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P.S. I Hate You

Driven Crazy

I held my breath as I went through the door that led to the kitchen. I followed James through the kitchen, up stairs, and into our room. I finally let out the air in my lungs. James groaned and threw himself on the bed. I sighed and walked over to the window. I stared out and sat on my nightstand. I took in a breath, finally they were leaving.

“So, you think I’m hot?” James winked at me once I sat on the bed.

“So you think I’m a tramp?” I answered him with a question of my own.

“I’m only speaking the truth.”

“So, if I said that I think you have a small dick, would you be mad at me?” I asked him. He shook his head, yes. “Then I guess were both speaking the truth.”

“You’re a bitch.” He got up and took off his shirt, throwing it down on the floor. Then he stretched and I could see his muscles moving. I don’t know what was coming over me but I just wanted to hug him and never let go. Goodness, what was I talking about, I’ve known the guy for barely a week and I’m talking in lyrics?

“And you’re a dick,” I replied and stood from the bed. “Why don’t you ever wear a shirt?” I asked as I went toward my closet and picked out an outfit for the day.

“Is it making you feel uncomfortable?” He asked, while rubbing his buff chest.

I shook my head up and down, “Good. Also you like my abs.” He winked at me from the bed when I walked out my closet.

I made a face, as if I was disgusted. I decided to tell the truth, “Just because I like your abs doesn’t mean you have to strut around the house without a shirt.”

He sat up straight, “Ha!” He yelled and pointed a finger at me. “So you think I’m sexy and I have nice abs.”

“I never said you were sexy,” I mumbled, making my way to the bathroom.

“Its okay Ever, I think you're hot. Plus you have some nice tits.” My eyes widened and I instantly put my hands to my chest, trying to cover myself.

This boy was going to drive me crazy. Not before I drive him crazy first.


I threw my clothes in the hamper and exited the bathroom. The cold air hit my body. I shivered and walked pass James. He looked me up and down and winked.

I rolled my eyes. I was wearing ripped jean short shorts with a rainbow cheetah tank top. I grabbed my cell phone off the night stand. While I passed James I smacked him on the head.

“Stupid whore,” He grumbled and started to flip through the channels. I walked pass Meghan’s room and down into the game room.

I sat down on one of the couches. I took my phone out of my pocket and checked it. Four missed calls and three text messages.

1. From: Ambahh!
Bitch, answer your damn phone.

2. From: Ambahh!
I swear if you don’t answer your phone I’m coming to Ala-fucking-bama and kicking your ass to next Friday!

3. From: Mommahh:/
Honey, call me ASAP. I need to tell you some important, good, and bad news. (:

I rolled my eyes. I looked at the missed calls. One from my mom, two from Amber, and another from Mary. I sighed and decided to call Amber first.

“Its not possible to kick someone’s ass all the way to next Friday,” I mumbled when Amber answered her phone.

“When your Amber Clarice Vinning it is. Why didn’t you answer your phone?” She urged me.

“Well, there was reporters outside and then we had to go in the backyard for a few interview questions. Then James and I kissed.” I muttered the last part.

“Whoa, wait a minute. Back up and rewind. You and James kissed?”

“It was only for the papers. It wasn’t even a big deal.”

“Um, no big deal!” She screamed in my ear. “Ever, the first kiss means everything. It tells how your going to live your life with that person for the rest of your years to come.” I shuttered just thinking about it. “So how was it? Dog, sexy, mysterious, sweet? Give me details!” She yelled again.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “It was a mixture between sexy, mysterious, and sweet.” She cooed while I heard the covers on the other end being moved. I rolled my eyes once more and asked, “So why did you call me?”

“Oh, right! Your momma came to my house and said that I have to go there this weekend for some big ball thing that your having. I still don’t know what to wear, not to mention that I don’t even know what this whole thing is about.”

My eyes got wide, “Yeah, I don’t know what she’s talking about either. Don’t worry about the dress, I have it covered. I’m going to call my mom and ask her what this is all about.” I told Amber.

I heard the phone move. I knew she was nodding. She does it all the time when she’s on the phone. I gave a loud sigh and yelled yes. Satisfied I said my goodbye, hung up, and dialed my mothers phone number.

“Hello Hun! How are you doing, I heard the good news.” My mother sounded excited.

“What good news?” I asked her.

“Well you and James got a good rating on your couple status and everyone loves you so far.”

“Was that the good news or the bad?” I wondered.

“The good,” my mother replied.

“Yeah okay. I talked to Amber, what is the deal with this ball?” I asked.

“That’s the important news. Since you and James exposed yourselves to the public you need to officially come out. Its called a coming out ball. Mary will explain it to you further. All I really know is that the people who have an importance to England are coming. Also James’ closest friends and yours.”

“Gee, sounds like fun,” I muttered and put my legs across the couch.

“Yes, it does,” My mother never got the concept of sarcasm, “You should call Mary for the details.” My mother and I said our goodbyes and I dialed Mary.

“Hello Ever. How are you doing?” Mary asked into the phone.

“I’m okay. So, what’s up with this ball thing?” I asked her.

“Its called a coming out ball. At the ball you will be introduced to England as Princess Ever Jacquelyn Manning. As every ball, there will be dancing and lots of people. I have told your mother to invite your friend. It is important to have your closest friends by your side while you reign. It is also important that England knows who those friends are.” Mary told me.

“Okay, anything else I need to know?” I asked.

“Well, you and James have to actually act like a couple now. Now that everyone knows you two have to date, its mandatory for them to think you two love each other. I know its hard Ever, but it’ll get easier. You just have to trust me. Make them believe that you two are in love, if they find a slightest flaw, they will butcher you.” Mary told me.

I sighed into the phone. “Thanks for the advice,” I thanked her.

“You're welcome sweetheart. I’ll be home tomorrow to help you and your friend pick out some nice gowns.” With that she hung up the phone.

I dropped my phone on the couch and rested my head on the arm of the couch and let out a big groan. Not only do I have to hate James, I have to love him. But do I really have to hate him that much?
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