I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 17

When they both enter the room, they saw that she had her bags packet. Then they heard a sound coming out of the bathroom. Turning their heads in that direction, the servant came out of the bathroom holding Dot." Look who came back." she said holding Dot tight. “ We only want the dog back okay." Ian said holding his hands up." And if I don't?" she said." Then we will have to do it by force." Xavier said cracking his knuckles. The servant moves over to the window and put Dot out." Now, what are you going to do?" she said looking at them. They took a step forward and stop." Well either way we are going to get that dog back even if you drop her." Xavier said." What do you mean by that?" She said confused." Oh, you will find out soon enough." Xavier said as they both started walking towards her." Don't do it we else I will drop her." she said acting serious, but scare. They both laugh. " Do it we aren’t scare." they both said as they kept getting closer to her. The servant started to feel pressure then she let go of the dog. Xavier and Ian look at her then smirk. As Dot was falling, squealing all the way down; I pop out of the bushes and caught her before she had plowed down on pillows. As for Xavier and Ian, they caught the servants and drag her out the room along with her bags. Ian calls out another servant to go get his father. They took her to the front door and stood there waiting. I came walking back in hugging Dot tight as she licks me. I was laughing when I got to the doorway of the front door where everyone was at. We just stood there looking at each other till Sebastian came down." What seems to be the problem here." he said walking closer to us." That servant of yours stole mine dog." I said pointing at her." Really now?" Sebastian said looking at her. “ Also she drops Dot out the window." I said glaring at her." Well, I guess your fire then. I don't want to see you over here again. One step on this property and you’re arrested. Your lucky I’m not reporting you for something like this." Sebastian said looking at the disobey servant. Sebastian pulls out his wallet and gave the servant her last pay. Then Xavier and Ian kick the servant out." Thank you everyone." I said smiling.
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sorry it took so long. v- v so much stress so much saddnes and so much tears. i edited out chapter 16 to make it look better. still im trying mine best. i would be lucky if im able to post next week cause of exams. I'm going to be stress out, but i'm trying hard. :c live long and stay sexy o- o. Vale everyone and sorry again c: