Telescope Eyes


Micah pushed the faded brown door in front of her lightly, peeking inside the dark room. There were only a few sparse people here and there—but overall the place looked dead. There was a small stage in the front of the room where a single chair sat, setting a focal point for the small run down piano bar.

“It may not look like much in the mornings, but at night this place can get pretty crazy.” Micah turned to the soft voice that came from behind her to find a small brunette girl standing there. The girl smiled, “Micah right? I’m Reagan, we talked on the phone.”

“Oh right,” Micah said with a smile. She instantly felt more at ease when she looked at Reagan. The thin girl was wearing short, torn denim shorts with a tank top that said ‘Le Reve.’

“Micah Crosby, right?” Reagan smiled, her red lipstick pulling back to show a perfect set of white teeth.

“Uh yeah,” she said confused.

“You probably don’t remember me…we went to Mountain Pointe together,” she laughed. “I was a sophomore when you were a senior.”

Micah bit her lip softly, feeling embarrassed, “God, I feel like such a jerk. I don’t.”

Reagan laughed and used her hand to brush as if to brush her off, “Micah, it’s okay! I completely understand. I have no idea who the underclassmen were my senior year.”

She smiled and chuckled softly with the bubbly girl, “So about the job…”

“Oh right,” she replied, getting back on topic. “Well on weekdays we could use an extra pair of hands, if you’re okay with working from like five to nine—it’s only a few hours really, but we don’t need to overpay for people to not do much work, it gets pretty dead in here sometimes. And then on weekends we need someone to work the graveyard shift; it gets pretty insane. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays would be your days off. The schedule here is pretty flexible, and our boss Joe really understands when stuff comes up. How does that sound to you?”

Micah mentally remembered her words so that she could inform Eric of what we going to be happening for the next few weeks until she could find a more stable job. “That sounds really good,” she smiled. “When can I start?”

Reagan led her behind the bar and handed her a tight black tank-top, “How about right now? The guys over at that table need some refills.”

Micah nodded her head before ducking behind the bar and changing her shirt quickly. She walked over to the table full of guys. She got their refills and eventually she was working three parties.

Micah had always been good at multi-tasking. She could take two orders and still remember that at the table in the corner of the room the man in the blue shirt needed a refill on his rum and coke. Maybe Lucia was right, if she had gone to college she may be doing better than working in an old bar—but for now this was all she had, and she was determined to make it work for Colton.

Micah huffed as she laid the black tray on the counter, looking at Stephen, the bar tender she was sure she would soon become friends with. “Two beers, three rum and cokes, and one apple juice,” she said, recounting what everyone had ordered.

Stephen laughed, pulling out glasses and beginning to mix the drinks. “Musicians love to drink. Doesn’t matter what time of day it is either.”

“Well hey, ‘it’s five o’clock somewhere’,” Micah smiled, quoting Jimmy Buffet. Stephen laughed at her joke and she looked at all of the people in the room. “You get a lot of musicians in here, huh?”

The brunette nodded his head, “Yeah, Reagan pretty much has a heyday with it. Women and their musicians,” he laughed. “You looking for one?”

Micah felt her cheeks blush as she looked away, “Nah, I already got me one.”

“Good luck,” he said with a laugh handing her the tray, “With your boyfriend and these drinks. The table over there,” he said pointing, “A washed up guitarist who still thinks he is amazing. He’s an asshole.”

Micah rolled her eyes, “Awesome, my favorite.”

“You’ll do fine,” the boy smiled. “Now go get ‘em.”


“Mom, are you sure?”

“Micah, shoo! Get out of here. Let me have my grandson for one night. I want to spoil him,” her mother said with a giant smile.

Micah looked over to where Daniel was lifting Colton into the air and spinning him around. He was laughing as his little limbs floated through the air.

“Are you sure, Mom?” She asked, biting her lip. She hated being away from Colton. In Vegas all they had was each other and she had just gotten so attached to him.

Her mother sighed, “Go away, Micah. Go have fun. I know you have a lot of friends here you haven’t seen in a while. So go out, I’ll have Daniel do that…texting thing that you kids do nowadays so that you aren’t worrying all night.”

