I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 4

After having all my clothes pack where they belong, there was a loud bang at my door." I'm coming gosh." i said walking to the door. I open it up to see Ian. Turning my head to the side i step aside and let him in. He came in and sat on my bed. I close the door and turn around to face him. Awkward silence was between us till he finally said something." Look!" he said glaring at me." I don't like you and i probably never will. I want you to stay away from me and my friends. I have a girlfriend so don't try anything. Also don't talk to me when you are not spoken too." he said. I look at him like i been slap in the face but he continue on." I never wanted you here, but my dad thinks i will get lonely or something else like that and got you. Mostly, your just an mistake." he said. I fell to my knees and look at him. Then after a few minutes i crawl into my walk in closet and close it. I heard him stand up and walk out the door, slamming it on the way. All his words repeat over and over again. I stay in the closet for hours. Thinking and crying if me being here is a mistake. Then there was a gentle knock on my door. I crawl out and stood up walking to the door. I crack it open a little and peek to see the servant that brought me here." It's time for dinner." the servant said." I'm not hungry tell them I'm not eating nor coming out this room." i said trying hard not to sniffle." Are you sure?" she said." I'm positive." i said closing the door. I grab my night clothes and went to take a shower. After my shower i threw my clothes in the hamper and walk to the couch, turning on my TV. I barely ever watch TV, but it is nice to explore. I channel surfed till i stop at this show call Tosh.o. I was watching it, laughing at some of the parts till i hear a knock on my door. I got up, luckily it was on commercial and open it to Ian and Sebastian. Turning my head again I let them in. I closed it and walk back to the couch.