I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 3

After he had stop talking, the car got all quiet again. Ian sigh and turns on the radio. The song Priestess lay down started to play. Ian started to head bang and looked at the window. I didn't listen to this kind of music ,well actually, I barely ever hear music. But the more I listen to it the more I started to like it. We listen to this song all the way to the house. When I got out it was the biggest house I have ever seen in my life. I stare in awe as I grab my stuff and walk into the house. When entering, it was more beautiful than the outside. It was this Victorian style house." It’s beautiful." I said loudly." Yeah well it may sound weird to you, but I am a huge fan in Victorian." Sebastian said." Cool." I said. He calls in a maid to guide me to my room and he left. We went up these flights of stairs turn right twice, left once, and went straight towards this door. When she opens it, it was the most beautifies room I had ever seen in my life. It was better than the room at the orphanage. It was huge. It was a purple and black room. It had this huge bed, a flat screen hanging up on the wall, and a couch or two. I drop my stuff and walk in." It seems like you love this room." said the maid standing at the door. I turn my head around and look at her with a smiling face." Indeed I do love it, it’s been awhile since I had my own room or place to live." i said turning back to my room. The maid smile at me and left me in peace. I jump on the bed and hug it." Oh my gosh I love it." i said to myself squealing a little. Super comfortable for a child. I jump off and started to unpack all my stuff and put it where it belongs.
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