It's Not A Question But A Lesson Learned In Time

Frankie Armstrong is 17 and the daughter of Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green Day, her brother Joey is 7. Her mom was killed when she was 14, and Green Day haven't played a show since.

Just over two years later, Billie Joe, Mike and Tre decide to play a show and Frankie doesn't agree with their decision, so she does the thing she thinks best... Runs away.

She ends up in London where an old friend gives her a place to live, and introduces her to new people in an attempt to help her forget about her old life in California.


Disclaimer I do not have anything against Adrienne Armstrong, and I do not like to think of her as not living, it's just the way the story went. I also know Billie and Adrienne have two sons, and no daughters, but again, it worked better this way.
I also do not own any member of Green Day (duh). Frankie, James and Lee are original characters. Most of the others are roughly based on real people, but only in appearance and name, their actions are also my own ideas.