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fly away home

Micah carried the small boy in her arms hastily up the stairs, resting her hand on the back of his head. Eric had the door already opened for her and she walked in quickly, making her way to the bedroom and laying Colton in the blue sheets Eric had washed for him while they were out.

Eric had placed a trash can by the bed as well as a Lightning McQueen stuffed animal by the pillow. Colton smiled weakly before shutting his eyes and falling into a deep sleep. They left the room silently, shutting the door behind them after placing a kiss on the four year olds head.

Micah sat on the couch and ran her hands over her face, sighing as Halvo sat next to her, “It’s just the flu,” she said taking a deep breath.

Eric sighed, “Good, that’s good. So he’ll just rest and it’ll go away?”

“That’s what the doctor said,” she replied, shaking her head. “I just hate seeing him in pain, Eric. You should have heard him crying—begging me to not take him to the doctor. He hates them.”

“That’s understandable,” he said, running a hand through his short brown hair. “No kid likes the doctors anyway.”

“Yeah,” Micah sighed, placing her hands on her thighs and standing up. “I need to call my mom.”

“To tell her you’ll be late?” Eric asked, following her into the kitchen.

She looked at him confused before dialing her mother’s familiar number, “No, to tell her I won’t be making it.”

Halvo grabbed the phone from her hands and pressed the red ‘end’ button. “Mic, come on. Go, go hang out with your family. You haven’t gone to a Fourth of July party in what?—four years? Everyone will love to see you. Besides, Colton is going to be sleeping all day long. I can take care of him. Go see your family and friends that miss you.”


“Nuh uh, I’m not going to take no for an answer. So, go get ready. I’ll text Daniel that you’re going to be late,” He replied, pushing her into their bedroom. “Besides, I hate Fourth of July, you know that.”

Micah laughed, jutting her finger at him, “Ha! I knew that was it. You’re being a wuss.”

Eric narrowed his eyes at her, “You didn’t have the experience I did with them okay?”

“I can’t believe you’re still scared of sparklers,” she chuckled.

“I’m not scared of them, and besides, even if I was it’s for a completely logical reason,” he said simply, crossing his arms.

“Stop using Colton as an excuse,” Micah laughed. “You’re still scared of fireworks.”

Halvo grumbled a few curse words before mumbling that he was going to go check on the little boy. She walked over to her closet and pulled out a Wildfox oversized shirt, pairing it with some black hot pants and white and gold gladiator sandals. She walked into her little boy’s room, taking a seat on his bed. His lips were parted slightly and his once bleach blonde hair was fading darker and darker each day. His eyelids were hiding his shining emerald eyes and his hands were curled beneath his chin.

She placed a kiss on his forehead before walking into the living room, where Eric was finding soup in the adjacent kitchen. “Chicken noodle you think?” He asked, holding the red and white can in his hands.

Micah nodded her head, “If you can make him eat it, he hates soup.”

Halvo sighed before kissing her lips softly, “You look very pretty, but go. I don’t want your mom to be mad at you for being late.”

She rolled her eyes, “She won’t be. It’s just a get together with the O’Callaghans.”

“Who haven’t seen you in years, go. Fly away home, baby goose,” he laughed.

Micah chuckled, “You’re a loser. I’ll see you when I get home.”

She drove the familiar streets to a house that had practically been her own for all of high school. She parked her car and got out of it, placing her hands in her pockets and sighing. It looked the same as always—the same dusty brown paint covering the walls and the grass was cut to perfection, shining a bright green.

She walked up the pathway to the door, taking a deep breath before raising her arm and knocking on the door. She could hear yells from the other side of the white barrier between her and everyone else.

Priscilla O’Callaghan took a deep gasp as she looked at her, tears welling in her eyes, “Micah, darling where have you been?”

Micah smiled softly, burying her face into her second mother’s shoulders as she held her tightly. “Don’t cry, Mama O. You’ll make me cry,” she chuckled softly, biting her quivering lip.

“You look beautiful,” Priscilla said sweetly, grabbing her hands. “Come, come inside. John will be so excited to see you. He and JohnO were just talking about you the other day—he mentioned you were in town. Honey! We have a special guest,” she yelled entering the kitchen.

