Telescope Eyes


“Mama, come on wake up, Mama!”

Micah smiled as she heard a youthful laughter flow into her ears. She opened her eyes to be met with a toothy grin from her four year old as he bounced up and down on the couch that she had fallen asleep on the night before as she searched online for a reliable doctor in the Phoenix area.

Micah sat up, smiling as her little boy leaned down and fell onto her lap giving her a tight hug. “Good morning, baby boy,” she smiled, taking in his smell of L’Oreal Kids shampoo.

“Mama I made you breakfast,” Colton smiled, bouncing softly on her legs.

“Oh did you now?” Micah grinned, following her son as he grabbed her hand in his smaller one and led her into the dining room of Eric’s apartment.

She smiled as she saw Eric setting a plate of—from what she could smell, French toast, on the table. His hair was a mess and his torso was shirtless telling her that Colton had probably woke him up early that morning.

“Good morning, Eric,” she smiled, taking a seat next to her son at the table.

Halvo kissed her cheek from behind her as he set a gallon of milk in front of her and Colton, “Good morning, Micah.”

“Mommy, Daddy said that today we are going to go see fishies,” Colton smiled looking up at her with his mouth full of food.

“Honey, don’t speak with your mouth open,” Micah said softly, smiling as her child listened to her right away.

“Colton, remember what I said, you have to ask your mother first. If she says yes then we can go,” Eric said gently, shoveling his own plate’s contents into his mouth.

Micah laughed as her son looked at her with big puppy dog eyes. “Mommy, can we please go see fishies? I want to find Nemo.”

She chuckled softly, listening to how honestly her son was speaking. She missed the days when life was that simple—when fairy tales were real. “If you finish your entire breakfast and are very good, then I suppose we can go see fishies today,” she smiled.

Colton gave a soft cheer, his cheeks tinting red with excitement. He ate his food quickly, so quickly in fact that Micah was worried he was going to become ill.

“Colton I laid a pair of clothes out for you on your bed, why don’t you go show Mama how you’re a big boy and put them on?” Eric smiled cheerfully. They both chuckled as the four year old scattered into the room Eric had set up for him quickly, his little feet padding against the floor lightly. “He’s a good kid, Micah.”

She smiled happily, “I know he is…thank you for the breakfast. It was really good.”

Eric nodded his head smiling as he looked at the table. “Micah, I’m really glad you’re here. I was thinking about it last night…and I—I don’t mean to sound weird but you can sleep in my room if you want. I feel bad with you sleeping on my couch. Besides…it’s not like we haven’t slept in the same bed before.”

Micah’s cheeks blushed softly as she remembered all of the times her and Eric had spent together in high school. They were best friends—they always had been. No matter if they were technically together or not, they were still best friends first. “That sounds nice…my neck is a little sore,” she chuckled. “I’m going to go job hunting later this week at some time. Can you watch Colton for a few hours? It’ll be early so he probably won’t even be awake yet.”

Eric nodded his head yes, chewing his food as he did so. Colton walked out a few minutes later dressed in a button down t shirt and skinny jeans for kids. “I see someone went shopping,” Micah commented, laughing softly.

“He wanted to look just like Daddio,” Halvo laughed.

“No!” Colton giggled. “I look just like Mama. Everyone says so.”

Eric chuckled softly, nodding his head ironically, “Thank God for that.”

Micah’s smile faltered, but she shook it off quickly. She took the dishes and washed them as Eric got dressed (in an outfit much like the one her son was wearing) before she went and got ready herself. She tied her curls that were falling out from the night before into a low pony tail, and put on a pair of feather earrings that would accent her pink twill shorts and white top.

The three drove to the aquarium astounding Colton almost instantly. “Dad, they have starfishes?” He asked quietly, his voice in awe.

Eric nodded his head, picking him up and placing him on his hip, “Yep. You can even touch them if you’re really nice.”

“Really, really nice,” Micah added, smiling at her child’s wide green eyes.

