't stand for that shit.

I pulled over the car, putting it in park and taking a deep breath.

"You wish it would've been me, Ava Marie?" I asked quietly. Staring straight at the road ahead. I felt hot tears sting my eyes but I blinked them away.

"Of course I do," she shot back, acting just plain snide.

"Get out of the car," I said quietly again, still not looking at her.

"No," she said incredulously.

"Now." I said sternly.

"Why?" she yelled.

"Ava Marie Gaskarth, get the fuck out of the car, now!" I yelled, banging my hand on the steering wheel, I was just plain pissed off now.

"Fine!" she screamed back. I heard her seatbelt unclicking, and the car door opening.

I took a deep breath as I cosed my eyes tight, speaking softly, "Destry, I am very sorry you had to witness all of that. I think it'd be best if I take you home after this, okay?" I asked Destry quietly, still not turning around.

"Yeah, o-okay Alex. Ava, she didn't mean-"

"I'll be right back," I cut her off.

I slid out of my car and went to the opposite side, where Ava was leaning against the car, her arms crossed, she looked mad as hell.

"I am so... I have no words right now for you Ava," I began slowly, just staring at her as she refused to look at me, "I just wanted to say that in all the 15 years I've raised you, never have I ever been more disappointed in you. You are acting like an ungrateful little shit right now, and for what? For nothing," I spat, "You're grounded. Until further notice. What you said just now? It broke my heart, and the worst part is, I doubt you even care," I said with a chuckle of disbelief.

She stared right at me then, and glared, "You're right, I don't."

I looked at her with shock in my eyes, "Wow. You are so cool," I mocked, "Get in the car Ava, and if you don't, I really couldn't give a shit, you can walk home if you really want," I told her as I walked back to my side of the car, opening the door.

"What about the studio!" she yelled.

"You are not coming with me," I said with a shrug as I got in the car.

I heard her yell out in frustration and open the car door, sliding in.

I started up the car and turned around, heading back home, feeling completely sad, and shocked, but more the anything, hurt.
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