Telescope Eyes

four years

John stared at Micah with his eyes displaying all of his emotions: confusion, happiness, wonder, and just pure excitement. “What the hell are you doing here?” He asked happily, pulling the girl into a tight hug.

Micah hugged him back securely, “Oh you know, I’m just in town for a while.”

John pulled away but kept his hands on her shoulders, holding her as if she was going to slip from his grasp, “It’s so nice to have you back, Crosby.”

“It’s nice to be back,” she grinned openly. “I missed it here.”

John scoffed, letting go of her arms, “And I remember the day you swore you’d never miss Arizona!”

Micah blushed, rolling her eyes, “Yeah well, I was also just a child.”

He laughed, “I always told you that you’d love it here. One John, zero Crosby.”

John grabbed her hand in his larger one and pulled her over to his dining room table where a few scarce parents made conversations. Kids continued to run around the house and there was a large group of teenage boys in the living room playing Call of Duty. “So, how is Vegas?”

Micah chuckled softly, “Dirty. It’s scary; I can’t even step outside my house these days without worrying about someone mugging me, but then again I don’t really live in the best area.”

“Doesn’t your mom send you money?” John asked, knowing full well that after Micah’s father died their family inherited a large amount of cash.

Yes, her mother did send her money, but Micah had to spend it on, food, rent, hospital bills, and toys. She got money from her mother and she worked a pretty high paying—although degrading—job. She shrugged, “Vegas is expensive. So, how has it been here? How’s the band doing?”

John’s face lit up, “The band is doing awesome. We’re on break right now because we just got back from tour in Asia so I’ll be home for a few more months before we head out again. Our new album drops in July so we’ll be heading out on a US tour after that.”

Micah grinned, “That’s so amazing, JohnO. I knew you guys could do it.”

John smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck, “For a while I think you were the only one who knew we could do it.”

“You were my best friends, of course I believed in you,” she said, returning his smile. She felt her cheeks blush as John stared into her blue eyes.

That’s always how it had been for them too. It was like those movie moments where they would stare at each other for too long, not saying a word but knowing exactly what it meant; they would always just love each other even if they weren’t together. Them being together was never what it was about. John was always that person that loved her—and Micah was always that girl that loved him and for whatever reason that was perfectly okay for them; they didn’t need anything more complicated. Because they knew from experience it would mess everything up.

“You realize it’s been four years since we’ve seen each other?” John questioned rhetorically, shaking his head and looking away from Micah.

She nodded her head, “It’s crazy how much we grow up, you know?”

He shook his head, agreeing. “I wish you could have gone to ASU with us…before I dropped out you know?”

“Yeah, but I mean, you know why I couldn’t. It wouldn’t have worked,” she said softly, thinking of the reason she was forced to leave—the one action that turned her life upside down.

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” John said softly.

“Are you still with her?” Micah questioned quietly. It was weird, after four years of not speaking to each other everything seemed to be okay between them and they were able to talk about the heart wrenching topics that had plagued their minds for years.

“Seven years next month,” John replied flatly.

“That’s insane,” she said simply. “That’s a long time.”

“She wants to see you, you know. She misses you. You guys used to be best friends.”

Micah shrugged, “I figured she wouldn’t want to see me.”

John chuckled, “She said she did. So who knows.”

Micah laughed softly along with him, smiling at her brother who was observing the two from across the room. Daniel had always wanted her and John to date but he didn’t understand how much more complicated that would make everything.

“Have you seen Eric yet?” John questioned grabbing a water and placing it on the table before her.

Micah thanked him and took the drink between her fingers, opening the cap and pressing it to her lips, “I’m actually staying with him right now.”

“You are?” John asked, his eyebrow rising in surprise.

She shrugged, “Yeah, we kept in touch. He used to come to Vegas to visit me.”

“I didn’t know that…” John said softly.

Micah watched as his eyes fell to the table and took a sudden interest in the brown pattern. She knew he was feeling guilty about not visiting but honestly, she didn’t want him to. It would have been too hard. “Don’t worry about it, okay John?” She said softly, placing her hand on the top of his.

He turned his eyes to hers and as he saw that she genuinely wasn’t upset he gave her a gentle smile. “Well now we can see each other all the time, right?”

Micah grinned, “Of course we can.”

“Like I said, Addison will want to see you too,” John said, referring to his girlfriend.

“That’d be nice to see her as well,” she replied, unsure.

They made small talk for the next hour or so before exchanging their new numbers. Micah and Daniel made their way back to the house and she promised to come visit them later that week and hang out. Micah drove back to Eric’s house as the light from the sun faded into the horizon thinking about the day. Everything had gone refreshingly well with John as she hoped and she prayed she could say the same for about the next few months with him.

Micah walked in the front door of the condo and smiled as she saw Eric sitting on the floor with Colton in front of him. They were lying on their bellies with markers and paint spread around the wood floor.

“I’m home!” Micah grinned, looking at the two boys.

“Mommy!” Colton exclaimed. The small boy stood on his thin legs and ran over to her jumping into her arms in which she received him lovingly. She placed a soft kiss to his forehead.

“Were you good for Daddy?” She smiled.

“Of course!” The little boy giggled, releasing his mother and laying back in front of the Cars coloring book.

Eric stood up from where he was lying and walked over to Micah with a smile on his lips, “Come on, Colton always behaves! He’s a little angel,” he laughed.

