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P.S. I Hate You

Talking To James

Like I said, its my party and I’ll cry if I want to. I don’t think its time to boogie on down anytime soon though. So far the nights been a drag. No one told me I had to wear a dress. I thought it was going to be a normal high school party with friends and such. Sadly I never have anything my way. All because I’m going to become queen of England soon, the press just had to come.

Of course the whole school came and a bunch of my friends from my old school. Then here I was, the only one wearing a semi formal dress. Well, at lease it was cute. I looked at Amber next to me at the bar. Of course she was allowed to wear something nicer. A tight mini skirt and a white crop top with a large pink flower on it.

How could she be able to wear a nice comfortable outfit while I have to wear a dress? I sighed and rolled my eyes before I starting looking around the room again. It was like how it was at the ball. But instead of everything being bright and white, it was blue and purple.

As I was looking around the room I caught sight of Terrance and James staring at me. It was like they didn’t even know what was going on opposite of each other. I sighed again and prompted my elbow on the island of the bar.

“Amber, I don’t think your advice helped much…” I muttered.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Amber roll her eyes, “You're just chicken shit. You're too nervous to talk to Terrance and James so your going to procrastinate and then when its finally time its going to be worse. So you know what? You should just go and talk to them right now.”

I rapidly shook my head, “No! Absolutely not.”

“To late, I already made my decision.” She told me and grabbed me by the wrist. I made her pull all my weight so it was harder for her to drag me across the room.

“Its not your decision to make, Amber! Please, not on my birthday.” I pleaded with a little pout that I knew she couldn’t see.

“What more better than to make everything better on your birthday, Ever?” She glanced back at me and then stopped pulling me along once we were about five feet way from the two boys. “Just remember, at the end of the evening everything is going to be back to normal. Everything is going to be fine honey.”

As much as I wanted to believe her words I knew they were all lies. Nothing will ever be the same as it was. The same to me would be if I was back in my home town with my best friend by my side. With a normal life without a fiancé at the age of sixteen. Without two boys chasing after me and the press on my tail every second of the day. A normal life would be with my dad living till I have grandchildren. But hey, no one ever gets what they want in life, right?

I shook my head and then Amber lead me towards Terrance, Gavin, and James.

“Hello boys. How are you today?” She asked them all but keeping her eye on Gavin.

“Fine,” Terrance faked a smile and then with his beautiful British accent asked, “And how about you ladies?”

“Dandy like a Dandelion. Anyway Ever here has to talk to you two,” Amber said pointing to Terrance and James.

James smirked and said, “Well what a coincidence, I wanted to talk to her too.”

“Well what about me? Who’s going to talk to me?” Gavin whined and put on a pout face.

“No ones going to talk to you because no one likes you,” Amber replied back.

“Wrong, you like me. In fact you love me.” Gavin winked at Amber.

I saw Amber blush before James took me away. He lead me up stairs and into the arcade room. Out the balcony where we stayed and took a seat on the wood bench with a white couch cover thing.

“So Ever, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” James asked me. I didn’t answer though, I just looked down at the ground and didn’t say a word. James spoke anyway, “Perhaps its because you think you made a big mistake saying everything you said. Or possibly you finally realized your undying love to me and that you’re a bitch. I accept your apology, but I’m sorry Ever dear, but I don’t have any sort of undying love for you.”

I rolled my eyes and looked at him. “You know what James you’re a cocky dick. First of all I absolutely do not and never will have undying love for you. In fact I despise you. Secondly I did realize I made a big mistake. But since you're being a douche about everything I guess you won't get that apology.”

“No, no!” James said louder putting his hands up, “Please explain. I would love to hear about why you were suddenly a bitch.” I don’t know why, but the more I talked to him the more I swooned over his perfect English accent. I wanted him to talk forever and never stop. Gawd I sound horrible. And yet, I don’t know why. I barely know this guy. I’m pretty sure its illegal for a legal person to marry a minor these days.

“Oh you think I should explain?” I asked, “You’re the one who should be explaining.”

“Explaining about what? Because I sure in the bloody hell would love to know about everything. I want all of this cleared up by tonight. Or my mum is going to yell at me.” James looked down at the ground for a minute before looking back up at me.

I slightly laughed. Wow, he was scared of his mom. But hey, who wouldn’t be? That woman is vicious.

“Why didn’t you come when I found out about my dad…?” I muttered and didn’t look up. “Everyone followed me. Even the ‘so-called heartless Gavin’.”

James hesitated as if he didn’t even know the answer to a question that was about him and his feelings. “I-I thought you needed time alone. Time without me. You were with me all through the night and we both know that we dislike each other. So why not give you time to vent to some friends instead of an enemy.

“Trust me, I wanted to come up there with you guys as much as the reporters wanted to. But I just couldn’t. And I’m sorry. I knew you needed a shoulder to cry on. Even if I’m not considered to be your friend. It is at lease the right thing to do. The best thing to do.” Wow, I thought, he does have a heart after all. “And I’m generally sorry for it all. What I want to know is what happened that day you went off on me? The day after the ball and when we were in the kitchen.”

I looked down again at the ground. “Yeah, sorry about that. It was just all over whelming for me. How I just found out that my dad has… has brain cancer,” It was still hard for me to say. I had to say it quickly before I started breaking out in tears. “How something was going on between Terrance and me. I basically didn’t have my old life I had. The old life I wanted.

“Mostly I was confused that you were being so nice to me. Somehow I just thought that we were basically programmed to hate each other. I didn’t like that we were slowly becoming friends. Because lets face it, we both ruined each others lives. Now we both have to get rid of our dreams of falling in love own our own and having a family without our parents making a decision for us once again.”

I kept my head down. I never really realized it till now. James knew that he had to have an arranged marriage to someone. Yet, I didn’t know. It was all my fault that I was acting like such a bitch. Goodness, I’m selfish.

James just started laughing. Laughing! He was laughing! Erg… “Ha- you thought that we had to hate each other? I thought that we had to get along. Somehow I guess I had that same thoughts as you. I knew we had to be on the friendly side somewhat in front our parents. But as soon as they were out the room I felt like I had to be the rudest guy on the planet. What can I say, you are the girl that ruined my life.” He said with a smile when I looked up at him.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “And you’re the dick who ruined mine.”

“So what do you say, eh?” James asked. I shrugged my shoulders and did a half smile. “Well here’s a proposition. Its like were friends. But not entirely. Like the old way we were when we first met. I’m a cocky arrogant bloke and you’re a whiny sarcastic blint.”

I laughed and shook my head again, “Yeah that would work. If I knew what ‘bloke’ and ‘blint’ was.” I said using my best English accent for the two words.

James just laughed and said, “Good, I wouldn’t tell you then. So is it a deal, Jacquelyn?” He asked.

“It was a deal before you even thought about it, Lovett.” I said with a smile. James muttered something rude under his breath before saying another British word I didn’t know. Something along the lines of ‘Blimey’ or maybe it was ‘Blimpy’. I don’t know. The British and their words of wisdom.

I turned around and saw Terrance in the door way looking at us behind the glass door. I slightly smiled and waved. He barely lifted his hand from his side and did a half wave.

“Well I guess its time for you two to talk.” James muttered and stood up. “Oh, and Ever,” He said as he turned around again.

“Hmm?” I said.

“P.S… I hate you.” Then just like old times I gave him the bird. But this time I took a deep breath. Now I have to face the big talk. Terrance…
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Maybe your wondering what those British words are in the story. Well, I guess I have to tell you.
Bloke: Man, fellow
Blimey: An exclamation of surprise
Blint: Bitch

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