I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 2

The next day they had came back to pick me up." I will miss you all so much." I said hugging each and every one of them. I always thought of them as brothers and sisters to me. The little ones gave me a card that said,” We will miss yew”. Even some of the letters were backwards ,but it was thoughtful and cute. The older ones gave me a present which was a teddy bear and another card. And last, but not least was Willow who gave me a bracelet that I will never take off. I hug them all for the last time and left out the door and into the car. Sebastian, who was already in the car started it up again and started to drive away. I stick my hand out and wave to them. Once we gotten far enough I pull my arm out and closed the window.” Valentine.” Sebastian started. Since everything will be new to you I should tell you a few things.” Okay.” I said ready to listen to what he had to say.” Well for starters I'm rich” Sebastian said.” Really.” I said in surprise.” Yes really, I run my own business. Now about school, you'll be a freshman in Raiders High School with Ian. Also I made it that you have almost the same classes as Ian”. WHAT!" Ian shouted interrupting Sebastian.” But why? " Ian said in a whiney voice." Because she doesn't know her way around the school, so minds as well have you do it." Sebastian said." But, but." Ian said." No buts, you’re going to do it if you like it or not." Sebastian said ending it. I saw Ian glaring at me from the mirror as I whisper a sorry to him. Then Sebastian keeps telling me more and more about what I need to know like how my room is ready and prepare for me and how later that week I get to go shopping for new clothes and stuff like that.
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if you havent read chapter one then read it O: