I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 14

"This should teach you something about taking care of a dog." Sebastian said. I flip through the book a little and closed it." I will read it tonight then." I said. After Dot continues to lick Sebastian, he finally hands over dot back to me." Let her get used to her environment and try to house train her too." Sebastian said." Yes sir." I said saluting. Sebastian laugh as I left out the door laughing a little.I put Dot on the ground and already she is on mine leg." Let’s go downstairs and see what we got for you to eat and drink, because later we will buy you a bowl, a bed, some dog food, and a toy or two." I said talking to Dot. I pull out my money and see what I have got left. As I was counting the money, Dot keeps jumping in front of me. I put mine money away and pick up Dot." You may be cute, but one of these days you are going to kill me." I said hugging dot as we go down the stairs. When we got to the bottom, I see all mine shopping bags by the door. I laughed." I can't believe I forgot all of that." I said. I went into the living room to find Ian and Xavier out of breath." Weak!" I said laughing and giving Dot to Ian." Hold her while I go put mine new stuff up." I said." Why should I." he said." Cause you love me and you want too." I said leaving the room to go put mine stuff up. Ian groans and put Dot on his lap. Xavier look at Dot and then at Ian." Someone got told by a girl.” he says laughing." Shut up." Ian said putting Dot down. Dot was wagging her tail and running around in a circle barking." She is kind of cute." Xavier said looking at her. Ian looks at Xavier."And annoying too.” he said. Dot whine at his comment and ran away."Awww look, you hurt her feelings." Xavier said watching her run away."Aww she will live."Ian said turning on the TV.
After I got done putting away mine things, I ran out the room, and down the stairs. I walk into the living to see Ian and Xavier, but no Dot." Um where is Dot?" I said looking around." Ian scary her away." Xavier said looking at Ian." You did what!" I said going on all fours looking for Dot." What did you say to her?" I said look at Ian. Ian looks the other way." I said it was annoying.” Ian said." Why would you say that?" I whined. He shrug his shoulders. I crawl on the floor calling out for Dot.
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