“Yeah, because although they just look like stars, they’re also fishies just like Nemo. They breathe and when no one is around they talk to each other. Do you wanna be a big meanie that they’re scared of later?” Halvo asked sweetly.

Colton’s eyes were wide in fear and he shook his head fervently. “No! I’ll be very nice. I won’t hurt them at all, Daddy.”

Micah smiled as she watched Eric walk her son over to the tank full of the starfish. Colton extended his little hand and slowly put it in the water, looking at her with an excited smile. His hand grazed the top of the starfish before he retracted it quickly, giggling as he did so. “It’s so hard!” Micah laughed as she heard Eric make a ‘that’s what she said’ joke under his breath. “Mama feel it, it’s so bumpy!”

She smiled at her son before sticking her hand in the cold water and touching the back of the orange fish lightly. It felt like wet sand paper under her fingers. Eric soon followed in her actions and they all talked about the rough feeling that surprised them.

The three continued to walk around the aquarium. Micah had to convince Colton that the glass that separated them from the sharks wouldn’t break in order for him to go in their area, but once he was convinced he was more than excited. He talked about their teeth and how sharp they were mostly. He was just like every little boy—amazed at the rough things in life rather than cute.

“You know when you’re grown up it can be your job to swim with the sharks,” Eric smiled.

Colton’s eyes widened once again, “Really?”

Micah smiled at her child who was planning of all of the things he could do when he was older. God, she hoped he would get there someday.

They finished their tour of the aquarium about an hour later when Colton was complaining about being hungry. Eric drove them to a small diner downtown claiming that ‘it may be in the ghetto, but the food was to die for…if you didn’t get shot during the wait for it.’

Micah smiled at her waitress as she ordered a salad for herself and chicken fingers for her son, while Eric ordered a cheeseburger and two sides of onion rings.

“You know, when we were in high school I used to tell you that all the junk you would eat was going to catch up to you…and it hasn’t, and it really pisses me off,” Micah laughed as she took a sip of the Sprite that sat in front of her.

“What can I say? My family genes are amazing. My dad eats like four steaks a weak and is as skinny as myself. Someone upstairs loves me,” Halvo replied simply.

“You watch too much Friends,” she laughed softly, shaking her head, remembering the Friday nights he would make her watch endless amounts of reruns with him.

Eric gasped playfully, nudging Colton and shaking his head at her. “Can you believe your mother? She’s so silly. Tell her she’s silly.”

The brunette boy giggled, “You’re silly, Mommy.”

Micah shook her head and pretended to pout, before letting her lips break into a smile. “I’m going to go get a refill on my drink, you two be good please.”

She stood up and walked over to the diner’s counter, taking a seat and waiting for a waitress patiently. A few seconds later and older woman walked over to her with a name tag on that said ‘Lucia’, a name that matched the title of the restaurant itself.

“What can I get you?” Lucia asked simply. Her white hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail and her brown eyes looked tired.

“Can I just get a Sprite?” Micah replied with a smile, glancing over to the boys who were coloring at her table.

Lucia nodded her head and grabbed her glass, taking a hose from the soda machine and filling it to the top. She gestured to the boys, “I hope that’s your little brother and that you and your boyfriend are babysitting.”

“Uhm, excuse me?” Micah questioned, her hand grasping the cup the woman had just filled.

“A girl your age shouldn’t have a child,” the woman responded shortly.

Micah felt her chest tighten as she saw Lucia’s eyes judging her appearance. Her shorts suddenly felt too short and her chest felt too exposed. She was twenty two and she looked twenty two. As long as she took care of her child properly and raised him to be respectful did it matter how young she may have looked? Micah opened her mouth to respond but her mouth didn’t find words because deep down under all her natural defensive answers she knew Lucia was right—she was too young to have a child.

“A girl your age should be in college,” Lucia continued, her eyes glaring into Micah’s. “It is bad for him to have a mother that was slutting it up in what I can presume high school, judging from his and your age. I can only imagine the lessons he is learning at home.”

