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P.S. I Hate You

Uncontrollably, Ridiculously

I woke up in nothing by my undergarments. I looked around my surroundings and saw the rustled white sheets and the white button down top carelessly thrown on the ground. I sat up and ran my hand through my tangled hair that was placed in a high bun. The mouth watering smell of bacon and eggs surrounded my senses. I gasped and hid under the covers.

Did I… Do it…?

I recalled last nights events. I showered, asked James for a shirt once I realized Amber switched my bags. We talked, made up, kissed. Next think I remember was clothes were taken off and our stark naked bodies were pressed tightly together.

My eyes became wider. I took the pillow from underneath me and screamed. I really let it out, I’m surprised James didn’t hear.

Oh my God. I did it. I lost my virginity to James Jones. The man I’m supposed to marry. The man I’m supposed to hate, but fell uncontrollably in love with. I smiled, Oh god, I did it. This shouldn’t be a surprise to me. I knew it would come one day, hoping it would be in the far future though.

Realizing this was all new to me but not new to James, I became aware that this possibly couldn’t be the best for him as it was for me. He’s had tens of other girls, as I only had him. It made me think that I was probably inexperienced. I thought of Madiline, she was probably better than I was, other than the fact that she seemed to be the girl that had millions of other guys daily.

I stood from the bed and grabbed the sheet along with me. I walked carefully, trying not to step on the sheet and trip over myself. I got the mental image of myself tripping and laughed. James turned around in the short hallway. He was still in his tighty whities. I covered my mouth over my smile.

“Good morning?” James said with slight question in his voice. I uncovered my mouth and smiled at him. I repeated the greeting and moved closer to where he was standing near the counter in front the microwave.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked in that fantastic British accent. I nodded, he then handed me a plate of freshly made eggs and microwaved pancakes with syrup on top.

James turned toward the bed without looking at me. I hurried after him, “Of course I did. Did you?” I asked once I sat back down onto the bed. James smiled and put a forkful of pancakes into his mouth, nodded and winked. I smiled back and slowly ate small chunks of my breakfast.

Once James was done I put my plate down along with his on the nightstand. James and I laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling. The silence was over bearing. The question that I’ve wanted to ask since I woke up kept ringing through my head. Rattling through my mind.

“Was it… Good?” I asked. Of course I immediately regretted it after the words left my mouth.

It took James a second to answer. Great, he thinks I’m stupid and immature and just plain out inexperienced. Great going Ever.

“What do you mean?” He asked, turning his head slightly towards me. I could hear the smirk in his voice. Of course he was making fun of me! I’m a kid and he’s nearly an adult!

I hit him across the chest. “You know exactly want I mean.” I looked at him and he shook his head, keeping the playful smirk on his face. I sighed, “Well I know you’ve been with tens of other girls. Probably way more experienced and prettier. I was just wondering if you thought I was… I don’t know… inexperienced?” I said, not exactly finding the right words.

James turned his body fully around and grabbed my chin. He looked me straight in the eyes. “Listen Ever, I could have slept with hundreds, millions of other girls. None of them could even come close to you. You’re more than pretty, you’re beautiful, witty, smart, funny, gorgeous. The only faults I could ever see in you are if you had a penis. Which I’m pretty sure you don’t… Considering last night.”

I blushed and looked down at the bed. “What about Madiline. I’m sure she was a better lover than what I was.”

James scuffed. “All Madi did while sex is scream when I entered and pull my hair out to the scalp. Ever, sex doesn’t determine how great it is by the action, but by the feeling.”

I didn’t look at James. I kept my eyes down to the sheets on the bed. I watched as they slowly moved with the rhythmic breathing of James and I. I realized that James had changed. Just like that, in one night James Jones went from a total jerk wad to some sweet romantic Heath Cliff that I just wanted to cuddle all night. I guess love could do that to you.

I could tell that I’ve changed too. I could feel the butterflies in my heart with every beat, even when I wasn’t touching him. Sometimes I didn’t know I was thinking about him, but I could catch myself by the way my smile suddenly showed on my lips. We were in love. Hopelessly, ridiculously in love.

But I knew somewhere, deep down inside was that boy who still wanted every girl in the market. I knew that there was that asshole of a dick buried deep down inside, waiting to unleash. He couldn’t be a romantic forever. I knew James. He would crack. I wouldn’t fault. I wont let his charms get to me.

James put his forefinger underneath my chin and lifted my head up to meet his eyes. He smiled and I could tell my eyes shone, just looking deep into his. I couldn’t help but smile. Trying to keep my guard down, pretending to be smooth and calm, I bit my lip. James shook his head and kissed me.

Guess the not falling for his charms didn’t work.


“What do you mean you did it?” Amber squinted her perfectly round moss green eyes at me. Kimberly squealed and gave me a large hug. I hugged Kim back and rolled my eyes at my best friend.

“Don’t be dim, Amber. James and I had sex. We did IT. I lost my virginity. Okay.” I rolled my eyes again. Amber smirked at me and jumped into my arms. Along with Kim again. I smiled and shook my head. The two let go and sat back down on the couch in the arcade room.

“Details. I want them all. You guys used a condom right? Don’t want any annoying ass James’ running around here. No backdoors right? You know we don’t do butts around here girl. And please for the love of God tell me the lights were off and soft music was playing in the background.”

I rolled my eyes at Amber once again and laughed. “Yes Amber we used a condom. And for the other questions that’s none of your business.”

Amber ignored me and went on. “Well of course you wouldn’t do that. We agreed to never ever do any backdoors. Remember? Oh God how was it? Amazing and fulfilling?” She winked at me.

I could feel my cheeks grow hot and red. “Amber! I wouldn’t know. It was my first time. I couldn’t really remember much. All that I entirely remember is that I love James. That is that.”

“Whateves.” Amber rolled her eyes and smiled at me. “Ahh I’m so happy for you best friend! Finally I’m not the only experienced one here.”

“How about a celebratory cake?” Kim piped up.

“For what? Losing my virginity?” I yelled, then closed my mouth, remembering that Terrance and Gavin were over today. James and I agreed not to tell Terrance. He was still in love with me and we didn’t want to break his heart. We were going to let it settle for a while before actually telling him.

“Yes…” Kim muttered. I nodded my head, telling her the cake was a fine idea.

Once Kim left Amber turned to me and a smiled. “So you’re in love?”

“I don’t know…” I wondered to myself, but speaking aloud. “I guess so. I mean I’ve never actually felt like this for someone. Its like I constantly have butterflies in the pit of my stomach. I catch myself smiling for no reason and when I realize I’m blushing I find I’m thinking about James. He’s the only person constantly on my mind. I feel like if I have to do something in the near future it has to absolutely be with him. I look past the flaws of his overly confident personality and see the brilliant smile shine through.”

I could go on for hours and hours just talking about James. I couldn’t help it. I stopped my self there, though, if I didn’t stop it would become a whole paper on James Jones.

“Congratulations," Amber smirked at me, “You’re in love.”
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