Telescope Eyes


“Oh my God, Micah, this is ridiculous.”

The girl rolled her eyes before grabbing a pillow off her bed and hitting the boy next to her over the head. “I’m tired of your complaining, O’Callaghan. If you don’t like my room then get out.”

John pouted, “Where am I supposed to sleep then?”

Micah chuckled as she lay back onto her blue sheets, “The funny thing is John is that you have a room around the block…with your own bed. So you could just sleep in your perfectly placed bedroom and stop complaining. In fact, I’m pretty sure Eric would like that a lot better.”

John rolled his eyes and laughed, “Hey, I told him this already: until the day he asks you out I am sleeping in your bed naked. What you do with that opportunity is solely up to your discretion, I’m just throwing that out there.”

She giggled before hitting him again with a pillow and sitting up. Her room was a disaster. Clothes were strewn everywhere along with empty water bottles from after her work outs in the morning. Summer was a time she could technically take care of the mess—but she really didn’t care to. She didn’t spend a lot of time at home these days. She was usually out with John, Eric, or Addison and so the cleanliness of her room only mattered when John decided they were having a ‘best friend night,’ which basically meant he ate all of her food and teased her endlessly.

John stood up and put his hands on his hips as he picked a pink lace bra off of her floor smirking, “I guess you leaving everything out isn’t that bad.”

Micah rolled her eyes and snatched the underwear from his hands and threw it into her closet. “Get me that laundry basket,” she groaned.

John looked at her with a triumphant grin and began helping her clean clothes and trash off her floor until they could see it again. Micah laughed as she found tons of clothes that she had been looking for some time now. After an hour her room was finally bearable.

“You’re so anal,” she laughed as John began dusting off her counters.

“Well, I was the only kid who got an A in the first grade because I could color within the lines,” he smiled.

“Your first and last A, huh?” Micah asked, a small smile on her lips.

John nudged her lightly, both of them laughing softly. They lay on her bed staring up at the white stucco ceiling. One thing Micah appreciated about John most was that they could have a comfortable silence. He wasn’t one of those people who had to speak to hear his own voice—he was able to shut up for ten minutes and just enjoy the quiet.

“Knock, knock.”

Micah and John both looked over to her door where her mother was standing. She had a small smirk on her lips and her hands on her hips. She shook her head playfully, “John O’Callaghan am I going to have to start locking my daughter’s window?”

He scoffed jokingly, “Like that’ll stop me.”

“Mom, I’m seriously thinking about a restraining order.”

Her mother laughed before shaking her head at the two kids. “Okay, well John your mother was just calling to make sure you were here. You need to start checking your cell phone dear, she was worried. Also, I made some brownies. They’re down stairs on the counter if you want them. I’m heading to bed, so goodnight, be safe, don’t leave the house, and John thank you for cleaning my daughter’s room.”

Micah laughed and John just acted valiant, “I’m a good influence on her, I know,” he laughed, ruffling her hair.

Mrs. Crosby smiled knowingly before closing the room with a soft goodnight, giving Micah a look that she was familiar with. Her mom liked Eric, a lot, but her mother loved John. Mrs. O’Callaghan and her mother had met one day at school when John had gotten Micah sent to the dean’s office for talking too much in class, and from there they had hit it off.

It was good for her mother to have a friend, someone that she could really talk to about what she was feeling with her father’s death. Because of their instant connection the O’Callaghans were always at the Crosby household and vice versa.

“You would never restrain me,” John laughed, thinking back on her earlier comment.

Micah shook her head fervently, “Yes, I would. You’re annoying.”

He pretended to be hurt by her playful words. “Pah-lease. If anyone is annoying it’s your little boyfriend Halvorsen. That kid is a weird-o.”

That kid is your best friend,” Micah laughed. “And he’s not my boyfriend.”

“Oh right sorry, he’s just the kid you like to hold hands with on occasion,” John chuckled, rolling his eyes.

“Hey you aren’t technically dating Addison yet either!” she pointed out, shoving her finger in the boy’s direction.

“Yeah but at least her and I make out and stuff,” he laughed, shaking his head. “You and Eric have been ‘talking’ for like, a month and you still haven’t even pecked.”

“He kissed my cheek the other day,” Micah said shyly.

“Oh my God, did you use protection?” John asked sarcastically, laughing loudly.

“Sometimes the way you demean Eric’s sweetness really irks me,” she said seriously, rolling her eyes.

