I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 20

I sat in my chair and waited for what happen to my parents." Okay this is how the story went.” the voice said getting started." Once you were born, your mother had to stay in the hospital a few days and so did you since you had difficulties breathing. After three days, you and your mother got out of the hospital. After a month, they couldn't handle the responsibilities of taking care of you, so they put you on the steps of the orphanage." the voice said. I look down in shock." I see... So mostly I ruin their lives." I said looking up." Not exactly." the voice said." They move away to England, but they couldn't stand the guilt of giving away their daughter. So they flew back, but something tragic happen on the way. As they were flying back, one of the engines blew out making the plane crash outside of Maine. A lot of people died including your father, but your mother lived. Your mother loved him very much. Then, one night when the hallways were dark and clear, she snuck out of her room. She climbs up the stairs to the roof. Your mother walk to the edge and then jump to her death.” the voice said.” And how do you know all of this? Were you following them or trying to assassinate them.” I said getting angry.” No, cause I saw it all. I was there when they put you on the doorsteps. I was on that plane when it crash. And I was there when they brought her body inside.” The voice said whispering in mine ear.” Who are you?” I said as they remove their hand.” I am your brother.
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