Micah smiled as she looked up to John Senior, giving him a wide smile. He hadn’t changed much, his aging eyes were covered in glasses and his graying hair was a bit lighter and thinner. But, he still had that warm smile, “Micah Crosby? I thought you were gone for good—sheesh. Just when I thought I had gotten rid of you.”

“Papa,” she laughed, giving him a tight hug. “You know you can’t just get rid of me that easily.”

“I know, you’re like the fucking plague,” he mumbled, a small smile on his lips.

“John!” Priscilla scolded, slapping his arm.

His mouth pulled down at the ends and his eyebrows raised, “Oops!” He laughed. “Good thing Sammy isn’t here. I’d owe him a dollar.”

“Because you swear like a trucker,” Samuel O’Callaghan sighed, grabbing a bottle of water from the counter, “Hot damn. Micah?”

“Damn is a curse word too there, kid,” John laughed, patting his son on the back and walking out of the room to join his wife.

Micah laughed, taking a bottle of water for herself, “Hey there, Sammy. You’ve grown up a lot.”

She chuckled as his cheeks reddened, and he instantly broadened his shoulders, trying to act as if he was tough. He flipped his hair and raised his chin a bit, shrugging as if to seem nonchalant, “You know, I eat my vegetables—and they say ‘milk can do a body good’,” he said in a voice that was much deeper than the one he had used to speak to his father a few moments ago. “I can drive now.”

“That’s…impressive,” Micah laughed, raising her eyebrows at the boy who was trying to flirt with her. “Maybe you could take me for a drive sometime, Sammy.”

His cheeks turned even redder than they were, “Yeah,” he squeaked quickly before clearing his throat and making his voice deeper once again, “I mean I’ll see if I can pencil you in. I’m a busy person you know?”

“I’m sure you could make time for me, I mean come on. I was the best baby sitter you and my brother ever had—I always let you and Daniel stay up way later than you should have,” she laughed.

“You were the hottest baby sitter I ever had too,” Sam smirked, raising his eye brow at her.

“Oh Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. When will you learn? You have to keep them guessing kid. You can’t just come out and tell them they’re sexy, save that for desperate times. You need to make them want you first,” John laughed, walking into the room. He smiled at Micah nervously and ran a hand through his hair, “Hey.”

She bit her lip softly, looking up at the boy, still angry. “Hi,” she mumbled.

“Sam—could you excuse us for a moment, please,” John asked, giving his brother a look that said to leave. Micah watched as Sam left the room, looking anywhere but John. She didn’t want to talk to him—he had said enough already. “I’m sorry,” he said softly, lowering his voice.

Micah felt a small smile ghost her lips; she couldn’t remember John ever telling someone he was sorry—ever. “Excuse me?” She asked, an unbelieving laugh on her lips. Was it that simple for her to forgive him?

“I’m sorry,” John said earnestly. “I—I shouldn’t have said what I did to you. I was wrong. And as for what Addison said to you—

“You mean what I said to her?” Micah asked with a scoff, rolling her eyes.

He sighed, “No, what she said to you. I was drunk or something, of course you wouldn’t say that to her. I know you, Crosby. And besides, Addie can kind of be a bitch sometimes,” he laughed softly, Micah joining in softly. They stared at each for a moment, and she knew John had caught sight of her blush. “Are we okay again?”

She nodded her head, giving him a small smile. If this was anyone else, she may have not forgiven them as easily—but this was John. Her best friend John, and she could tell when he was being sincere. He had simple signs that showed when he lied; whether it was his eyes glancing to the floor quickly, or how he would pop his knuckles nervously, she knew. And none of these signs were present.

John gave her a tight hug, before grabbing her hand and leading her into the living room where her mother and Daniel were sitting. “Look who I found!” He smiled, releasing her hand and sitting next to his own brother on the floor.

Micah gave her mom a hug before rustling her brother’s hair, “Hey loser,” she smiled, receiving a tongue being stuck out at her childishly.

“Be nice to your brother,” her mother ordered, laughing softly and excusing the ‘kids’ to go find Priscilla.

“Where’s Eric?” Daniel asked, simply, grabbing a video game controller that Sam threw in his direction.

“He hates Fourth of July,” Micah laughed, looking at John with a smirk.

“Oh my God seriously?” John laughed. “That was like, fifteen years ago!”

She giggled softly, nodding her head. “He still hates fireworks, to this day.”

