I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 5

Everything was silent except for the occasional laughing at Tosh.o. When it ended I turn off the TV. Awkward silence fell upon us. Then Sebastian had finally broken the ice." Why weren't you not at dinner today?" Sebastian." I wasn't hungry I'm sorry." I said with my head down. "Also, a servant told me your eyes were red, was something the matter?" Sebastian said a little worry. I look at Ian and back at Sebastian. I have my ups and downs." Well, what is one of them?" Sebastian asks in curiosity? I look at him straight in the eyes and told him straight forwards." Am I a mistake?" I said." No." he said." Why would you think that?" Sebastain said. I pointed at Ian. Sebastian looks at Ian, grab him by his shirt, and drag him out the door. Then there were some yelling and I cover my ears. After awhile, they finally came about in." Valentine, Ian has something he wants to tell you." Sebastian said." I'm sorry." he whispers." What I can't hear do you mind speaking up a little louder." I said teasing him." I'm sorry." he said a bit louder that I now can hear." Oh, it’s no problem."I said back. "Well, I'm going to go to bed, you kids have fun on whatever you do on these Saturday nights." Sebastian said leaving out the door." Oh, I almost forgot." Sebastian recall coming back in." If you need me I am the fourth door down to the left." Sebastian said." Okay thank you." I said." No problem." he said, then walks out again. The room was quiet and the next thing I know a hand was wrap around my neck. Looking up to a really mad Ian." Why the hell you tell him." he said with so much hate in his mouth. "I wasn't supposed too." I said confused." Man, you are so brain less." he yell letting go of my neck. I rub my neck and glared at him." Don't you have friends to hang out with instead of trying to kill me?" I recall." In fact I do." he said getting up and leaving out the room." Oh, by the way, I hope you have a good night." he said slamming the door. I rub my neck so more and crawl into bed." I doubt I will have a good night after all this crap." I said to myself drifting off to sleep.
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