Micah smiled softly, nervously, before looking over to Colton one last time. “Baby come here,” she said sweetly, watching as he walked over to her and instantly fell into her arms. “I love you okay, and if you need me have Grandma call me. I will come get you if you miss me.”

Colton giggled, “Uncle Danny is taking me to the swing set.”

“Well, I’m glad you’ll miss me too,” Micah laughed, shaking her head. “Love you.”

“Love you too, Mama,” he said happily, giving her a kiss.

She stood up and watched as he ran back over to Daniel and they began playing with Legos. “Remember to call me if he gets sick or anything—or if he bumps his head. I just, keep me updated,” Micah sighed, watching him play.

Her mom laughed, brushing her aged blonde hair behind her ear, “Micah, it almost hurts me that you don’t trust me to watch him. It’ll be fine, okay dear? Trust me—all mothers have to get some time away, and believe it or not you will survive.

Micah rolled her eyes, before kissing her mom’s cheek, “Thank you, again. I’ll pick him up in the morning.”

“Okay, you and Eric be safe in your endeavors,” she called out.

Micah walked down the stairs and hopped into her car driving the few short miles it took to get back to Eric’s apartment. As soon as she got home she took a quick shower, letting her hair fall in its natural beachy blonde waves.

“Honey, I’m home!” Eric yelled, opening his front door and walking into the living room.

Micah chuckled and smiled at the boy. He was wearing plaid Bermuda shorts and a pink button down shirt with white golfing shoes. “What are you wearing?” She laughed.

He pouted before sitting next to her on the couch, “My daddy wanted to take me golfing…we get really into it.”

She giggled before placing a soft kiss on his nose, “Well, you look pretty darn cute, Halvorsen.”

Eric pretended to blush by hiding his cheeks, “Oh shucks. Where’s the little one?”

Micah smiled softly, “He’s with my mom tonight. She wanted to take him shopping and ‘spoil’ him. So, we have the house to ourselves.”

Halvo smiled before reaching into his pocket and pulling out his vibrating phone, “Yellow?” Micah giggled at his greeting, rolling her eyes at how his immaturity was still there; it made her happy. It made it seem as maybe things really had never changed at all. “Mhmm…yeah. What time? Yeah bro, that sounds good. Yeah, she’s with me right now. Okay cool, we’ll see you there.”
He hung up his phone and put it back in his pocket, “So, want to go out tonight?”

Micah chuckled, “With whom?”

“Well, that was John. So, guessing from his phone call I can guess Addison, Jared, Kenny and his girlfriend Lisa, Austin…who I don’t think you’ve even met, Max, Trey most likely, and Justin,” he replied.

“J-Rich? Well how can I say no to him? I love that sweet thang,” she chuckled, with nerves filling her stomach. She hadn’t seen these kids in four years—they wouldn’t hate her for that right?

“Yes, J-Rich,” Eric laughed. “We’re going to a club. So, I suggest that you wear something really cute,” he said, kissing her neck softly. “And then, tonight when we come home we’ll have some alone time.”

Micah smiled, humming softly, “Mmm…that could be fun. Why don’t we just skip to later now and not go out with everyone?”

Halvo’s smile fell as he listened to her words. “Mic, it’s going to be okay. They’re your friends—they always have been, they won’t be mad at you.”

She shrugged, looking away from him. “I just—I don’t know.”

“Hey,” Eric started, grabbing her chin in his hands. “It’s going to be fine, and if it’s not, come tell me and we’ll leave okay? And then I’ll make it up to you when we get home.”

Micah sighed, giving in to his wishes. “I still don’t understand how you always talk me into doing things that I don’t want to do,” she grumbled softly.

Halvo smiled, giving her a soft peck on the lips, “Because you know that I would never hurt you, baby girl. I told you that on our first date and I’m telling you it now. I’m always here for you.”

Micah smiled softly, listening to the truth in his words. Eric was always there, even when it was the hardest thing in the world for him to do. He never gave up on her—and so many times growing up he sacrificed his feelings for things she always wanted.

He was her best friend.

After a few more kisses—which were quickly turning into something else, the two finally made their way into his bedroom to get ready for their night with their old friends. Micah settled on a black fringe dress with pink pumps and studded earrings, while Eric wore a blue button down dress shirt with black skinny jeans and a pair of boots.