Eric hadn’t kissed her. Did it worry her? Yes. But he had good reason. Micah had never been kissed before and he wanted it to be special. He didn’t want to kiss, date for a month and then realize that they regretted it when they broke up. He said that she was already going through a lot and he wouldn’t add regret onto the top of it. First kisses were supposed to be extraordinary and he wanted to make it that way. He wanted it to be perfect for her.

She appreciated that—she really did. But it added so much pressure. He had kissed a few girls before and she had kissed no one. How were her lips supposed to move? Was there a certain place to put her hands? How would it feel when their tongues entangled?

They had built the one moment up so much that she became worried about one main question: what if she was a bad kisser?

“I think he wants to kiss you tomorrow night,” John said with a sly smile on his lips.

Micah felt butterflies gather in her stomach. She was already worried enough about tomorrow night. “Really?” She asked, her voice shaky.

He nodded his head with a small laugh, “Really. Smart if you ask me, I mean, we’ll be at a lingerie party. It’s not like he’d be able to keep his hands off you anyways. I know I wouldn’t be.”

Micah’s cheeks blushed, “I can’t believe I said yes to go to this party with you guys.”

“Hey, it’s for Trey, you have to be there,” John replied pointing at her.

“That means nothing to me,” she chuckled. “We’ve talked like once and it was when I shot him down.”

He laughed, “Well then go for me.”

“Promise me no one rapes me,” Micah giggled.

John nodded his head, “No one rapes you beside me. Got it.”

She laughed and hit his arm lightly, “You can’t rape the willing.”

He narrowed his eyes at her playfully, “Don’t tease me like that. You get me all riled up.”

Micah laughed at their conversation before shutting off the lamp next to her bed. “Goodnight, John.”

“Goodnight, Crosby.”


Micah stared out the window into the darkness, pulling the robe that was around her thin frame closer to her body. She looked at the red numbers of the clock next to her bed watching at they switched to show 11:11. She made a quick wish that she would receive her first kiss that night before grabbing her blue green pumps off the floor and opening her window. She crawled out onto the tree branch outside her window and ran quickly to the car that had just pulled up outside her house.

“Go,” she instructed, closing the door as quietly as possible.

John laughed, “Daniel wake up again?”

Micah nodded her head, “I had to pay him five bucks to not tell my mom.”

“Smart kid,” he chuckled. He looked at her from the corner of his eye, “You know that I’m going to make you take that robe off, correct?”

She bit her lip softly before nodding her head and pulling the silk material closer to her body. She didn’t know why she was so nervous to be going to this party. She had been to swim parties before and that’s essentially what this was—just without water.

“Addison rode with Eric since they live near each other. I’m not really sure how they’re getting home tonight,” John laughed. “They’ll probably just stay there I guess. Maybe we’ll have to lock Garrett’s door so that no one does the nasty in his bed and we can sleep in it.”

Micah nodded her head, not really listening. She was too busy thinking about the scantily clad body she would be showing tonight. She was barely turning sixteen…wasn’t she too young for this? When did she start growing up so quickly?

John pulled down the road from the Nickelsen residence before opening the door and stepping out. She watched as he took off his skinny jeans and threw them into the back of his truck, his shirt soon following. He shut the door and walked around to open hers because she was still silently sitting in his truck.

He looked at her with a small smile, “Crosby, come on. You have to get out of the car.”

She stepped out of the car and held her robe tightly to her body. “I’ll leave my robe in Garrett’s room. It was expensive.”

John laughed, shaking his head at her. He took her hand in his and led her into the packed house. For a birthday party this sure had a crazy turn out. Maybe it was because Mr. and Mrs. Nickelsen were out of town. Yeah, that was definitely why.

Micah walked to Garrett’s room after pushing her way through the living room that was packed like sardines. She shut the door behind her enjoying the silence. She had lost John to the kitchen—thankfully. She wanted to make sure she looked all right again before he saw her again. Micah slowly peeled off her robe and laid it on Garrett’s bed before looking in the full length mirror on the back of his door.

Her heels made her tanned legs look miles long and her thin thighs look even better in her black satin boy shorts. She was wearing a green push up bra that had sheer green lace flowing on the cups. Her blonde hair was in messy curls completing the ‘sex kitten’ look Cosmo had taught her of. She reapplied her pink lipstick before taking a deep breath and walking into the party.

Micah made her way through the large crowd of people, the contact of hot skin on hers considering everyone was in their underwear—well mostly anyways. As people got drunk tops began falling off (much to the boys pleasure) and she rather felt that she was in an R rated movie. She craned her neck to try and find Eric but he was nowhere that she could see. Hell, she couldn’t find John or Addison either.