There were so many things that she wanted to say. She wanted to fight back—but she wasn’t strong enough. She couldn’t find words that were a justifiable answer to Lucia’s statements. So, she continued to listen.

“It’s also statistically proven that most fathers leave their girlfriends by the time their child is five. You’re lucky you’ve had yours for this long. You should try to get enrolled in college while he’s still around—because once he’s gone all of your extra time will be too,” Lucia finished.

“Are you done? Because I really think you should check to see if my salad is done. I’m hungry,” Micah said simply, demeaning the woman. Who was she to talk? She was a sixty year old waitress.

“Darling, I own this restaurant, do not disrespect that fact. If you applied for a job here you wouldn’t even receive a second glance,” Lucia responded simply. “Here’s your drink.”

Micah used her elbow to nudge, knocking the glass in front of her onto the counter, the clear liquid flowing over the countertop and onto Lucia’s apron. “Oh, sorry,” she said simply before standing off of her chair and making her way back to her booth.

She collapsed into her seat, sulking as Lucia’s words stung at her mind. She was torn away from her thoughts by Eric’s voice, “Everything okay? Should I go help that woman?” He asked, looking over to where Lucia was cleaning her drink.

“No,” Micah said plainly, her lips in a tight line. “That’s her job.”

Halvo raised his eyebrow at her unusual inconsideration. Micah was never mean to anyone, making this behavior completely out of the normal. “Micah, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Eric,” she said shortly. She placed a fake smile on her lips as she looked down at her oblivious son. “Whatcha coloring there, baby?”

“It’s a monster!” Colton exclaimed happily, using his blue crayon to color fur. He colored very carefully making sure to stay in the lines—a trait he certainly got from his father.

“Micah,” Eric said, his tone flat. “What just happened?”

“Do not worry about it, Halvo,” she replied, looking into his eyes with a look that said to let the conversation go.

They were interrupted by a waitress setting their plates down in front of them and as soon as they were in their respective places the table fell silent. The three all ate their meals quietly with only Colton asking a few questions here and there about the fish they had just seen at the aquarium.

Eric was staring at her intently as if to tell her that she wasn’t getting out of this as easy as she would hope. Once they were finished eating Eric gave Colton a dollar to go play the game with the crane that fished for stuffed animals. Micah watched as he skidded over to the glass game excitedly. She let her eyes drift back to Halvo who was glaring at her.

“Talk to me. Now,” He said.

Micah shrugged, looking away. “It’s really not a big deal, okay Eric?”

“Then why are you acting like a bitch?” Halvo responded. “You don’t act like this when everything is okay.”

Micah watched as an aged hand came into her view and laid a black check book on the table between her and Eric. “I had to charge for that spill, I’m very sorry for your inconvenience,” Lucia said with a smile on her lips.

“Oh it’s fine,” Eric said with an innocent grin, placing a silver Visa card in the book. “No problem.” Micah huffed and rolled her eyes as Lucia walked away with a knowing smile. “Oh my God, Micah. What is wrong with you?”

“Lucia was informing me at the counter at how bad of a mother I am,” she said shortly, tapping her fingertips on the table.

“What?” Eric asked angrily, looking over at the woman who had just walked away.

Micah nodded her head, “Yeah and you’re due to leave me any day now. Oh, and when I have no college degree I won’t be able to support my son.” Eric shook his head, standing up from the table. “Eric! Stop,” she said following him.

“No!” He replied, causing a few people close by to abandon their conversations and watch the boy who was tapping the owner on the shoulder. “Lucia right?” The white haired woman nodded her head. “How dare you.”

“Excuse me?” Lucia asked stupidly, pretending as if she didn’t know. Colton made his way over to Micah and grabbed her hand and she could see fear in his eyes from Eric’s anger.

