I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 13

As we were driving home, it was like we were all bonding as we talk about random things. As we stop at a stop sign, I saw a lady selling puppies." Oh my gosh. PUPPIES!" I yelled getting out the car. I went to the box of puppies and bend down." They are all so cute." I said picking up this puppy with a white head, body that is black and bottom and tail is white." This one is the one." I said as I ran to Ian." Can we get it?" I said." We would have to call Sebastian and see if we could get one. “ He said opening his phone." How much is this adorable thing?" I said looking at the lady." It's 200 dollars, but for you since you’re the first person planning to buy one, I will lower it to 150."She said looking at me." Oh thank you so much." I said pulling out the money."Ian got off the phone and look at me." He said we can get one, but we have to be responsible for it."Ian said putting his phone away." Yes!" I said giving the lady her money. We both went back to the car and I show Xavier mine new puppy." So what are you going to name it?" Xavier said looking at me." Hmmm, since it is a girl." I said thinking." I will name her Dot, because of her little head and little butt has a big white dot."I said giggling and hugging Dot. She licks me and stood on her back legs, looking out the window. She wags her tail as we go pass the houses. When we finally got home, I ran out of the car; forgetting mine bags." Sebastian!" I yelled looking round the house." Sebastian, where are you?" I said as I went up the stairs and started to check the rooms. When I got to this one room that was big with a wooden door, I turn the knob and look in." Sebastian." I said." Valentine? Is that you I hear yelling in the house?" Sebastian said coming out of this one room and locking it." Yea. Sorry." I said coming into the room." Want to see her?"I said hold her behind mine back."Your new puppy?" He said eying me." Yes!" I yelled pulling out dot."Awww what a cute puppy.” he said as I handed him Dot. She licks him all over as he laughed." I hope you know how to take care of a dog." He said holding dot in his hands." No, not really. This is mine first pet." I said looking down." Hmmm, well I think I got something about dog training." He said going to his book shelve. When he pulls this book off his shelve and handed to me. I look at the cover and said,” How to train and care for a pet." I said looking at him.
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