They drove to the club making small conversation about the new tour that was coming quicker than Micah was hoping for and the new job she had scored at Le Reve. The drive seemed shorter than she had remembered—but maybe that’s because all of the things you wanted to never come always came the fastest.

Eric parked the car in a garage, running around the car to open Micah’s door, before grabbing her hand and leading her to a club. They showed the bouncer their I.D’s and walked in, instantly being hit with neon lights that made up for the darkness.

Eric made a small yell and raised his hand to wave at a group of people before leading Micah over to a booth covered in red leather seats surrounding a black table. She looked up from her heels where her eyes had been focused to the group of people she had known since high school.

They all looked so different—so grown up. Kennedy and Jared had stubble all over their chins and Max and Trey’s eyes looked weathered from years of tour. She was introduced to the boy’s girlfriends who were surprisingly down to earth and welcomed with hugs by the people she had known for so long.



Micah laughed as she engulfed Justin Richards into a tight hug, finding comfort in an old friend’s embrace. “How have you been handsome?” She asked, shoving his shoulder lightly.

“Oh you know, I’m living the good life. I’m doing amazing. Different girl, different city every night, and you know I’m keeping my pimp hand strong,” Justin laughed, his blue eyes gleaming in the dark lights.

“Good God, I have missed you,” Micah giggled, taking a seat next to him at the red couch. “Where’s John at?”

Justin looked at her wearily, “He’s picking up Addie.”

“That’s cool,” she said simply, trying to seem as if she didn’t care. She spotted Eric from across the bar, giving her a small smile as he grabbed them drinks: a beer for himself and a martini for her.

“Micah, you—you’re over it, right? You and John, I mean,” he said bluntly.

She laughed, looking him straight in the eye, telling him the words she thought to be true, “Of course I am, Justin. It’s been four years. The first time we talked was the other day—and plus…Halvo and I have still been friends and…the other day one thing led to another and we kissed,” she smiled.

Justin smiled and punched her arm, “You dog you.”

She laughed, looking up at Halvo as he handed her a drink, “Thank you, sir.”

“Of course, Micah. Now, has Justin told you of what our plans are for the first day of tour this year?” Eric asked, smiling as he looked at his band mate.

“Oh my God!” Justin laughed. “Okay, so just for the record, this was my idea, not Halvo’s.”

Micah listened to all the crazy plans the boys had for tour in a few months when it really hit her. Eric was going to be gone for four months—again. Sure, when she lived in Vegas they saw each other maybe once every two months, but over the past few short weeks she had become accustomed to having him around all the time. It was going to be hard to see him go once again.

Eric and Justin had finished their stories and eventually Justin had made his way to go ‘make it rain on them ho’s’ on the dance floor. Micah laughed and shook her head at her friend, smiling at how nice it felt to just relax for once. She looked over to where Halvo was giving her a toothy grin.

“Dance with me,” he said, grabbing her hand and leading her to the large cluster of people in the room.

Micah smiled as he pulled her hips close to his, their hips bumping in perfect motion. They danced to the crappy rap song over the speakers and she felt like she was in high school again. God, she used to love to dance. She always made Eric dance with her every single party they went to—whether others were or not.

Eric pressed his lips to her neck, nipping down on the sensitive skin. She felt a smile break out on her own mouth as she turned around in his arms, letting her butt rub against his front. Sweat eventually started forming on their necks and by five songs in they were running out of breath. He gave her one hard kiss on the lips before pulling away and smiling, “Want to go get a drink?”

Micah nodded her head and pecked his lips once more. She turned her eyes to the table where her drink was sitting to find a pair of eyes burning into hers. She kept walking towards him, their eyes never leaving one another’s. For the first time in years she was unable to read his thoughts. Maybe it was because they had lost touch for so long or maybe he was just getting better at hiding his every thought from her.

But as she watched as his eyes glanced to the boy behind her with his eyebrows raised in a question, she knew what he was thinking. He was wondering why she was here with him, kissing him. Micah turned to Eric quickly, stopping a few feet short of the table. She excused herself to the bathroom, ignoring his pleas to walk her just in case.

