I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 15

I came crawling back into the living room and laid down turning mine face the other direction." Did you find Dot" Ian said looking at me. I shook mine head no." I just got her today and now she is gone forever." I said sniffling. Ian and Xavier look at me with sympathy. " I miss her so much. I now regret leaving her with you." I said standing up and leaving the room with mine head down.
Ian P.O.V: " I feel really guilty for losing Dot." I said to Xavier." You should be. Making that poor dog run away." Xavier said making me feel worst. I stood up and stretched. " Help me find this dog." I said demanding him." And why should I?" Xavier said standing up also." Because I said so that's why." Ian said getting down at all fours and started to crawl. Xavier sighs and does the same thing too.
Valentine P.O.V: I push open mine crack door and crawl under mine blanket. I curl up in a ball and stay under mine covers. Soon enough, I feel asleep.
Ian P.O.V: Me and Xavier look everywhere for that dog. I even had the servants help look for her. Not much work has been done since she is tiny and hard to find. Just when I and Xavier were about to give up, we heard whining. We both look around and walk down the hall a little till the whining started to get louder. We open one of the random doors to see Dot in the hands of one of our servant." You found her!" I said walking over to them." Um... this is mine dog. I found her and now she is mine." said the female servant hugging Dot. " This is going to be more difficult as I thought it would be." Xavier said looking at her." Indeed, it would be." Ian said glaring at the servant.
Normal P.O.V: Ian and Xavier glare at the servant." You know that's not your dog, so give me back Dot and you won’t get fire." Ian said threatening her a little." I'm not giving up this dog no matter what. I found her, the other slaves said it wasn't theirs, so it is mines.” she said making her point." Look, don't make us take her back by force." Xavier said joining the conversation." You wouldn't want to do that.” she said moving towards the window." What are you doing?" Ian and Xavier both said. " If I can't have her then she will have to take a little fall." she said sticking the dog out the window.
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