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P.S. I Hate You

Rebel vs. Snob

“I swear Amber he’s like one of the biggest douche bags in the history of douches.” I said ranting to my best friend Amber while walking around the room, I now became familiar with.

“Oh whatever Ever. You’ll learn to love him like you did with Nick. You barley even know this James character.” She said sighing. “Besides that’s not the point. When will I be able to visit? More important, what color is my bridesmaid dress? I can't go down the isle wearing white or pink all day. It's just… ew.” She stated.

“Oh Amber why don’t you get with the picture? Nick is my or was my boyfriend weather or not my parents made me brake up with him to be with James. You can visit whenever you want and the color is either purple or yellow.”

“Ew yellow. Is it going to be like a lemon or a Marna-” I cut off Amber.

“Amber! Stay on track. What am I going to do?” I yelled at her, frustrated I sat down on the comfortable queen sized bed with my free hand on my head.

“What I think you should do is get over it. Your parents are going to make you marry this douche anyway. So it shouldn’t matter if you like him or not. You have to pretend to like him, you have to marry him, and better yet you have to have sex with him to make beautiful babies. Speaking of babies, is he hot or what?” I heard the smile in Amber's voice.

“Oh goodness Amber. You and your boys. Which reminds me who are you dating this week? Yeah you do have a good point there though. And to answer your question yes he’s hot. Its like butter melting on the hot side walk with perfect abs and hint of mystery.” I smiled.

“Yes I love me some boys. I’m currently dating Shane Jordan. Oh how I wish I was you right now. I could have a piece of that cake.” I could already see my best friend winking through the phone.

“Do you want me to tell Shane that your fantasizing about other men again?” I said sweetly playing with the wood carving on the bed.

“Go ahead. Hey Hun I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later.” She hung up before I could say another word.

I put the phone on the right night stand by the bed. I played with my dark blue double rainbow shirt. I sat straight up remembering that we’re having dinner in an hour. I went in a closet that was labeled 'her'.

I went inside to find most of my things hung up and put inside drawers. I went inside the first drawer to my right to find my socks, second delicates, and third pajamas. I turned to my left to find my pants and my right to see my shirts. On the floor were my shoes lined up in a nice pile. Those maids are really good, they deserve an A plus, plus.

I felt the wall to search for a light switch. I found the switch and turned it on. To my relief my closet was separate from James’ by a wall. The walls were the color of dark brown with lilac colored Asian looking flowers.

The closet was smaller than the ones I’ve seen on TV. But much bigger than me and my friend Amber's combined.

I took a pair of white skinny jeans, black ‘I love my hubby’ tank top, and baby pink cardigan off the rack.

I put on the outfit I picked out and looked at a tall box on the dresser. I opened the small handle and found lots of jewelry inside that I didn't bring with me. I looked inside and put on some pink pearl earrings that I found.

I looked at my self in the full length mirror on the door. I combed my soft curls and left the closet satisfied. I put back on the shoes I had on today outside of the closet.

“What are you doing in here?” I heard a males voice say. I looked up to find James walking out the bathroom with a towel around his waist and water dripping from head to toe.

I gulped up the fear in my throat. “Well this is our room. So I have right to be in here too. What my question is why don’t you have pants on and do you ever wear a shirt?”

He scoffed. That seemed to be his thing, “My room. I can do what ever the damned hell I want to. And no I don’t wear a shirt often. Get used to it.”

I opened my mouth and put my finger in my mouth to indicate that he made me want to puke. “Gross. And don’t you mean that its our room and we can do what ever the hell we want.” I winked at him jokingly.

He fake barfed and went in his side of the closet. I guess that means I win. I clapped my hands like a little girl and quietly said, “One for Ever none for loser.”

“I heard that!” He yelled, head popping out the closet, hair still dripping wet.

“You think you did but you didn’t.” He rolled his eyes and went back in the closet.

I put two fingers up indicating I had two points. Man, I thought, I’m on a roll!

I walked out the room to be bumped into my mom and Meghan.

“Oh hey there.” I said calmly like I just didn’t see my future husband half naked.

“Nice shirt,” Meghan giggled at the little pun I had on my shirt.

My mother rolled her eyes, “I told you that shirt was not appropriate for tonight. Come down with us to have dinner.”

I rolled my eyes and followed my mother down the stairs I heard two pairs of footsteps, I turned around to see Meghan and James following us. As we made our way downstairs I didn’t see Terrance or Gavin, so I guessed they left.

“Oh please take a seat.” Mary Jones said sitting at the head of the table. I looked over at the other end and saw Henry Jones.

I smiled and sat down next to Meghan on my left with James on my right side and my parents across from me.

One of the maids came out and gave us our appetizers, salad. I started to eat my salad as did everyone else. I kept my head down as the adults talked. Every once in a while I heard things said like, “Ever is a good match for James here.” “Yes a good match indeed,” One of the butlers replied to Mary as he poured her more wine.

I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation till I heard James ask, “If you don’t mind me asking Mrs. Manning, but how old is your daughter.”

“Oh I know she may seem childish at times,” My mother stared daggers at me, “but don’t worry she’s only fifteen and a mature girl for her age.”

James choked on something and Mary patted his back lightly.

Something seemed surprising. So to add more tension I asked, “So how old is James?”

“Nineteen…” I heard someone reply. Which I’m not sure who, but at the moment I was totally shocked. Me, and fifteen year old rebel from a small town. Marrying him, a nineteen year old hot snob prince. Doesn’t that sound wonderful…