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that,” Eric said forcefully, pointing at Micah. “You have no idea what the hell she has been through to support her child. Don’t you dare for one second speak about a situation you know nothing about. You should be ashamed of yourself. You think that people like my son are going to poison this world because of a improper upbringing? Well you’re wrong. It’s people like you that ruin this world. Close minded people that can’t see a young girl who has taken a tough situation into her hands and made the best of it. Don’t you for one second think you can talk about my family like that,” he continued, his fingers grabbing his card from her hands. “And as for the accusation that I will leave her; I was there from the day he was made until now—I would never abandon my family.”

Lucia stared at him with her mouth agape, obviously trying to find words to stay. Micah watched Eric in amazement at the way he stood up for her; she was sure her cheeks were bright red, not only from embarrassment but also the sweet words he was speaking about her.

Eric lifted his card in the air, “Oh and by the way, this one’s on you,” he said, referring to their unpaid check. He grabbed Micah’s hand, his eyes burning into Lucia’s dumfounded facial expression, “Micah, Colton, let’s go.”

The ride home was silent. Colton had fallen asleep, Micah was staring out the window at the passing buildings that used to be a part of her home and Eric was still fuming. As soon as they got back to the apartment Micah took her son into his bedroom and tucked him in for a late afternoon nap.

She walked back into the living room, slipping off her flats and stopping at a picture that was on the wall. It was taken at their graduation. Addison, John, Micah, and Eric all stood, smiling with their arms around one another. It was weird how much things had changed since that photo was taken—and it was even weirder how the events of that night changed them.

“Are you okay, Mic?”

She nodded her head simply, turning to look at the boy behind her. He was leaning against the hallway wall with his arms crossed, looking at her worriedly. “I’m fine, Eric,” she said.

Halvo shook his head and approached her slowly, wrapping her in his arms. “I know you better than that, Micah. Don’t let that bitches’ words get in to your mind.”

“Language,” she warned softly, feeling Eric chuckle softly.

“You’re a great mother, baby girl,” he cooed in her ear, making her stomach flutter.

Micah felt her stomach fall and her eyes closed, trying to hold back the tears in her eyes, “Are you just saying that?”

Eric put his hands on either side of her neck forcing her to look into his green eyes, “No. Micah, you are giving everything you had for him. Hell, in Vegas you were stripping at night just to make ends meet. You have given so much…you’re the best mother Colton could ever have. Sure, the situation may not be exactly pristine, but you’re making it perfect for him. That’s what matters.”

“Thank you, Eric,” Micah whispered softly, feeling a tear fall from her eyelid.

She felt Halvo’s lips on her falling tears, kissing her gently. “Don’t cry, baby girl. You look ugly when you cry.”

Micah laughed and punched his chest lightly, “I hate you.”

“No, you don’t,” Eric smiled, looking into her eyes intensely.

Micah smiled softly, feeling her cheeks blush, “You’re right, I don’t.”

She became suddenly away of how close they were. His lips were a mere three inches and she could feel his minty breath falling onto her lips. They had been in this position so many times before.

“Micah, I really want to kiss you, but I need to say something first,” Eric began, his breathing becoming more shallow in anticipation. She nodded her head for him to continue and she placed her hands on his chest, loving being close to him again. “Colton cannot find out about this unless this is for real. He’s already in a tough enough spot…and someday it’ll only get worse. So maybe, we need to keep the physical stuff away from his eyes. I don’t want to hurt him more than we already are.”

Micah nodded her head seriously, agreeing with every word he was saying. They looked at each other once more before he leaned forward and closed the distance between them by pressing his lips firmly to hers. Her back hit the wall behind her roughly while her hands entangled in his hair.

His lips were so familiar, but so different. He had grown up so much in four years—he was mature, but it was the little things he did that reminded her that he was still the same. It was the way he stroked her cheek with his fingertips, the way his hips would softly hit hers when they fought to be closer. It was the way that with each and every kiss he would bring her back to all she had ever known.

Eric Halvorsen was her anchor.

He had always known how to bring her home.
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