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P.S. I Hate You

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

“Ever Manning get out of that car right now!” My mother yelled at me. “Brandon, please do something about our daughter. I don’t want Mary to see her like this.”

“Oh mommy doesn’t want the queen to see her daughter act like a total rebel. Well to bad!” I yelled at her. My dad came over to the car door and grabbed me from my waist. He threw me over his shoulder and walked up to the big white door. He then knocked and put me down, putting his hands on my shoulders to keep me from moving.

Only a few days ago my parents sat me down and had a talk with me. A talk about marriage and life and the future. Turns out I won't have a future and I won't live a normal life. I'm forced into an arranged marriage. With the prince of England. Only a few days ago they've told me this and I don't know a thing about the guy and everyone in my family has been sitting around for fifteen years knowing I'd be married to a prince someday. They just hate me don't they?

I looked at the house above me. It was truly grand. I would’ve never guessed there were houses like this in Alabama.

“Oh Bethany! So nice to see you. It has been way to long,” Said a woman at the door with blonde hair. She was wearing a cute light blue business dress.

“Mary, I haven’t seen you since your wedding and 5 years later spring break.” My mom hugged the woman.

“Oh do come in,” Mary said stepping to the side, “Don’t worry Ever, one of the butlers are going to get the rest of your bags.”

I stepped inside with my parents and looked at awe at the inside of the house. The inside was even better than the out. Above the couch we were sitting on was a beautiful crystal chandelier. Across from the huge foray was a long stair case and beside that was a greatly decorated dinning table.

I heard a gasp by the stairs, “Ever!” I heard their English accent. I turned to the voice and saw a small brunette girl descending the stairs. She had blue eyes and a white daisy in her hair to match her pink summer dress.

“I’m so glad to finally meet you! I’m Meghan.” The girl named Meghan said coming up to me giving me a genuine smile.

“Um hi Meghan, I’m…” I stopped remembering that she already knew my name.

“Meg, why don’t you show Ever around the house. We wouldn’t want her getting lost or going to the wrong place when she wants to go to the spa,” Her mother, Mary Jones, said.

“Mum that was only one time. Plus Madeline had it coming. But anyway, come with me Ever,” Meghan said putting her hand out for me to grab onto.

I gladly took her hand and let go as I stood up and followed her into a walk way to the biggest kitchen I've seen in my life.

“Forward is the kitchen, to the left is the maid and butler rooms.” We walked in the kitchen.

“Whoa wait you have a butler, and maids?” I said surprised. Well its not really a surprise, it’s a big house, they’re royal for Pete’s sake! “Does that mean you guys have a chief?”

“Yes, on normal days we have two. And on dinners and parties we have about ten.”

Yes, I thought, now I don’t have to make my own food. I wish my parents thought of having a butler.

“Out in the back is the way to the garden,” Meghan and I turned left, to the maids quarters and went out to the back.

There was a maze of flowers and bushes. I opened my mouth in awe as I stared at my favorite flowers, Lilies and Daises. “We were told to plant your favorite flowers.” Meghan picked on of the Daises and put it in my hair, behind my bangs.

“I thought of the idea,” She smiled and walked ahead of me. “A few walks down is the pool and in that big shed thing is the spa.”

She lead me to the stairs up to a balcony. Meghan opened the door and walked in. “This is the arcade and that door through there is a small theater.” We walked out of the arcade. I looked down the railing to the right and saw the space where my mom, dad, and Mary where sitting. “Up ahead is my parents room, to the left of their room is the study.”

Meghan opened the door left from the arcade, “This is my room.”

I looked inside and saw everything was yellow and pink. It was either pink or yellow or covered in sparkles. On the dresser sat loads of tiaras. Probably 15 or so.

We walked forward a few steps and came to a door, “Now this is my brothers room.” I heard talking and loud music coming from it, “Also know as your room too. I have to warn you now. My brother is much of a…” Meghan seemed to be looking for a word, “is a dick. And just about everyone hates him.”

Meghan opened the door to reveal three guys. All extremely hot. One of them stood up from the couch in the far left corner, “’Ello I’m Terrance Jackson. You must be Ever?” He put out his hand for me to shake. I immediately heard his accent and mentally swooned.

“Yeah, of course. Its um nice to meet you Terrance.” Terrance had gorgeous ice blue eyes and snow blonde hair. I quickly admired him, but knew I was marrying this so called James character.

One of the boys pushed Terrance out of that way and took my hand before he had the chance to shake it. “I’m Gavin Henderson. Pleasure to meet you Ever.” He kissed the top of my hand. No accent, but still incredibly cute. Gavin had the typical average teenage boy side sweep hair that he managed to pull off.

I blushed. “And that’s your fiancé. James Jones…” Meghan whispered in my ear pointing to the shirtless boy sitting on a chair. This boy was incredibly cute. His hair was brown with a tint of red. His eyes a light shade of brown. And his abs were beyond amazing.

“Um hi James?” I said, shyly waving.

He scoffed and muttered a small hi.

“James. Mother agreed to be nice. Now put on a shirt and shake Evers hand.” Meghan told him pointing to me.

James walked pass me and smiled. He walked out the room and down the hall.

Terrance sighed, “Dear Ever would you accompany us to the arcade room?” He took my hand and I felt a deep blush grow on my cheeks.

I shook my head up and down and shyly smiled.

I walked out with the two boys when I heard Meghan say, “Gosh darnet. I have to go get ready for dinner tonight. I’ll see you later Ever. And Gavin,” She paused when the brown haired boy turned, “keep an eye on James.”

Gavin shook his head and lead me and Terrance to the back room arcade.

Once we entered the room Gavin went and sat next to James, then started playing the wii with him.

Terrance sat on the couch and I sat right next to him, watching the two boys play a game on a bean bag chair.

“You should go and formally introduce yourself to James. He doesn’t bite… hard.” He winked and pushed me up towards James.

I thought it was kind of strange but did it anyway.

I sighed, bent down, and took the remote away from James.

“Bloody hell! You made me die!” James yelled at me and pointed to the game he and Gavin were playing. Which appeared to be Super Mario Brothers.

“Oh hush its not the end of the world. I want a proper hi and not a muttered sarcastic one. So, hi I’m Ever, your forced fiancée.” I said, my hands on my hips.

James stood up. I observed that he was taller and bulkier than me. He looked down at me and said, “Hi I’m James. And you're Ever. The person who ruined my life. Now may I have the remote back?”

I looked at him not fazed at all by what he thought I would probably run and cry from. “No.” I threw the remote to Terrance who caught it and put it in his pants. I smiled to him and he smiled back.

“You ungrateful little bitch!” He screamed at me.

I smiled, “Thank you. You snobby dick face who needs to get a life of his own and stop making everyone else’s a living hell. By everyone I mean me. If you weren’t smart enough to figure that out yourself.” He scoffed.

I smiled at him and turned my back to him, on my way to OUR room. Ew, our room sounds so wrong, he’s sleeping on the couch.

From the corner of my eye and the small mirror located by the right side of the door I saw him give me the bird.

“I love you too, honey,” I said flipping the bird also. Sarcasm is truly the best weapon.

I could already tell, this is a start of a beautiful relationship.