“Well, well, well, someone is looking mighty fine tonight.”

Micah felt a smirk creep onto her lips as she turned around to an extremely buzzed Garrett Nickelsen. His brown hair was falling onto his head in a mess and all he was wearing was a pair of neon pink boxer briefs. “Have you seen Eric?” She asked, giving him a quick hug.

“Oh, nice to see you too,” Garrett laughed, his words slurring. His red cup was moving vibrantly with his hand spilling his beer onto the floor. “I think he’s at the beer pong table with John and Addie.”

Micah smiled before walking away and leaving him to flirt with a girl that was making eyes at him. She walked through the maze of familiar and unfamiliar faces. Most kids her age would have been scared to be here because of all of the upperclassmen but she wasn’t. No, these kids (through many parties) had become her friends.

They were the kids that parents warned their children about.

And they loved it.

“Drink up, Halvorsen!” Micah listened to John’s yells as she entered the room, laughing as she watched Eric downing a red cup of Bud Light.

“Holy Hell! Micah you look sexy!” Addison yelled, raising her beer in the air and making a loud cat call.

She laughed before walking over to her scantily dressed best friend and giving her a tight hug. She was wearing a gold satin bra with black panties somehow still managing to look like a classy slut; if that was even possible. “So do you, honey. You look beautiful!” Micah replied.

“Addison do you want another—shit, Crosby, you look…” John started, his eyes looking over her thin, tan body. He cleared his throat as Addie gave him a look, “You look very pretty, best friend.” Micah nodded her head, her eyes staring into John’s understanding all the words he wanted to say in them. He was so easy to read. “Addie, do you want another beer?”

Addison nodded her head, her brown curls bouncing up and down, “Yes please, baby. And grab one for Micah too.”

She smiled and thanked her friend before feeling hands wrap themselves around her waist. She felt a pair of lips at her ear, “You look breath taking.”

She turned in the boy’s familiar embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck. She trailed her finger down his bare torso smiling as he got a chill, “You look very handsome yourself, Eric.”

Micah could tell by his sloppy smile that he was passed buzzed border-lining drunk. His eyes were glassy and his hips lazily moved against hers in rhythm to the rap song on the speakers. “Be my beer pong partner?” He smiled, grabbing her hand and leading them to the opposite end of the table.

They played three games, losing all of them and Micah was slowly beginning to feel alcohol in her veins. She had let Halvo do most of the drinking, considering she was an extreme lightweight because of her petite frame, but she was still definitely buzzed.

“Freshmen, who let you in here?” Trey Nickelsen asked, punching Eric in the arm.

Micah smirked and narrowed her eyes, “We’re actually sophomores now, thank you Trey.”

“Ah, you’re not Sophomores until the first day, young lady. So right now, you’re still underclassmen. I should be dunking you in a trash can right now, you know,” he laughed.

“Go away,” she laughed, pushing his arm from around her shoulders and cuddling into her boyfriend.

“Yeah, what she said!” Eric slurred, laughing like a little boy.

“Blow me, Halvo!” Trey yelled as he walked away with a smile on his lips.

Eric giggled, “John already did.”

“Yeah, because you’re mom got too tired,” John laughed, clapping his best friends’ back.

“I hate you,” Halvo mumbled, narrowing his eyes at his best friend.

Micah chuckled as she looked at the two boys and shook her head with Addison. Her best friend soon grabbed her hand and the two girls walked onto the back porch where a few kids were huddled in a small circle surrounded in smoke taking slow hits.

“I heard Eric is going to kiss you tonight,” Addison grinned, a big smile on her lips.

Micah’s cheeks blushed but her stomach wasn’t getting butterflies. Eric was too gone to kiss her tonight—he would want to be sober, “I doubt it,” she chuckled. “He’s so hammered right now. He’ll probably be passing out anytime now.”

Addie laughed softly, “True. Did you know you’re the only Sophomore I know that hasn’t gotten their first kiss?”

Micah bit her lip and rolled her eyes. Sure, she and Addison were close—she was definitely her best girl friend, but she got annoyed with how much she rubbed her and John’s experience in her face. She tried to not let it bother her, but it did.

“Yup,” she replied simply.

Addison took another drink of her tequila mixture, her sober mind slipping away slowly, “I think John and I are going to have sex soon.”

Micah felt her chest tighten. She didn’t want them to…hell, it already bugged her enough to hear about them kissing, she didn’t want to hear more about the parts of John that she’d never know. “D-don’t you think we’re a little young for that? We’re barely turning sixteen this year,” she said simply, trying to convince her friend it was wrong, for whose sake she wasn’t sure.