Micah assured him that she wouldn’t get kidnapped or raped a few times before she walked into the bathroom. Her heels clicked against the ground as her ears adjusted to the quieter atmosphere. It was surprisingly empty for what she would picture—and from what every other bar was like in Las Vegas.

Micah stepped into the mirror and turned the cold water on in the sink, not caring that as she splashed it onto her face she may be ruining her makeup. She took a deep breath before looking into the mirror another time and seeing what she had become.

She looked older—sure, she still had her youthful features, but she looked tired, a look that was often found on mother’s. She turned her eyes to the running water, watching it in hopes that the stillness of it would calm her nerves. She was calm until she heard a toilet flush behind her and heels clicking next to her.

The person stopped at the sink next to her, but she didn’t look up. She just had a feeling she shouldn’t.

“You know,” the familiar voice started, “I used to be so jealous of you.”

Micah kept her eyes down, not yet ready to face the open ends of her past.

“The way you used to wear white pants and not look fat. The way that your hair seemed to perfectly dry after we went swimming, making your tan even more ridiculously golden. The way you always knew what to say. But, I was especially jealous of the way that my boyfriend used to look at you. It drove me crazy,” she continued. “But, when not even an hour after you had left John was on my doorstep asking for me back…that’s when I knew that you should have been jealous of me. He’d never love you the way he loved me. I see that now.”

Micah took a deep breath before turning her eyes to look in the mirror. The girl was still so beautiful. She had long, straight brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Her skin was a porcelain white and her body was so perfectly thin.

She found it funny that this girl was jealous of her.

Micah was always jealous of Addison Roberts.

“Nice to see you too, Addie,” Micah said simply.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did you expect a great big welcome back? You know I considered a party but I was kind of worried—I mean, you always get kind out of hand at those, remember?” Addison spat.

“I guess I deserve that one,” she mumbled, turning her blue eyes away from the girl who used to be her best friend. “John said you wanted to see me.”

Addison scoffed, “Yeah, so I could tell you this: Fuck you, Micah.”

Micah kept her chin up as the girl threw those two words into her face, not faltering at all. She watched as she disappeared from her view before listening to the bathroom door shut behind her. She tried to slow her breathing, or the spinning of her head, but as she thought back to the exact reason she didn’t want to come here she instantly felt like she was being suffocated.

Micah took a deep breath before composing herself. She ran her hands down her dress, flattening it against her body before walking back into the club. She weaved her way throw the crowd once again making her way towards her table, mentally pumping herself up. She had no clue what to expect. What was she supposed to say to Addison?-God, or even worse, John.

One thing she was positive of, though, was that Addie was trying to break her down. She was trying to get her to run—to cry, to fall, but she wouldn’t do it. No, she would never give her that satisfaction.

Micah placed a fake smile on her plump pink lips and ran a hand through her blonde curls, pretending that she was okay. That Addison’s words didn’t happen.

“I thought you fell in for a second,” Eric laughed as she took a seat next to him.

Micah chuckled softly before mumbling, “I wish.”

“Hey Micah, you—you know Addie,” John said nervously, rubbing the back of his neck in anticipation for what he thought was their first confrontation in years.

She took a breath before letting her lips break out in a forged grin that her lips found easily, “Hey Addison, you look gorgeous.”

“Gosh you too, Micah. You look so amazing!” Addison gushed, her white teeth showing from her gigantic, phony smile.

Micah smiled once more before looking to Eric who was giving her a look as if to say he was proud of her. She focused her attention on him, giving him lustful eyes as she touched his leg under the table, “Let’s go dance?”

Halvo grinned and took her hand that was creeping up his leg in his, excusing them from the table. He wrapped his arms around her waist lovingly, pulling her close against him as they stepped into the mob of people that were on the wooden floor. She wrapped her thin arms around his neck and moved her hips against his slowly.

“That went pretty well. I mean you guys said like ten words to each other, but it’s better than nothing,” Eric said with a reassuring smile.

Micah nodded her head simply, placing her face in his hot neck, giving him a soft kiss. “I suppose so.”

Halvo held her close to his body, swaying them slowly even though the music was upbeat. She didn’t mind. She needed a moment of serenity; a calm to take over her mind—because her thoughts were running over one hundred miles an hour.

