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P.S. I Hate You

A ***ing Wreak That's Fakin' Fine

“You kissed another guy!”

“I know. But in my defense we were just saying goodbye. And Terrance I will most likely never speak again.”

“Ever, Terrance is your fiancée’s best man and best friend. Not to mention that Terrance is obsessed with you and James is going to be crushed.” Amber said yelled. Its been a week since Terrance and I kissed.

Mary and my mother decided it would be best if Amber stayed out here in Alabama for the reminder of the next two months. Tomorrow the whole Jones and Manning family will be traveling to England. Within two weeks I have to win the heart of England and get married.

“Do you really think he’s going to be mad at me? I did tell him that if he didn’t tell Terrance than I would. Gavin told me to tell Terrance what was actually going on between James and me. I had nothing else to do.”

Amber looked at me as if I were dumb. “Uh, you could have not kissed Terrance.”

“You’re right. I shouldn’t have kissed Terrance. Now I’m a horrible girlfriend and fiancée! Maybe I should leave while he still loves me.” I muttered getting up from the couch I was sitting on and began pacing the floor.

“Leave? What about James? Think about him. Who would he marry if you leave? You know he would do anything to become king. If you leave he’ll be crushed.” Amber watched me pace with her eyes.

“If I stay he’ll be crushed. Either way I’m hurting the only person I’ve ever loved.”

“What about you’re dad? You’ll be letting him down.”

I turned to Amber, “It doesn’t matter anymore! He’s dying! I go and visit him and he doesn’t even remember my name! He cant do anything right anymore! He isn’t my dad. He didn’t even know he had a daughter. He’s basically dead and all I can do is watch! The only man that ever loved me back no matter what is dying!”

Amber rushed up from her seat and grabbed me around the shoulders. I placed my head in between the crook of her neck and cried. And cried. And cried. I cried until I thought no more tears could reach the surface.

“Your dad loves you.” Amber told me. “James loves you. And even when your dad dies many years from now and if James leaves you I’ll still love you.” I laughed and wiped my face and licked my lips, tasting the dried tears. “We’ll be the best lesbian couple ever. Oh I can see it now.” Amber smiled at me and put my bright red hair behind my ear.

I sniffled, “I’m so stupid. Why did I have to agree to that kiss with Terrance?”

“Because you’re stupid.” Amber told me with a laugh. I shook my head. Amber and I sat down on the couch in the living room as I tried to calm myself down from my mini break down.

Once I was calm and Amber and I started talking about my dilemma again soon enough James came through the door with Terrance and Gavin by his side.

“You have some explaining to do!” James yelled as he came through the door and threw his keys on the table. All the blood drained from my face. Amber looked at me and faked a smile.

“What are you talking about James?” I questioned, of course playing dumb.

“You told Terrance about us and you know I was supposed to tell him.” I breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God, Terrance didn’t tell him. But I could tell by the look on the boys face, that he would hold it against me.

“Sorry. I told you I would tell him if you didn’t. Plus Gavin told me to tell him.” I pointed to Gavin and he held up his hands in defense.

James pointed to Gavin with a smirk on his face. “I’ll talk to you later mate.” James moved toward me and took me by the shoulders. I stood up, James picked me up and swung me around in his arms. I screamed and laughed.

James put me down and smiled at me. His eyes shone and his smile was the widest I’d ever seen. I’d changed him. Love changed him. He was no longer this cold hearted asshole. But a kind cute asshole. I loved it. But I kind of creeped me out at the same time. I still needed my cocky asshole that would keep me up with witty comments.

“Gee, why are you so happy?” I asked him. James grabbed my hand and just smiled.

He placed his forehead against mine. “Because I love you.” James kissed me once and parted away. James and Gavin quickly made their way up the stairs. Amber followed behind soon after. I looked at Terrance and he stared at me. I’m sure his eyes never left mine the moment he walked in the house.

He looked like he was about to cry. Like he was trapped in a sea of sadness and he was the captain. My eyes left his, I hurried up the stairs.


I looked in the mirror once again at my wedding dress. I smiled to myself. I knew this was the dress. Even if Mary didn’t like it because it was too short and revealing. It was beautiful. Today I got my dress altered for the wedding in two weeks. Tomorrow we’ll be leaving to go to England. Where I’ll start the beginning of the rest of my life.

“Do you like it mom?” I asked, turning to my mom, who had a few tears in her eyes.

“You look so beautiful! I cant believe my daughter is getting married. And so young!” She smiled and began a fit of joyful tears.

“Well you are the one who did this to me.” I said sarcastically. I sighed and turned back around to face the mirror. The short dress suited my short height. The shoes I chose made my legs look longer. The dress was pure white with lace accidents hanging from the breasts and my shoes were white and sparkly. The veil, which we chose today, was floral laced with pearls on the top. Attached to the veil was a crown.

“Ew the fuck is this?” Amber yelped, coming out the dressing closet. She motioned to the large pink bow in front of her brides maid gown.

“You helped pick it out.” I reminded her, fixing the lace in all the right places.

“Well I don’t remember. And I don’t like it now. Can we choose something else?” She asked.

“No,” I answered, “I cant have my brides maids looking better than me on my wedding day.”

“Oh I always look better than you.” Amber smirked. I elbowed my best friend and laughed. We fixed our dresses and let the tailors fit our dresses.

“Ever dear, have you decided your other brides maids? Or do I have to hire someone.” Mary stated, coming out of no where. She always does that. She’s like Satan or something.

“I was Kimberly as my brides maid.”

“The maid?” Mary squeaked. I nodded. “No! That’s not acceptable.”

I turned to my Satan mother in law. “Why not? Because she cleans your toilets and anyone in society could care less about her? Well I do. And I’m saying she’s my brides maid.”

I turned back around and gave the crowned veil to the woman helping us. She took it with a smile.

“But, she’s not here. We couldn’t possibly get her fitted in time for the wedding.” I heard the devilish smirk on Mary’s face.

“Oh! Don’t worry, I’ve got all her measurements right here.” I smirked as well, pulling out a slip of paper from my bra. I handed the paper to a tailor sales woman and told her to get another brides maids dress ready by tomorrow for our flight.

Mary didn’t have another word to say. I guess the Demon didn’t have any more come backs.


The plane was packed with people that hated each other. Terrance hated James. James hated Terrance. Terrance probably hated me. Mary hates me. I hate Mary. Meghan hates Gavin. Gavin is trying to get into Ambers pants. Amber doesn’t seem to mind.

Gladly there was door separating the adults from us. I’m sure they didn’t want to be in a place full of tension. And I sure as hell didn’t want to be on a plane with Mr. and Mrs. Jones. My parents were taking a separate plane, due to my fathers condition.

“I think someone’s going to die by night fall.” I muttered to James as I held his hand.

“I think so too.” He agreed and squeezed my hand. “I love Terrance, but he wont hear me out. He says there’s things I’ll find out at my bachelor party.”

The blood drained from my face once again. “I’ll always love you.” I told him, trying to distract him from anything else he was thinking about. He turned to me and smiled. I grabbed James’ neck and placed my lips on his. He smiled into the kiss and quickly smiled back.

I’m just a fucking wreak.
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