“What’d you do to him?” Daniel asked, looking between the laughing friends.

“I may or may not have dropped a sparkler on Eric’s foot when we were six,” John laughed. “And his foot may or may not have lit on fire—no big deal though. No big deal.”

Daniel and Sam started laughing, making sarcastic comments about how ‘they were sure it was an accident’ and that John was secretly just a big old bully. She watched quietly as the boys continued to play Call of Duty, laughing whenever they would make quips at one another. She pulled away a few moments later to help her mother and Priscilla set the table for the dinner.

The boys all came from the living room and John Senior set the hot dogs and hamburgers on the center of the table. Micah laughed as her brother began snatching all sorts of food along with all the other men. Their plates were full within seconds.

Micah grabbed a hamburger and decorated it and grabbed a side of salad along with fruit. John cleared his throat before looking at his eldest son, “John, why don’t you say grace.”

He nodded his head before asking everyone to close their eyes, catching Micah’s with a slight smile from where he sat across from her. She closed her eyes and folded her hands in front of her, bowing her head.

“Dear Heavenly Father thank you for letting us be here today,” John started. “We thank you for letting us all gather here together to celebrate the freedom of our country, and thank you so much for those who have given everything for it,” he said. Micah opened her eyes and looked at her mother who was wearing a small thankful grin on her lips for the boy’s words. “Thank you for bringing Micah home to us safely and please make her stay,” he laughed softly. “We love you. Oh, and please don’t let this food poison our bodies. Amen.”

Everyone smiled, chuckling softly. “Thank you, John,” Priscilla laughed.

“So, Micah, how has Vegas been? University of Nevada Las Vegas right?” John asked, forking some baked beans into his mouth.

“Yes sir,” she replied, a tight smile on her lips. “It’s going well, just college.”

“Business major, yeah?” He asked.

“Yeah,” she said nervously. She hated lying to all of them but she couldn’t exactly tell them that she had been stripping instead of going to school just to take care of her son, that most of them were not aware of.

“Good for you,” John smiled, turning his attention back to his eldest son. “When do you leave for tour again kid?”

John the fifth grinned, taking a large bite of his hamburger, “About two weeks I think. It’s only a quick weeklong tour in Asia though.”

“Oh yeah, just going to Asia for the week, no biggie,” Sam mumbled, rolling his eyes causing Micah to laugh.

“Where’s Addie?” Priscilla asked, looking at John with a tight smile. It was never a secret that she never really approved of the girl—she hadn’t since high school when she walked in on the couple having sex at sixteen.

Sam laughed, “She’s mad at JohnO, again.”

John threw a piece of his bread at his brother, both getting scolded by their mother. Priscilla sighed, “What did you do this time, honey?”

He rolled his eyes, “Nothing.”

Priscilla rolled her eyes as well, “I don’t care anyways. If she thinks you’re not good enough for her then—

“Mom, stop,” John said simply, looking around at the rest of the silent table awkwardly. “I know your feelings, trust me.”

His mom made a ‘hm’ noise under her breath before looking at Micah, “Where’s Eric dear?”

Micah’s mother spoke up, “Yeah, I told him to come with you the other day!”

She racked her brain for a lie, “Well uh, he isn’t a big firework person so he doesn’t usually party, and he’s with his parents anyways.”

Micah knew her mother knew what she was covering up for: Colton. She gave her a confused look before looking down at the plate in front of her. “Oh,” John Senior began, “I thought Jordan said they were going to his parent’s cabin in Flagstaff. I didn’t know they brought Eric as well.”

She glanced at Daniel nervously before mumbling a soft ‘he decided to go’. She was relieved when her brother struck up a new conversation with John’s parents, distracting them from Eric’s whereabouts.

God, it would be so much easier if they all just knew the truth.


“Priscilla, why don’t you go help the boys set up the fireworks before they light your grass on fire? Micah and I can take care of the dishes,” Lydia Crosby said, entering the room where she and Mrs. O’Callaghan were cleaning.

Micah looked at her mother worriedly, knowing why she wanted her alone. She didn’t feel right talking about Colton here—not in this house. Not with all these people who weren’t involved in the most important part of her life when they should have been. It was wrong.

Priscilla sighed, with a relieved smile, “Thank you Lydia. We were almost done anyways.”