Were she and Addison just supposed to pretend everything was okay? Were they going to insult each other when their boyfriends weren’t looking? Or would they finally just move on from the one thing that had torn them apart?—would that ever be possible?

“Eric,” Micah mumbled into the boy’s ear, giving his neck a soft kiss. “I’m going to step outside for a second, okay? I need some air.”

She ignored his pleas of her being safe and continued to walk until the Arizona heat hit her skin. It was weird that even though it was so hot it automatically felt cooler—she felt as if she could breathe again.

“Want a cigarette, beautiful?”

Micah looked up to a man who was approaching her in the dark street. He was wearing black slacks and a button down shirt, his hair greased back. He had money judging from his alligator skin shoes but she wasn’t impressed. She had seen guys just like him in Vegas—heavy rollers shoving dollar bills down her panties; they were scum.

“No thanks,” Micah said politely, distancing herself from the man.

He walked closer to her. He had a small smirk on his lips and his blue lighter in his hands. He stepped up to her body and rested his arm above her head, his lips coming closer. “Are you sure, baby?”

Micah’s lips pulled together in disgust. She was about to push the man off when she saw a hand place itself on the man’s shoulder and pull him back. “She said no, man. Why don’t you just run along?”

The guys started stumbling away as he mumbled obscenities at the boy who had just saved her. John gave her a chuckle, before leaning against the wall next to her and lighting up a smoke. They stood in silence for a moment, just listening to the sounds of Arizona around them.

Micah inhaled the smoke of John’s cigarette, coughing lightly. “Since when do you smoke?” She asked, her nose scrunching in disgust.

He shrugged as he blew the white matter into the air, “Tour exposes you to a lot of things.” He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, “I—I uh actually smoked my first one in Vegas.”

Micah bit her lip softly, “Why didn’t you ever call me, John?”

He sighed and inhaled more tobacco from the stick between his fingers. He flicked the bud to the ground before crushing it beneath his boot. “Why didn’t you ever come to our show in Vegas?”

She looked away and played with the ring on her finger nervously, “I didn’t know if it was appropriate. The last time we all saw each other wasn’t exactly everyone’s finest moment.”

John snorted, “You can say that again…that’s, uh, that’s why I didn’t call you either. It didn’t mean I didn’t look for you at our show though. We—we only played one show in Vegas. I didn’t want to go back.”

Micah raised her eyebrow at him, “Why not?”

“The lights scared me,” he chuckled softly. “And the crowd—the kids there are just different. They take what they have at their fingertips for granted, you know? Like, I don’t know. It seemed like they were un-impressible. I was really nervous there…it was just too much.”

She laughed, “It can be overwhelming if you get lost in it…and most people do, so yeah, I understand I guess.”

“So are you back for good now? Or are you going back to Vegas soon?” John asked, leaning against the wall and setting his focus on her.

“I—I’m not really sure. I plan on going home soon, I think,” she said unsure. She honestly had no idea. Vegas was her demise, but Arizona didn’t hold much for her either.

“This is your home, Crosby,” John said softly, his voice breaking gently.

Micah sighed and looked up into the sky, “It hasn’t been my home since it made me leave, John.”

“You chose to leave,” he responded shortly, his voice becoming less welcoming.

She scoffed softly and closed her eyes, “I didn’t have a decision and you know that.”

John bit his bottom lip roughly as if took keep himself from saying something he’d regret. “Addison was right, you know.”

“About what?” Micah asked, the words ghosting her lips.

“She told me that when you came home you’d be a different person. She said that you would run from your past—your life here with us and pretend that it didn’t happen. And you know what, Crosby?” he said seriously, his fingers brushing against her cheek sincerely. “You can run, but you can’t hide. I won’t let you. You were my friend—and that girl is still somewhere in there.”

Micah closed her eyes, and stepped away from John’s grasp. “You shouldn’t be standing so close to me. It’s inappropriate.”

He nodded his head and looked at her, sighing, “You’ve changed a lot.”

“A lot happens in four years, John,” she said simply, thinking back to her son, wondering if he was okay. She had to change. She never had a choice. And as John sat here and talked about her running from her past she tried her best not to lash out at him. She could never run from her past—no. Her past stuck with her for nine months after she left Arizona and continued to for four more years. Her past would always be her present.

