I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 18

After my thank you, I hug dot some more." So whatcha want for dinner?" Sebastian said looking at us. We all just shrug our shoulders and look at each other." How about take-outs." Sebastian said." Okay, but what kind though?" I said looking at everyone." We can have pizza I guess." Ian said look at everyone then down." Pizza is nice." I said." I guess pizza it is." Sebastian said. "So, what kind of pizza." Sebastian said look at everyone." All meat and all cheese pizza?" I said looking at them." I guess it will be alright." Ian said walking away flipping his phone open. Xavier shrug his shoulders and look at me." It seems like we agree then." Sebastian said walking away to grab a phone. I just look at Xavier and he look back." What you want to do?" I said holding Dot." I don't know." Xavier said shrubing his shoulders." To the backyard then?" I said walking to it. Xavier look at me then follow. When we got to the backyard, the sun was already setting and I could see it perfectly as I go and sit in the middle of the yard. I put Dot down so she can run around free. Xavier came out and see me looking up at the sun. Well not directly if you know what I mean. He walk on over and sat down with me. I look at him then back at the sunset." It is beautiful to see the sun set." I said." I would never do that." Xavier said replying back." And why is that?" I said with a curious tone." I never ever thought about seeing the sun set. Its...I really don't know. I guess I never thought about looking at the sun set." Xavier said looking at me." Maybe you should start. It helps escape any problems you got." I said looking back smiling.
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sorry it took me forever to write this. I had problems that needed to be handle but i guess... i don't know. Well here its short but at least i got something up give me some credit here. Only three more exams ago and one day left of school and i will be able to write and finish this story but not soon cause i still don't know how this will end. o -o Live long and stay sexy (\^- ^/)