Micah kept working her hands on a stubborn plate, keeping her eyes down.

“Where’s Eric, Micah? Is everything okay?” Her mother asked in a hushed tone.

“Colton has the flu,” she said softly. “Eric is staying with him. He insisted that I come, or else I would be by his bedside right now.”

“Is he doing all right? Just the flu right?” Lydia asked nervously.

Micah nodded her head, “Just the flu. Eric texted me a few minutes ago saying he ate some crackers but threw them up—then fell right back asleep.”

“Eric is taking care of him,” her mother echoed softly.

She looked up at the aging woman confused, “Yeah…is everything okay, Mom?”

Lydia looked down silently at a plate, zoning out before shaking her head and saying everything was fine. “Yeah, of course…why don’t you go help John with fireworks or something.”

“No need, Mrs. Crosby!” John smiled, resting his hands on the woman’s shoulders. “They are finished, why don’t you go get your seat? Micah and I can finish putting these dishes in the washer.” Her mother nodded her head, eyeing the two quietly before walking out to the front of the house. “Is she okay?”

Micah nodded her head, even though she herself was honestly confused, “She just misses dad I think,” she lied. She had been doing that too much lately. “Why is Addie mad at you?”

John sighed, “Because I won’t marry her.”

“Well, it’s been what?—six years? I guess I can see why she would want to marry you,” Micah said simply, handing John a plate.

He placed it in the washer, closing it as she cleaned off her hands. He leaned against the counter behind him, “I’ve never really wanted to get married—you know that. She’s known that since we started dating.”

“Well, she probably just figured that since you had been together for so long you’d change your mind,” she shrugged, understanding Addie’s position.

“I guess, but I just don’t see the point. I haven’t been with anyone else besides her since we got back together,” he said softly, looking at Micah. “Why doesn’t she just believe that it’s her that I want?”

Micah bit her lip, looking at the floor, shrugging her shoulder. “Do you ever just tell her how much you love her?”

“I-I don’t really know,” John admitted shamefully. “I kind of thought she just knew.”

“Girls need reassurance, JohnO,” Micah chuckled. “Especially Addie—she’s always needed it. You know that. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have a dad.”

“Yeah, but neither did you…” he said gently.

Her smile faded, “No, but I know how to keep myself strong without anyone’s help. I’m not a normal type of girl,” she said with a small, lifeless laugh.

“You can say that again,” John chuckled, bumping her shoulder with his. He stared into her eyes for a moment before blushing, “Come on, let’s go outside.”

Micah blushed as he took her hand in his, falling back into their old ways. When John held her hand it wasn’t in the way most people did, just needing to touch each other. To her, it was his way of reassurance to her—it told her that he was there, and that he cared. It wasn’t about lust or the butterflies she got from his contact, it was about understanding. That’s how it had always been.

The two walked to the front yard where Daniel and Samuel were throwing ‘pop its’ at one another, shrieking as they were hit. Micah laughed before turning to look at her mother who was blankly staring at her fingers that were being cupped by John’s larger hand. She looked at her quickly, before her mother looked away, talking to Priscilla once again.

Why did she keep giving her these disapproving glances?

Micah took a seat on the curb, watching in amusement as John joined their brothers and began lighting off fireworks. They set off Roman Candles, Purple Rain, and even the illegal ones. The parents all ‘oo-ed’ and ‘ah-ed’ on cue, and the boys were just having fun playing chicken and seeing who would stay next to the flame longest.

She watched as fireworks exploded in the sky, smiling at the trickling gold and silver in the sky. She felt a presence sit next to her and she smiled over at Daniel. “He’s a child,” he laughed, watching as John squealed, running from Sam who was chasing him with a sparkler.

Micah laughed as she watched him run, his body lanky, but toned. He was so much older now—so much more mature than just four short years ago. His eyes still had his youth though, they always had. No matter what he was going through, or how tough he may have acted you could still see his innocence in the emerald pools.

Colton’s were just like his.


“Never have I ever…” John laughed before pointing at Micah, “Been pulled over for going seventy in a twenty five zone at three in the morning. And then, flashed the cop to get out of it.”

Micah started laughing before taking a swig of the beer in her hands, “Oh pipe down. I got us out of trouble didn’t I?”

Daniel laughed, “God you’re such a whore!”