Addie laughed, “Micah, we’re at a lingerie party drinking beer and hard liquor and you’re wondering if I’m too young to have sex? I’m pretty sure it’s all that’s left now. I’m already going to Hell.”

“If it’s all that’s left don’t you want it to be…I don’t know, more special?” Micah asked simply, taking a small sip of her beer.

“I love him, Mic, and he says he loves me too. I mean, I know it’s only been a few months, but I think with him it’d be special at anytime.”

Micah felt like she was going to puke. Kids all around the world were falling in and out of love so easily and it was annoying. They didn’t know what love was.

Telling your husband you loved him when he was aggravating the hell out of you was love. Being able to see past impurities was love. Waiting faithfully every night with your crying children in your arms for your husband to return from war was love.

This holding hands in the hallways one day and breaking up the next? That was not love.

Love was a word that girls were obsessed with to feel special, and it was also a word that boys used to get in a girl’s pants. It was overplayed and overrated.

Addie sighed, looking down at her empty cup, “Come on let’s go get more to drink.”

Micah nodded her head and followed the brunette into the house. They walked to the alcohol counter where Addison filled herself up with another drink, and Micah just settled for a Pepsi. She wasn’t exactly in the drinking mood.

“Micah, I think your boyfriend needs you,” Garrett laughed, nodding his head at a boy leaning against another girl across the room.

She huffed and walked over to the flirting couple and tapped Eric’s shoulder. He turned his eyes to her and smiled, “Hey baby.”

The girl Halvo was flirting with looked at Micah with a scowl on her lips, “Baby?”

“Yup,” Micah said simply, grabbing his hand. “Come on.”

She wasn’t mad, necessarily. He was drunk and he was just flirting. It wasn’t as if she didn’t flirt with John when she was completely sober.

“Micah I don’t feel so good,” Eric mumbled.

She sighed and led him to Garrett’s bedroom. “You don’t feel well,” she corrected softly, her voice annoyed. Eric was a whiney drunk. “Come on, let’s get you to bed.”

Halvo nodded his head and crawled under Garrett’s comforter, his head hitting the pillow roughly. She sat down on the edge of the mattress and smoothed his hair back. His eyes were slowly closing, but he still had a small grin on his lips, “You looked very pretty tonight, Micah.”

“Thank you, Halvo,” she said with a smile, watching as his eyelids became heavier and within a few moments his snores were softly humming from his lips.

Micah sighed before standing up. She began to walk to the door when suddenly it opened, revealing a familiar boy.

John smiled giving her a questioning look, “Why aren’t you out there?”

“I should be asking you the same thing,” she replied.

“It’s just really crowded…I needed to breathe. Addie is doing body shots off some guy,” he said, rolling his eyes laughing.

“That doesn’t bug you?” Micah asked.

John shrugged, “Not really. It probably should, but it doesn’t.”

She chuckled softly before glancing at the boy who was snoring in the bed behind her, “Eric is passed out.”

John shook his head and laughed. He grabbed her hand and led her into the bathroom that connected to Garrett’s room. He then led her to another door that was on the other side of the bathroom before leading her into Trey’s room, locking the door behind him.

“I don’t feel like listening to the mouth breather snore,” John laughed.

Micah chuckled before rolling her eyes. She looked around the walls of Trey’s room that were covered in pictures from his high school career along with pictures of girls and guitars. “Are you having fun?”

He nodded his head with a smile before laying his body down on Trey’s bed. Micah’s eyes fell to his blue boxer briefs and her cheeks blushed instantly. She suddenly became aware of how odd this would look if anyone came in. She and John in their underwear locked in a room. She walked over to the bed and slipped off her heels before lying down next to him.

“This would look bad if someone came in,” John laughed, reading her mind.

Micah chuckled, “Yeah, but it’s not like we’re doing anything.”

“Right,” he said softly, his voice unsure. “People would expect us to though…”

She raised her eyebrow at him, intrigued, “They would?”

John nodded his head and she watched as his Adam’s apple moved as he gulped, “People think we like each other, Crosby.”

Micah felt her chest tighten. She had a crush on John since the day she met him, but she knew he wouldn’t give her the time of day—and she really liked Eric, so she gave up on those thoughts. But now, as he spoke so nervously beside her, she felt butterflies in her stomach. “W-why? We’re just best friends,” she said softly, trying to make her voice sound normal.

