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P.S. I Hate You

Peer Pressure

“Miss Meghan, Ever has nothing to wear,” Kim said coming out the closet and then going into James’ closet to pick him out something to wear.

“Well then you must wear something of mine,” Meghan said to me then took me by the hand. We quickly walked out the room and into Meghan’s room. Meghan let go of my hand and went into her closet. I slowly followed behind and opened my mouth once I saw the size of the closet.

It was James and my closet put together! There were dresses and skirts and shirts and pants. Anything you could come up with. And it was all so neat. It was color coded.

“Whoa…” I muttered and touched a silk Japanese styled dress.

“Oh this?” Meghan scoffed referring to her clothes, “This is nothing, you should see all I have in England.” I rolled my eyes and continued to look through the clothes. Finally Meghan came beside me and held out a black floral dress, “Not what I was picturing, I left my cotton one in Malan for fashion week.”

My eyes became wide, ‘Malan?’ I mouthed under my breath. I touched the soft dress. It was perfect.

“No time to waste! Go and change then pick out some shoes.” Meghan hurried me and pushed my in her closet to get ready. I quickly put on the dress and picked out some nice heals.

I came out the closet and Meghan came to me with a hair brush, a necklace, and a ring. She put the necklace and ring on me while I lightly brushed my hair and the curls become loose and soft.

I was still brushing my hair when Kim and James came in Meghan’s room.

“Ever, you actually look nice for once in your life,” James said and smiled at me.

“I couldn’t say the same for you.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“We should get going, they are getting a bit antsy.” Kim said and walked out the room without looking at anyone but me.

“Kimberly is right. I’ll go down first. Good luck!” Meghan gave us each a thumbs up and left her room, down stairs, and into the backyard into the garden.

I walked to the window and looked out it. I saw about a hundred reporters taking pictures of Meghan, writing things on note pads, talking into recorders.

James came behind me, “Wow, looks like your screwed.”

He turned and walked towards the door.

“If I’m screwed your screwed. We all know you want to be king of England or whatever. So, gonna help me so I won't screw it up for both of us?” I asked, kindly.

“You wouldn’t dare mess everything up just so you could go back to your perfect little life.” He came closer.

I put my hands on my hips and squinted my eyes, “Try me.”

He sighed, “Fine. If they ask you a question you don’t know about just make up any random lie you can think of and I’ll go along with it. Just make sure you tell the same lies over and over.” James turned around and went downstairs.

I took another look outside the window and sighed. I slowly went downstairs and in the kitchen. James was by the microwave fixing his hair.

“Really? You couldn’t just use a spoon or something?” I asked and rolled my eyes.

He took a spoon out his back pocket. I rolled my eyes, he is so conceded.

James walked up to me by the door that lead to the garden. I sighed and fixed my dress.

“Ever?” He asked and looked at me. I though he was going to say something nice like do good or break a leg. But he said, “If you screw up in anyway, you're sleeping in the tub for a week.”

I rolled my eyes and opened the door. James quickly followed behind and took my hand. Just for show. I reminded myself over and over again. We only have to do this to make everyone think we’re in love.

I plastered a fake smile on my face as we turned the corner and millions of reporters came charging our way, taking pictures and asking questions.

Soon there was a man in a tux beside me, “Miss Ever and Sir Prince James will take your questions one at a time, please take your seats.” He said loudly enough for everyone to hear.

“Thanks Rob,” James said and the butler turned and gave us a big smile with a thumbs up. Rob’s face completely changed from serious and sophisticated to happy and carefree.

James and I sat at a white table in front of all the reporters. On the table were two waters.

James clapped and loudly said, “Let the questions begin!” He put his arm over my shoulders. As much as I really wanted to barf and squirm, I cuddled into him.

“So, Miss Ever, its all bugging us, how old are you?” One reporter in the front said and held out a recorder closer to us.

I didn’t know whether or not to say the truth or to bump up my age, I just went with the truth. I’m not much of a liar, “Fifteen,” I said.

Meghan came from beside me and said, “Love has to age limit!” She smiled at the crowd and took a seat from behind us. I gave her the puppy eyes and she gave me a wink. It was helpless, I’m totally screwed.

“How long have you two been together?” Another asks in the back.

James answers this time, “A year and a half.” We both smile. But really deep down inside I want to barf. I think if James and I were at this rate and known each other for a year and a half, he’d be dead already.

“Isn’t that adorable.” A reporter says and goes on with another question, “What I’m dying to know is how you two met. Would you mind telling to story to us Miss Ever?” They ask.

Great, not only do I have to answer but I have to lie. And it has to be a really good, long, believable one too.

I cleared my throat and started. “Well, um, we were at a beach, in Miami on a windy day and my towel blew away.” I spoke slowly and uncertain. I was actually coping part of this from a movie I saw.

“Then I come out of my car and find a towel laying by my feet. I walked with the towel draped over my shoulder and Ever comes rushing towards me.” James continued.

I sighed, I’m totally going to regret what I say. “Then when I see James all I could think was, ‘wow a really hot guy found my towel’ and ‘I hope my towel isn’t ruined.’” Everyone let out a slight laugh, good, at lease they thought I was funny.

“Then when she finally reached me she said, ‘thanks for stealing my towel loser’. She snatched the towel from me and ruined my perfect hair. I thought she was just some rude tramp from Miami.” How I really wanted to slap him for saying that.

“But despite what he thought, he asked me out. Then when he finally brought me home that day he thought I was adorable, sweet, kind, and beautiful. Anything but a rude tramp. Ever since then we were inseparable.” I smiled. That would defiantly put James in his place.

The press cooed and awed in amazement. “Miss Ever, what did you do when you found James was a prince?”

“Well, I threw a blow dryer at him of course. But no worries, no damage at all.” Everyone laughed again. I think I hit them, now of course they think I’m charming.

“All forgiven,” James said, “she was a bit angry that day.”

“Can you two give a little kiss for the papers?” A reporter asks.

“Sorry, we don’t do public displays of affection.” James answered. Thank the Lord...

“Oh but it’s just one little peck for the paper. Nothing more.” I instantly hated the reporter and I wish she would disappear.

“Oh if you wish,” James muttered.

I turned to Meghan behind me. She held out her hand to encourage me. I’m lucky if I don’t puke right in the kiss.

James leaned in and put his hands on my waist. My heart beat faster and I felt butterflies form in my stomach. As much as my mind told me I hated him and I wish this kiss is never going to happen. My heart was saying, its all okay, I wish this kiss would last longer than just a peck.

I leaned in the rest of the way and our lips met. Even though I should hate him. Even though I should be thinking about barfing. Even though I shouldn’t be here in this situation and be at home hanging out with Amber. I kind of want to kiss him, I kind of wish we could do this longer, I kind of like it.