“Addison told me what you said to her in the bathroom,” John said nervously.

Micah looked at him intrigued, “What exactly was that?”

“That you told her to ‘fuck off’.”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, walking away from the boy and back towards the club slowly, “Do you really believe that, John?”

“I don’t know who to believe, Crosby. You’ve been gone—I, I don’t even know you anymore,” he said honestly. “She’s my girlfriend.”

“I was your best friend for four years, John,” Micah croaked softly, her eyes welling with tears. John stayed silent and his eyes turned down the dirt on the ground. “Why isn’t that ever enough for you?” She whispered.

John looked up at her, sadness in his eyes. His jaw was tense and his hand ran through his hair anxiously. He mumbled a soft ‘I don’t know’ before walking past her and back into the air conditioned club.

Micah took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts, letting a tear fall out of her eye and slip slowly down her cheek. She wiped it away slowly, keeping her face to her shoes as she walked through the club. She rushed through the maze of people quickly, stopping when arms wrapped themselves around her waist.

“Micah, do not cry. I will not watch you cry over him again,” Eric said in her ear, causing her to jump.

She squeezed her eyes shut trying to choke back the tears that John had caused by his simple words. “Go away, Eric,” she mumbled softly.

The boy turned her in his arms, cupping her face with his hands, “Baby girl, come on. Don’t do this. Don’t let him do this to you again…” She let a few more tears fall from her closed lids before she opened her eyes and looked into Eric’s green orbs. He cared so much—she could see it in the way he looked so scared for her.

“It’s not that simple, Eric,” she said, her lips in a tight line.

“Yes, it is, Micah,” he replied shortly.


“No. Mic, you once told me that the reason you loved me so much was because I was able to be honest with you, that even if it hurt I would say it,” he said quickly, taking a sigh before continuing. “This is going to hurt, so be ready. Micah, high school is over. He chose her—you basically told him to. He listened to what you said and now he’s happy. He didn’t call for four years. He’s with Addison, Micah. It’s never going to happen. And it’s so hard to watch you constantly want him as I sit here and wait for you,” Eric said sincerely, letting his voice display his vulnerability.

Micah looked into his eyes, and placed her hands on both sides of his cheeks, “Eric, he chose her, yeah, but I want you. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be here right now and you know that. I love you so much, Eric James Halvorsen. You have to know that,” she whispered softly, hoping her words were one hundred percent true.

Eric looked into her eyes, a small smile ghosting his lips, “I love you too Micah Marie Crosby.” She smiled and a small blush appeared on her cheeks. He pressed his lips to her hair and she felt his breath on her ear, “Now, let’s get back to my empty apartment. Yes?”

Micah bit her lip softly and nodded her head, grasping his hand. They bid their farewells to everyone, and she successfully looked John in the eye and pretended as if his words didn’t hurt her. She smiled at Addison before promising to text all the people who had missed her for so long.

Micah pulled out her phone as they drove down the busy roads of Phoenix and began making their way back to Eric’s apartment. She dialed a familiar number and pressed the phone to her ear listening to the soft rings.


“Hey Mama, I was just wondering how my baby is doing,” Micah said, holding back a yawn.

I actually just put him to bed. He had a fun day from what I could see. We went and saw that new movie Tangled, then we went for pizza, and when we came back her and Daniel colored and played Lego’s for a bit before he crashed out in your brother’s arms. I got an adorable picture for you,” she replied.

Micah smiled, happy that her son was able to spend time with his grandmother and that everything had gone well. It was good for Colton to be surrounded by family—especially the one that he was fortunate enough to have. They honestly were the best people in Micah’s life.

How was your and Eric’s night? You go out and see those friends of yours?

“Yeah, we’re just heading home, kind of tired. We went dancing with the gang,” Micah replied simply.

You can say clubbing, Micah. I’m not too old to know what that is, you know,” her mother laughed. “Did you tell John hello for me?

“Uh, yeah of course Mom,” she said, not wanting to talk about him at all.

Good. Now, tell Eric I said to take care of my baby girl. And, Micah, for God’s sake use protection this time. I mean, Colton is an amazing little boy, but you and Eric may not get as lucky this time,” her mother said seriously.

