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P.S. I Hate You

The Makeup

It was already morning by the time I realized I was starving. My stomach grumbled and I held onto my white knit cardigan tighter. I sighed, and checked my pockets once I passed a café. I only found a dollar and a couple pieces of lint. I went inside the café and stared at the menu for a good five minutes.

“Ever Manning?” I heard someone call my name. I turned to the voice and saw a young boy behind the counter. I smiled at him and came closer.

The boy gave me a puzzled look. I smiled and ran my fingers through my hair. I probably looked like crap with mascara running down my cheeks and pajama shorts on my body.

“Um can I have a donut?” I asked. It was the only thing on the menu that was actually worth my American dollar. I bit my lip, wishing the boy would hurry up.

“I’ll give you more than that. A queen of England won’t only have a donut.”

“I only have a dollar.” I muttered, handing the dollar to him.

He put it in a tip jar next to the register. “Don’t worry about it any queen-”

I cut the boy off short, “I’m not queen…” I whispered, he stared at me, “Yet I mean.” I smiled and waited as he conjured up something in the kitchen. Finally, but not soon enough, he handed me a sandwich and a cup of orange juice.

I sat down at a table near the window and ate as I watched people pass and stare at me. I was just hoping that no one wanted to come and talk to me. I just wanted to eat and wallow in my own self pity.

I finished my sandwich and soon finished the orange juice as well. What should I do now? I certainly cant go back home. I cant face James today or tomorrow or the next day. I cant talk to Amber, she wont understand. I cant talk to Terrance, his head is too far up his ass. Gavin is useless. Dad and Mom aren’t even here.

I sighed for what seemed like the millionth time since I’ve gotten to England. I started to chew on my tiny red straw and looked out the window.

“So there once was this guy who was an asshole.” I heard someone say from behind me. “She fell in love with this girl.” I knew that voice. “She was beautiful. She is beautiful. I messed up.” His sweet voice ran through my ears. Oh how I missed it. “I’m sorry I told James. I should have left that up to you.”

“Why are you here?” I asked Terrance.

“Well to find you of course. Your wedding is tomorrow morning.” Its already Friday? I could feel my heart beating through my thick sweater. I breathed and tried to stay calm even though my thoughts were all over the place.

Terrance sat down in the chair in front of me. He smiled at me. I rolled my eyes and continued chewing on the tiny red straw.

“You know he’s beating himself up over this.”

“Why should you care? You’re the one pretending to play both sides. Hating the both of us and wanting us to be happy. You had no right to tell him. Then what do you do? You go ahead and tell him. Why should I even care? Oh that’s right, because he’s the one who drove me out the house and called me a fucking slut.” I shook my head and chuckled. This was all so fucking ridiculous.

“I care because I care about you and your happiness. I could tell from day one that you were going to fall for James. How could you not. He’s handsome, charming, witty, and he’s got all the royalty. But I took the chance and I got myself in a shit load of mess. So here I am sitting in front of a girl I really really like, telling her to marry my best friend.” Terrance shook his head and smiled.

“You love him. That’s why you care. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t be talking to me right now. Don’t yell at me or hate me because you know its true. You fell in love with the one guy you should you would never take one look at.” Terrance stood up from the table and came behind me.

“Come on,” He urged, pulling me up from the chair, “we’re going back home.”

“I don’t want to.” I murmured.

“Yes you do.” He was right, I do. “Do it for me. Do it for your dad. Do it for James. Most importantly, do it for you.” I tried to hide the smile that kept forming on my lips. “Ahh, there’s the girl I fell in love with. Come on, its time you marry my best friend.”


Once Terrance and I arrived at the castle mansion home place thing it was hectic. People were everywhere. A chief or five here. Six or thirteen maids there. I thought I saw a glimpse of Mary, but when I turned to where she was she was gone. I caught a peek of the backyard.

The grass was freshly cut and there were a few chairs to host the most important of England and of course friends and family. The piano off the right was white lined with gold. The isle was lined with white water lilies and the gazebo had many different kinds of flowers laced through the square hole pattern.

The beauty almost put a tear to my eye. Just to think. I’ll be married in less than 24 hours. I tired not to panic. I tried not to run away again. I reached out for Terrance and he grabbed my arm. I laced my arm through his as he tore me away from the beautiful scenery.

I turned my head and followed to where Terrance was leading me. We went up the stairs and into a room I never knew was there. I remembered I was in my clothes from yester day and quickly tried to straighten myself up.

Terrance yanked my hand away, “You look perfect. Come on.” He whispered in my ear. He lead me into yet another chaotic room. Dresses, shoes, fabrics, flowers, wedding presents that have already arrived, everything in the room was for the wedding.

Once Mary noticed my arrival she took Terrance from me and lead me to a table. “Dear where have you been all day? Now tell me white or eggshell?” The two table cloths looked exactly alike. I couldn’t chose the difference between the white and the eggshell. The two were remarkably identical.

“Uh..” I turned and saw Terrance behind me and James to the right of me. I smiled and looked down at the binder Mary kept pointing to. “Eggshell.”

I heard a couple of ridiculous comments such as “Great choice princess.” “Fantastic. Different and classy.” I rolled my eyes and looked James in the eye.

“James was helping me prepare for the wedding while you had your little episode of absence.” Mary said with disgust and attitude in her voice. I tried to ignore the little witch and continued to look at the beautiful and handsome man in front of me.

‘I love you.’ I mouthed to him. I smiled, trying to look into his eyes, trying to see if he’d ever forgive me.

‘I’m sorry.’ He mouthed back. I shook my head and smiled again. I should be sorry. And he knew that.

I turned my attention to Mary once more and she shoved more similar colored decorations in my face and scolded at me for being late. Soon with the stress getting to me I felt a hand reach over and grab mine. I didn’t need to look to know it was James. I smiled and blushed.

“I love you too.” James whispered in my ear. I’m sure it was the first time I’d heard him say it. Actually say it. I couldn’t help but shove Mary’s book to her waist and kiss my fiancée. James followed the rhythm of my lips and slowly broke apart. He smiled and pecked me on the lips then pressed his forehead against mine.

“Hopeless… We’re absolutely hopeless…” I could her Mary mutter over and over again as she picked the last few decorations for me.

“Hey!” I heard a familiar high pitched voice scream as they came into the room. I saw Amber march toward us, still in her pajamas. “I’ve been here all day, all night, didn’t even get to sleep. Waiting for you and you come and start kissing on your fiancée? You’re not even supposed to see the man before the wedding. It’s bad luck. Come on now. Before a couple of doves poop in your hair tomorrow.” Amber took my hand away from James and lead me out the door.

“Wait.” James said, following us out. His face was so close to mine our noses were nearly touching. I could feel butterflies forming in my stomach. “I thought you might want this.” His eyes never left mine as he put something in my hand.

I looked down and saw my engagement ring. I don’t even remember taking this off. Hell, I don’t even remember wearing it. I smiled and looked up at James. He smiled back and put the ring on my left hand.

James reached his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me closer to his face. “I love you.” He reminded me before placing another kiss on my lips.

“I love you too.” I replied back.

“Okay enough smootchy.” Amber yelled, pulling me out the room and down a hall. The whole day I kept that smile on my face the warmth in my heart. James Jones actually loved me. The person who broke hearts fell in love with me. Of all people in the world. I looked down at my hand and twirled the ring on my finger.
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