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P.S. I Hate You

The Ball

I skipped around the house about several times. I watched the chefs prepare. I watched men bring clothes in for Amber, Meghan, and I to wear. I watch James watch television. I watched Meghan try on makeup styles. I watched Kim clean my bathroom.

I’m bored and couldn’t wait for Amber to come. I was getting restless, I couldn’t keep still for more than a minute. I hadn’t seen my best friend for about two weeks, and she decides to be late.

I walked in my room for about the fifth time. “What the hell do you want?” James yelled at me.

Last time I came in here he told me to rub his aching stomach. For a while I rubbed his stomach then I started playing with his hair. Eventually his hair was a ball of mess and separated into three braids. I could tell he was already getting angry with me.

“Gee sorry, I need to entertain myself before I die.” I sat on the edge of the bed where James’ feet were dangling off the edge.

“Then why don’t you just go die?” He asked me.

“You’d miss me to much.”

“I’d miss your boobs to much,” He replied and gave me another wink. I chuckled and looked around the room. There was nothing to do. I had to wait till Terrance and Gavin were here or I had to wait till Amber showed up. I gave a big sigh, to show James I was bored.

I decided to entertain myself with annoying James. “James, you should get a hair cut.” I bend over and petted his soft dark brown hair. I honestly didn’t want him to ever cut his hair. It was the perfect length and the perfect shagginess.

“You ever come close to my head with a pair of scissors you're dead,” he told me, then shook his head to get my hand off his head.

“You need a nickname. I don’t like the name James.” I told him.

“I don’t like the name Ever, but I have to call you that, don’t I?” He asked.

“Yeah, but I‘m going to call you Jamie,” I continued to pet his hair. He actually let me this time.

“If you call me Jamie I’m calling you Jacquelyn.” He answered me.

“If you call me Jacquelyn then I’m calling you Lovett.” He responded with a growl.

“Fine we each use or horrible middle names.” I agreed with him.

Within a few minutes of James and me calling each other by our middle names, Kim came into the room. “Didn’t I tell you to knock?” He asked rudely.

“Do be rude. Its okay Kimmy. What’s going on?” I asked her.

“All of the guests have arrived.” Kim muttered and looked down and her ratted shoes. I squealed and jumped off the bed. I took James and Kim by the hand.

“I want you guys to meet Amber.” I told them as we rushed down stairs. I heard Kim and James groan in unison. We finally reached to the bottom of the stairs and I saw Amber standing by the door with her bags in her hands and looking up at the ceiling in awe. “Amber!” I yelled and ran up to her.

Amber dropped down her bags and picked me up as I rushed into her arms. I held tight onto her neck to make sure I wouldn’t fall. “Ever, Hun. I’ve missed you.” We pulled apart, then without looking at each other embraced each other again. Amber pulled away from me but kept her hands at my waist and looked at me. “About the kicking your ass to next Friday, sorry I said that. How about kicking your ass till the next time we see each other.”

I gave her a smile then took her by the hand. “This is Kim.” I said, pointing to the mousey brown haired girl looking at her shoes. “She’s shy,” I whispered to Amber, but loud enough so Kim could hear. Amber nodded and smiled at Kim, she gave a half one back.

“This is James,” I pointed to him. My fiancé, it sounded weird just thinking about it.

“Ahh so this is the douche bag who’s been mean to my best friend?” Amber asked and looked him up and down.

“Pleasure to meet you too.”

“Just because your hot doesn’t mean I won't kick your butt.” She said to him and turned to me. Her eyes became wide. “And who are these boys whom you did not introduce me to?” She asked me.

I turned and saw Gavin and Terrance standing in front the door. I walked over to Terrance and gave him a hug. “This is Terrance and Gavin,” I pointed to them each.

“Aloha, I’m Amber.”

“Aloha,” Gavin answered and looked Amber up and down. I rolled my eyes at the two. Amber winked at him and turned back over to me.

Amber and I made our way up the stairs and into Meghan’s room. “Oh my God, it’s so pink… and yellow,” Amber whispered into my ear and dropped her bag onto the perfect white carpet.

“Don’t forget the sparkles.” Meghan kindly smiled at Amber and put her hand in front her, “Nice to meet you, I’m Meghan.” Amber smiled back and shook her hand. “Well ladies, we should start getting ready. The ball is in three hours.” Meghan took each of us by the hand and out of her room. She took us to the arcade and into the theater which was turned into a dressing room.

Meghan let go of our hands while we looked around the room in awe. All the dresses were color coded. There was a side of pink, yellow, blue, purple, black, white, and green. In the middle of the room was a pool of shoes arranged in the same way. Then in the back of the room were many accessories.

Meghan rushed over to the rack with pink dresses. Then, from behind the black dresses my mother and Mary suddenly came out. I looked around in confusion wondering where they came from.

“Am I supposed to curtsy or bow or something when the queen is present?” Amber whispered to me.

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know. I usually don’t. Am I going to be beheaded or something?” I asked her.

“I’m going to behead England if they behead you,” Amber muttered back.

Mary and my mom were now in front of us. Mary clapped her hands together once. “You must be Amber. I’m Mary.” Mary held out her hand which Amber gladly took and shook once. Mary clapped her hands together again, “Well, we must get started. There’s no time to waste.”

Mary turned on her heel and walked toward the black dresses again. Amber made herself at home and skipped over to the purple. I looked at my mom, “You hung up before you could tell me the bad news. So what is it? Did you decide to kill me so I don’t have to marry James?” I asked.

“Now this isn’t the time to tell you any bad news, Ever. After the ball, I promise. For now just enjoy yourself and get ready.” My mother turned around and made her way toward the white dresses. I sighed and decided to go for the blue.

After I finally decided my pick I showed it to Meghan and Amber. I had a aqua blue dress, which had a nice beaded design on the bust. Meghan had a pink folded over dress with a jeweled belt on the waist. Finally, Amber picked out a purple dress with ruffles on the bottom and a bow on the right side.

We all changed into our dresses and yet with an hour to go. We each one by one got our hair and makeup done. Meghan and I each had to wear a tiara. Atop my curled hair I wore a small tiara, and Meghan, above her wavy hair wore a medium sized one.

Finally it was time to make our arrival. Amber went with my mother. Amber was announced as Amber Clarice Vinning, my assistant, I would say. Or something like that, as Meghan explained it to me. Next there was Mary and Henry, of course the king and queen. Meghan soon followed behind. Then was Gavin and Terrance. I guess that left James and I.

I took a deep breath and waited patiently for James. Finally James came beside me. He started looking at himself in the doorknob. I rolled my eyes.

“You're dim,” I muttered and took James by the hand. James linked his arm into mine.

“Not as much as you,” He muttered back to me, fixing the last touch on his hair and looking straight forward.

The two men in tuxedos opened the door on each side of us. “Princess Ever Jacquelyn Manning and Prince James Lovett Jones.” One said loudly into a microphone. Everyone below us bowed and curtsied. James and I smiled down at the crowd and descended the stairs.

James and I were still attached together when we reached the bottom of the stair case. Everyone was now standing, talking, and laughing. One after another, people came up to us and talked and curtsied. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say. All I knew, I was not ready for this.