Micah couldn’t help but to laugh and she shook her head at her mom’s words, “Oh goodness gracious, mother. Trust me, I’m not eighteen anymore. I’m taking major precautions when it comes to that.”

Good, now I love you. You kids be safe, and I’ll see you tomorrow when you come for Colton.”

She chuckled softly, “All right. I love you too, Mom. See you tomorrow.”

Micah hung up the phone and looked at Eric’s smirk. “You’re never too old for the sex talk,” he laughed.

She shook her head, “She’s ridiculous. I am a grown woman, I can do whoever I want.”

Eric joined in her laughter as they drove the rest of the way home, making their way up the stairs to his apartment hand in hand. Micah slipped her heels off and left them by the door, relaxing as her sore feet relished the feeling of the soft carpet. She let her purse fall onto the counter top where Eric had taken his place, setting two glasses on the counter and filling them with red wine.

He gave her a glass and smiled, holding his own up to her. “To a wonderful evening alone,” he grinned.

“Cheers,” Micah smiled, tapping the tip of her glass against Eric’s. They drank their drinks in silence, smiling at each other innocently over the rims of their glasses. “Thank you for tonight, Halvo. I really did have a lot of fun.”

“I know you love to dance,” he laughed, shaking his head. “You’re lucky that I dance like a black man.”

Micah snorted softly and shook her head at the boy, rolling her eyes. “You’re lucky I taught you how to use them hips back in high school.”

Eric set his glass on the counter and smiled at her, grabbing her hips and pulling her into him. His smile was resting high on his lips and he kept his chin elevated. “You taught me how to use them really well. Those were the best lessons I was ever taught for four years. Hell, in my entire life,” he laughed.

Micah placed her drink on the counter behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck, laughing, “That’s the only thing you ever learned in high school, I think.”

“Well you know, it wasn’t exactly as grueling to study as math. I actually enjoyed it. Especially when you were my tutor,” he smirked.

Micah bit her lip as she smiled, “Well, I wanted to see you do well.”

“Did I?” Eric asked, with a small grin on his lips.

She gave him a small lip before puckering her lips as to look contemplative, “Uhm, I don’t remember, why don’t you remind me?”

“You’d love that wouldn’t you,” Eric whispered, his lips hovering over hers.

“Baby,” Micah spoke softly.

“Yeah?” he asked, just as quietly.

She smiled gently and pressed forward to where their chests were touching, “Kiss me.”

Eric grinned widely before placing his hand behind her neck and pulled her lips to meet his. Micah pressed up on her tip toes as she let herself fall into the kiss, giving him everything she had. He placed his hands under her butt and lifted her up, her legs wrapping instinctively around his waist. Her dress rode up high on her thighs as he pulled her against him, his warm skin touching her bare legs.

Eric carried her into his bedroom and they collapsed on his mattress, their breathing short. They fought for air, stealing kisses as quickly as they could. Micah moaned as his hand traveled below her waist, her dress rising up to her belly. She began slipping off his shirt as his mouth worked on her neck, leaving marks that would show in a matter of seconds.

Within moments, his hand had made its way to her dress, slipping it over her head. She discarded his pants and let them fall to the floor. Eric found her eyes and they gazed at one another as his hands hooked in her panties and let them find the pile they had created next to the bed. She pulled his boxers off his thin hips, smiling as he gave her one last loving look before taking away the distance between their hips.

She gasped at the way he felt—it was so different. In high school, the first time they had sex they were both so inexperienced, and sure, with time it got better, but now…things had changed so much. He was no longer the young, gentle boy she had fallen in love with. Now, he was a man; a loving, careful, sweet, man.

He didn’t rush as he did when they were younger. Now, with each movement she could tell that he loved her. It wasn’t just about the sex anymore—it wasn’t purely lust. He was truly making love to her; a feeling that Micah had only ever truly experienced once.

Eric collapsed on top of her, his breathing rigid. “God, Micah. You—I love you…” he panted, pulling her into his arms.

Micah nuzzled into his chest, the sweat that was on their bodies making them seem as if they were glistening. “I love you too, Eric. I love you too.”
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