I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son

I Was Adopted By A Rich Guy And His Son Ch. 6

The next day I was woke up with shaking." Valentine." Sebastian said waking me up." It's breakfast time wake up." he said. I groan and sat up rubbing my neck." Something wrong with your neck?" Sebastian asks in concern." Neck just sore is all." I said removing it." Is that a hand print around your neck?" Sebastian said. I got up and went into the bathroom. Yup, a red hand prints against my neck." So, who did it?" Sebastian said popping out of nowhere. I jump like four feet off the ground. I place a hand against my heart calming myself down. "Could warn a person next time." I said breathing hard. Sebastian laughs and said sorry. I look under the sink and saw a first aid kit. I gauze it and bandage it around my neck. "Who did this to you?" Sebastian ask again." Um... I did. I scratch myself sometimes and even hold it against my next; kind of a habit." I said lying." Oh,okay." Sebastian said." Well it’s time for breakfast, and mind as well get there now before the food gets cold." Sebastian said leaving out the bathroom and I follow him all the way down to the kitchen. When I look at that table full of food I swear I was about to fall on my knees." Try not to drool on the floor, Valentine." Sebastian said laughing. I walk over to the table and sat down. Ian finally came in and we all started to dig in.
Ian P.O.V:
My dad shook me awake cause of breakfast. I groan and got up. I walk to the bathroom to take a piss. After washing my hands I walk into the kitchen to see a table full of food. The cook must have over done it again. I sat down and started to eat. I look over at Valentine to see her neck bandage up." I guess I had grab her a little too hard." i thought to myself looking away.
Normal P.O.V:
After breakfast, everyone went their separate ways.