I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 21

I look at him in shock." I never knew I had a brother." I said." Now you see him in the flesh and blood." he said smiling." How you even find me." I said looking at him curiously." Well it took a lot of researching and looking through old stuff to find what orphanage you were at. But when I got there, they said you were adopted by this nice rich guy and his son." Indeed, I was. The guy was nice, but not his son." I said laughing a little." How so?" he said curious. “ Oh, he just treats me poorly I guess." I said not going into details." Mmmmhm. I see then..." he said." So what is your name?" I said curiously." Call me Lyric." he said smiling." Cool name bro." I said laughing at myself." Yea. Our parents wanted something unique and then chosen that." Lyric said smiling." Well... can I get untie please." I said looking at him. Lyric stands up and went to go untie me." Sorry we had to so you don't escape." Lyric said laughing a little. Lyric unties me then I rub my wrist in pain." Which also reminds me?" Lyric said pulling out his phone and sending a quick text message. I just watch him as he does his thing." I just text up my friends to come in here with us." Lyric said putting away his phone. I nod and we talk; catching up on whatever.

As we were talking, the door open up to two guys walking in. " Hey guys, took you long enough." Lyric said laughing as he stood up and pats one of the guys in the back." Sup." they both said." You guys this is Valentine, my sister. And Valentine, this is Judas and Echo." Lyric said making an introduction and point out Judas and Echo." Hello you guys." I said waving. They just stare at me for a minute till Echo said something." Well hello to you too." he said stepping forward. Lyric kept an eye on him just in case. I laugh then smile at them both." So... what now?" I said looking at them." Well obviously we are going to get arrest for kidnapping." Lyric said pointing out the obvious." Or we can go to the house and try to let them understand what has happen?" Judas said stepping forward. I laugh a little." Did you forget he probably has connections and can have you all a arrest faster than a race car. But I could explain that your my brother which is true and how all of this is a misunderstand." I said looking at them." Sounds like a plan." they all said." But I have a question before we all go." I said. They all looking at me waiting, to hear the question." If you really wanted to find me and take me way... Why couldn't ya just knock on the door like regular people do and ask for me?" I said crossing my arms." Um..." Lyric said." Um I guess we never thought of that." Echo said laughing a little. I laugh and then stand up." I guess we are ready to go." I said smiling at them.
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I'm sorry i took so so so long O:. I been depress lately and didn't feel like writing a chapter. But its finally here. Just very sorry....