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Roses Are Red

“Excuse me, Ever, are you ready?” The door opened and reviled Rob. I smiled at him and nodded my head. I followed him out the door and down stairs to the car. Rob is around twenty years old. I don’t really see much of him, even though I circle around the house about four times a day when I’m bored.

I climbed into the car and Rob closed the door behind him, making his way to the drivers seat. I turned to James who was to my left. “So what kind of questions are we going to be asked this time?” I asked him.

He just shrugged and looked out the window as Rob took us off to our destination. I rolled my eyes and slumped in my seat. Careful not to ruin my dress.

But I know one things for sure. I hope I do not have to kiss James again.


I’ve gone through about fifty questions, two pitchers of water, fifteen kisses with James, and twenty people have asked me the same question, “What do you and Prince James do in your spare time?” Gee I don’t know, have wild sex. How’s that answer for you?

I sighed and slumped in my seat and took another sip from my water. I glanced at James. He was staring at some girl in the crowd. I rolled my eyes and looked up at the sky. Great, it was getting a horrible gray color. Just the perfect time to rain.

I looked back at James, hoping he would look back at me so I could tell him we should go. When he didn’t look at me for about a minute I kicked him under the table. James sharply turned his head toward me.

Since people could hear us and were watching us intently I clenched my teeth tightly and smiled. “Honey, I’m awfully tired. We should get going.” I said as sweetly as I could without wanting to light him on fire.

“But sweetheart, they still have a bit more questions to ask us. I’m sure you can wait an hour extra.” He smirked back at me.

I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to make sure I didn’t flip out in front of everyone. I went closer to him and whispered in his ear, “Wipe that fucking smirk off your face before I beat you with a stick,” By now everyone was taking pictures of the ‘happy couple’ sharing a few secrets. Even though I said that James still had the same smirk on his face, to make people believe that he was happy with whatever I was saying.

“Its about to rain and you're talking about an hour. If my hair gets wet, I swear you're sleeping on the floor in the hotel tonight.” I smiled and leaned back. James still had that stupid little smirk on his face and moved his finger, telling me to come forward.

I leaned forward, then James put his mouth near my ear, with his hand on my neck. He was pulling a bit of my hair. “I don’t care if its going to rain, you could soak in the rain for all I bloody care.”

He released and leaned back in his chair. ‘You're going to get it.’ I mouthed to him.

‘Bring it,’ he mouthed back. I raised my eyebrows and stood up. “Sorry for the inconvenience ladies and gentlemen. My apologies, but we have to get going. Prince James has a terrible stomach ache. It looks like he might poop himself. Anyway, have a safe drive home. It looks like it might rain soon.”

Everyone yelled a bye and started to take pictures and take notes. I grabbed James’ hand and lead him to the parking lot where Rob was waiting. While we were walking I took my phone out my bra. I checked the time. Great, almost eleven. I rolled my eyes and pushed James in the car.

“To the hotel please Robbie!” I yelled to Rob in the front.

“You’ve got it, Dear!” He yelled back, and then took off. I smiled and turned to James.

“What the fuck! Do you know what would happen if the word gets out about what you just said?” James yelled at me.

“Cool your tits, bro.” I told him, taking off my heels and placing them on the floor. “Everyone takes a crap now and then. Its what all the cool kids are doing these days.”

“I’m not a bloody cool kid! I’m a prince God damn it! I want to be respected by my country. And all you do is ruin it for me. I can't wait till we get at the hotel and I can get away from your ass.” He yelled at me.

“Goodness…” I muttered and turned the other way, my back to James. I looked out the window. Great, it was already starting to rain. Only a few minutes till we get to the hotel. Then just like magic, we were in front of the five star hotel we were staying the night at.

James hurried and got out, running into the hotel. I rolled my eyes and slowly got out the car. A few raindrops got on me as I made my way into the hotel. I stood outside and under the roof so I could only see and hear the light pitter patter of the rain. I didn’t really want to go make buddy buddy with James. It was only a joke dude.

I watched at the rain began to pick up faster. I tapped my foot on the ground and turned to see James arguing with the person at the desk. I couldn’t take this. I’m cold and damp, I want to go to sleep.

I stomped in the hotel and stood next to James. “What’s the problem here?” I asked.

“Apparently Meghan didn’t book our stay so we can't go up to our room.” James complained.

“Bull shit, I’m sure you have an extra room. Preferably one with two beds…” I muttered the last part. James lightly hit me on the thigh. I didn’t care about reputation at this point. I just wanted to go to bed.

“Sorry, all our two beds are full right now. How about a one bed?” He asked us?

I glanced at James. “Erm, that’s fine, I guess.”

“Sorry we don’t have any available.” He told us.

“What the bloody hell! You just told us there were one bed rooms available.” James yelled at the man.

“You have to book up to a day in advance. This is a five star hotel, not the Hampton’s.”

“At lease the Hampton’s would have better service then this shit town…” James said under his breath.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, “Come on James. Lets go find another hotel to stay the night at.”

“Fine. This is bull shit anyway.”

“I don’t appreciate your choice of words, sir,” The receptionist said to James.

“And I don’t appreciate your face! God damn wanker.”

I lead James out the hotel and into the valet where Rob was waiting. It was now pouring rain. I wasn’t even outside for a minute and my hair is already soaking. “What in the name of cheese is a wanker?” I asked James as he climbed in the car.

“Oh you know. Wanker. Like a jack off.” He explained when I went in the car.

“Yeah, that explains it.” I muttered, “Rob take us to the nearest hotel please.”

“Will do, miss.” Rob replied.

Rob started off. Then within a matter of minutes we were in front of another hotel. Nothing to fancy and nothing to shabby. It looked like one of those local hotels. Cute and homesy.

James, Rob, and I went in. As James and Rob booked the two rooms I looked around. Once James came to me with the room key we went to go look for the room.

Once we entered the room I looked in and smiled. Nothing to fancy. This kind of made me glad that we weren’t in that fancy hotel with the douche bags. I sat on the bed and started to take off my accessories.

James took off his shirt. I slightly blushed and turned away. If I hate this boy, then why am I blushing every time he takes off his shirt. Oh right, because he has a nice body. I smiled at myself and started towards the bathroom with my bag in hand.

I placed the bag in the bathroom and searched for towels. “I thought we were getting a two bed?” I asked James.

“There were only one beds available. Shocker right?” He asked with a light smirk on his face. I rolled my eyes and got out a small and large towel from the linen closet.

“Aha!” James yelled out. I turned back and saw a bottle of scotch in his hands. “Want a drink?” He winked.

“No. You’re a terrible drunk, James.” I told him before going in the bathroom.

“And you’re a terrible liar, Ever!” He yelled back. I didn’t know what that met, but I knew one thing was for sure. Tonight was defiantly going to be one wild ride.
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