“They say it’s the way we look at each other,” he replied simply, looking at her with his green eyes. “And the way we talk to one another…how we get along so well. People think we’re perfect for each other.”

Micah chuckled anxiously, feeling her skin heat up. She hoped John wouldn’t notice although she was sure he would. “That’s funny,” she said simply, trying not to say too much.

John nodded his head, “Yup,” he said, popping the ‘p.’

They were both silent for a moment before they spoke. “John,” Micah said at the same time he happened to say a quiet “Crosby.”

She blushed, “You go first.”

“I—I uh, I just wanted to tell you that you look gorgeous tonight…” He said softly, his eyes burning into hers.

There was only about an inch between the skins of their shoulders as they lay on their backs. Micah’s skin was on fire as he moved up onto his elbow looking down on her.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly, knowing her cheeks were a crimson red.

“What were you going to say?” He asked with a shy smile on his lips. He had noticed her nervousness.

It was almost as if he knew what she was going to say with the way his body slowly moved to cover hers as she looked at him silently. Her chest was rising and falling quickly, but each time it raised the tops of her breasts would meet his flat bare chest. His elbow was balancing his weight and keeping him from crushing her inferior frame. She could feel butterflies flying around quickly in her stomach and she literally felt as if her head was spinning. John’s hand brushed a piece of hair off her forehead and tucked it behind her ear.

“Kiss me, John,” she whispered softly as his breath fell over her parted pink lips.

Not even a second later the space between their bodies was gone. His chest was against her own, their hot skin pressing against each other. His lips were soft as they moved against hers slowly, massaging them delicately. She instantly fell in love with the way he tasted—even if at the moment he tasted like Baileys.

Micah placed her hand nervously on his back, letting her fingers pull his body closer. He kissed her so gently moving slow as to teach her by example. They found a rhythm within seconds and she loved the way his lips melted so perfectly with hers. When she felt his tongue slowly move against her bottom lip she went rigid, her body stopping completely.

Micah felt her cheeks heat up, “I’m sorry…”

John chuckled softly, brushing some more of her blonde curls away from her eyes, “It’s okay. Do you—do you want me to try it again?”

She nodded her head simply, staring into his eyes innocently. John’s smile got wider as he looked down at the sweet girl below him before he pressed his lips against hers again. This time as he pressed his tongue against her, asking for permission, she opened her lips and let him.

It was weird, how their tongues added so much more intensity. Micah’s hands were lost in John’s hair as his hands roamed over the parts of her body that her clothes normally would be covering. She felt herself moan into John’s mouth as his hand cupped under her bra. He began kissing her neck before he touched the top of her cleavage with his lips.

He looked up at her as he took his hand out from under the material and ran it along her side. “C-can I?” He asked softly.

Micah nodded her head, surprised that she was saying yes to this. She had waited so long for her first kiss but now, here with John she was already experiencing so much more. He lifted her body in his arms off the bed slightly, reaching behind her back and unlatching her green bra. He let it fall to the floor before his lips covered the area the material had been covering.

Micah’s body moved against John’s, her hips taking patterns that she wasn’t aware could feel so good. It was weird doing this with him when she was basically with his best friend. The worst part about it was that she didn’t care.

As John sucked on her skin she felt herself let out a loud moan, causing him to smile against her. He kissed back up her neck, leaving a mark on her collar bone that she was sure she would have to cover in the morning.

A sudden pounding on the door caused the two to stop what they were doing, John’s hands instinctively covered his crotch as his cheeks turned red as he saw Micah realize him doing this.

“Whoever is fornicating in my bedroom better stop quickly,” Trey yelled from behind the door.

They waited silently for a moment before they were almost positive he walked away. John glanced down at his bottom half before muttering a small ‘sorry.’ Micah softly giggled, “It’s natural, John. Don’t feel bad.”

He nodded his head before glancing at her chest, making her own cheeks turn pink. He handed her the thin green material that he had discarded on the floor and she put it back over her naked chest.

“I—I uh, I should go find Addie,” John said softly, looking at Micah guiltily.

She nodded her head understandingly, suddenly feeling a pang of fault wash over her as she realized what she had just done. It just…it felt so right.

John stood up once he had gathered himself back together. He grabbed both of her hands in his making her stand as well. He placed one hand on her hip and the other on her cheek, pulling her forward and giving her one last, lingering kiss on her lips.

“Thank you, Micah,” he said softly, using her name for the first time since she could remember.

“For what, John?” She asked, his breath still washing onto her lips.

He smiled softly, “For giving me something Eric will never get to have.”
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