“Yeah Momma, I’m perfect,” Colton giggled. For a four year old the boy was ahead of his age and that was displayed through his humor which was slowly developing.

“Just as perfect as you, huh?” Micah laughed, punching Halvo’s arm.

He grinned, “You know it.”

Micah looked down at her watch, “Colton, it’s near your bed time honey. Why don’t you go put on your jammies and then maybe we can talk Daddy into watching Monster’s Inc.?”

Colton nodded his head fervently, his green eyes shining with excitement as he ran into the guest room to change out of his play clothes. Micah smiled genuinely as he yelled in excitement. She chuckled and walked over to the dining room table, placing down her purse. Halvo walked into the kitchen and placed a bag of popcorn in the microwave.

She smiled at him softly looking over his body. He was wearing grey sweats and an old Paul McCartney t-shirt. His hair was a mess around his head and he had a small smile on his thin pink lips. “Thank you for watching Colton today, Eric.”

Eric looked at her and grinned, running a hand through his hair, “Micah, anytime. I freaking love that kid. He’s just so—I love when you guys are around.”

She blushed involuntarily, “He loves when you come visit. I can only imagine how happy he is to be here right now.”

“Don’t be afraid to bring him around more often,” Eric grinned softly.

“Mommy, I’m ready for movie time now,” Colton grinned, entering the room. He was dressed in a red onesie. His light brown hair was messy and beginning to fall low into his eyes.

“Okay baby, go sit on the couch and we’ll be right there,” Micah smiled, tying her blonde hair up on the top of her head. She made a mental note to schedule a hair cut for him.

“Micah, what the hell is he wearing?” Eric asked seriously.

She looked at Halvo confused, “Uhm, pajamas?”

“He’s wearing a onesie. By four I was wearing spider-man pajama pants,” he responded seriously.

“So what do you want me to do? Go buy pajama pants?” Micah laughed, pulling the finished popcorn out of the microwave.

Eric chuckled before picking a bag off of his table, “Already did. But, he wanted Batman. What the hell is wrong with your child?”

“Nothing is wrong with him,” she laughed. “But, if he keeps hanging out with you I think there may be something wrong with him soon. Watch your language please.”

“I detest that,” Halvo laughed, following her into the living room. Colton was sitting on the couch cuddled into a green superhero blanket that his grandma had made him two years ago. Micah smiled at his cute grin before going over to the TV and turning on her son’s favorite movie.

The movie began to play and Micah took a seat between Colton and Eric. Colton placed his head on her lap as he giggled at the way Mike Wazowski kept being covered by the Monsters Inc labels. His harmonic laughter echoed through the air and brought a smile to her lips. His youth was beautiful. It was only a few minutes later that she heard his breathing become deeper and his chest began rising.

Eric stood up from the couch next to her and held out his arms, picking up the small boy. Micah gave him an admiring smile as she watched him carry her son into his guest room and tuck him into bed. She loved the way Eric loved Colton—it made her heart feel whole again.

Halvo walked back into the room sitting next to her on the couch once again. He placed his arms around her thin waist and she placed her head on his chest, naturally melting against him. “Thank you so much for watching him today, Eric. I appreciate it,” Micah whispered gently.

His arms tightened around her and she could hear his smile, “Micah, I love it more than anything when you guys are around me. You don’t even have to ask me to watch him for you.”

Micah could smell his familiar scent in her nose—the one she had held on to for so long. The heat of Eric’s body warmed her cold one and she missed the way their bodies fit together so well. She missed him to say it simply. Without him near her she felt alone but even when he was over three hundred miles away he could always seem to make her feel as if he was right there, holding her tightly. “I missed you so much, Eric,” Micah whispered, snuggling her face into his hot neck.

She smiled as chills ran through his body as her breath fell on the sensitive skin, “I missed you too, darlin. How’d today go? You get to see your momma and Daniel?”

“Yeah, I—uh, I saw John too,” she said softly.

Eric looked down at her intrigued, “How did that go?”

“Surprisingly well…everything was fine you know? It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’d be,” she stated simply.

“What’d you guys talk about?” He questioned quietly.

Micah shrugged, “Nothing important.”

Eric scoffed softly and she could sense the animosity coming, “Well, of course not.”

“We didn’t need to talk about Colton okay? We only talked about things that are important to John,” she whispered softly.

“You know this is pretty much completely relevant to him correct?” Halvo asked, a small amount of anger in his voice.

“Eric, please don’t,” Micah pleaded. They had this conversation one too many times and she didn’t want to ruin the peaceful moment they were sharing just moments before.

Halvo sighed, “I’m sorry Mic, it’s just—he’s my best friend and I hate hiding this from him. It’s been four years and he still doesn’t know. The only reason I’ve been able to hide this for so long is the fact that you haven’t been here.”

“That’s why I left,” she replied simply. “We’ll be out of here soon okay, Eric? So this will be easier on you quick enough.”

He shook his head violently, closing his blue eyes and pulling her tighter against him, “Micah,” he began quietly.

“Yes, Eric?”

“I’m sorry,” he said just as soft as before. “I don’t want you to leave…in fact I really want you and Colton to stay here, with me. You shouldn’t have to stay at your mom’s. I want you guys around me all the time—I already don’t get to see him enough.”

Micah smiled softly, “Are you sure, Halvo?”

Eric grinned shyly, “I’m positive, hun.”

“Then I guess we’ll stay.”
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