She narrowed her eyes at him and he mouthed a ‘sorry’. “Desperate times call for desperate measures,” she replied. “Never have I ever been caught by mom looking at porn.”

Micah laughed as all three of the boys took drinks of the beers they had stolen from inside. “Wait your mom or mine? Because I’ve been caught by both,” John laughed, receiving a punch in the arm.

He smirked, laughing at her again, “Never have I ever burped while making out with someone!”

She felt her cheeks turn a beet red and she covered them with her hands, “Eric told you?!” The boys all started laughing hysterically. “Seven up makes me burp and you assholes dared me to drink the entire eight liter in two minutes! Screw you guys,” she mumbled, crossing her arms. “Never have I ever been caught having sex by my parents.”

John groaned, “Don’t remind me.”

Sam gasped, “Ew really?!”

“You didn’t know? That’s why mom hates Addie,” he laughed.

“I just thought it was because she’s a bitch.”

John rolled his eyes, “Never have I ever sunbathed totally naked and been caught,” he said with a wink.

Micah blushed but laughed when she heard Daniel mumbled to John ‘keep that stuff private, that’s my sister, bro.’ “Never have I ever fallen out of a window drunk,” she laughed.

“That hurt so bad the next day,” John laughed. “OH! I have the winner.”

Micah narrowed her eyes, knowing what was coming next. “Don’t,” she warned, but his eyes grew wider.

“Never have I ever gotten a rash down my both of my legs and ass from having sex in the woods of Flagstaff.”

She listened as the boys starting howling at her expense. She stood up from where she was lying in the grass, “I think that’s enough for tonight, I’ll see you boys soon, yes?”

“Oh come on, Crosby!” John laughed, getting up and following her into the house. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, both of them chuckling at all of the stories they had just shared with their younger brothers. “God, we had some amazing times didn’t we?”

Micah laughed, opening the door to the house, “We did.”

She walked into the living room where the adults were all having sips of wine. Her mother looked at her curiously once again, giving her and John a weak smile. She announced that she would be heading home hugging her mother and John’s parents, loving how many times they told her to come back and visit even when John was gone on tour. It made her feel at home.

She gave her mom one last kiss on her head—ignoring the weird look on her lips. She smiled as John walked her to her car and opened her door for her. She leaned against the open frame and smiled up at him. “Tonight was really nice, John.”

He smiled at her, his familiar green eyes shining from the street lights. “I had an amazing time…it was just like the old days. We should all do something—me, you, Eric and Addie. You know, for shits and giggles.”

Micah laughed softly, “Sounds like a plan, O’Callaghan.”

He placed his lips on the crown of her head before giving her hand a squeeze, “See you later, Crosby.”

Micah nodded her head and got into her car, driving towards Eric’s apartment. She smiled when she walked in and the boys were sitting on the couch watching Disney Channel together. “How’s my baby doing?” She smiled, walking over and placing her son on her lap.

Colton grinned weakly, “Not good, mama, but we were watching the fireworks outside.”

She smiled at Eric, before looking back down at her son, “I brought you a present from grandma’s. Want to see it?”

The boy nodded his head quickly holding out his hands. Micah grabbed a box of sparklers from her purse, ignoring Eric’s groan. She lifted Colton onto her hip and carried him outside as he squealed excitedly about the fireworks. She carefully taught him how to hold it before lighting it for him. She grabbed Eric’s hand and interlaced their fingers, smiling as her son twirled the light around with a laugh on his lips.

“How was tonight?” Eric asked, watching the boy.

Micah smiled, “It was really nice. He apologized—and we’re okay again.”

“JohnO apologizing? I never thought I’d see the day,” he laughed softly. “Colton hasn’t thrown up in a while but he was dozing off before you got home.”

She nodded her head, watching as the little boy danced around with the fire, squealing much like John was earlier. They had the same movements and excitement.

God, they looked so much alike. They had the same sandy brown hair—and those telling eyes. The same soft pink cheeks, and every now and then Colton’s lips would pull into a small smirk that was all too familiar for her.

“We need to tell him, Micah,” Eric stated simply.

She bit her lip and closed her eyes, thinking of the three boys who had meant so much to her for so long now: Eric, her son, and his father.

God, Colton looked so much like John.

She sighed softly, admitting for the first time in years that he was right, “I know.”
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