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P.S. I Hate You

Make up your mind

I heard three different voices above me. I couldn’t make them out but I could hear what they were saying perfectly.

“Don’t wake her.” I heard a voice I knew all to well.

“But she looks so peaceful! You’ve got a good one mate. I wish I was you,” I heard another familiar voice.

“Trust me, you don’t,” I heard the persons voice fade.

“Ever wake up,” I heard someone seductively whisper in my ear. I felt them shaking me.

“What?” I asked, obviously irritated. I sat up rubbing my eyes. I saw the three guys kneeling beside the couch. I remembered the events from last night. Oh how I was hoping that was a horrible nightmare.

“Great Gavin, you woke her up. Now I have to hear her nag about how she slept on the couch last night.” James said with his fingers on his temple.

“Well you could have been a gentlemen and said, ‘no Ever, that’s okay. Since its our first night and we have to sleep in the same bed together for our whole lives I’ll take the couch tonight.’ But no. You had to be your arrogant ass whole self and go and take the bed when you knew that I wasn’t comfortable. Now my neck hurts and it's all your fault. You ass whole.” I said staring daggers at James.

“You're right, sorry I ever woke her up.” Gavin said.

My jaw dropped open, I took the pillow I used to sleep on and threw it at Gavin.

“Lets not get murderous now.” Gavin said catching the pillow and throwing it back at me which caught my balance and made me fall off the couch.

I heard the two boys laugh. I saw a pale hand in front of my face. I happily took it.

“Thanks.” I muttered to Terrance.

“No problem. Those guys are jerks anyway.” He said.

I nodded and smiled at him. I made my way to the attached bathroom. Before I made my way in I shot a glare that could kill at James and Gavin.

In the bathroom I locked the door behind me. I turned on the shower and then looked in the mirror. I looked horrid. I looked like I was about to murder someone. Hopefully it was everyone outside of this door who made my life a living hell.

I sighed, took my clothes off, and stepped in the shower. I closed my eyes and let the hot water run through my hair. I thought forward to the future. The day I have to marry him, the day I have to have responsibilities for a whole country when I don’t have any for my self, the day I have to pretend to like him in front of the whole world, and the day I have to have children with him no matter what.

I shut my eyes tight. I never pictured my life like this. I would have never thought that I had to marry some one I barley knew with out my approval. The sad thing is that everyone out there, everyone in my family knew that I had to do this. But I just find out a week ago.

My dad always tells me to see the Bright side of things. The only Bright side is that James is hot. The worse side, is that he’s an cocky ass whole.

Then for the first time in a long time. I started to cry. Tears fell down my face, once I started I couldn’t stop. I started to bawl. I didn’t cry because of James or I had to marry someone I barley knew or that I had to be Queen of a country in less than a year. But I cried because my life as I know it was falling apart, and I couldn’t do anything about it.


I walked out the bathroom and let my wet curls fall on my back.

I looked in the room and didn’t find anyone in the room. I dropped the towel in the hamper and quickly put on some yellow shorts and a pink tank top.

I walked down the stairs and followed the noise I heard to the back yard.

“I swear if you splash water on me I’m going to murder you right now!” I heard Meghan yell at her brother.

I walked out the kitchen, past the garden, and into the back yard. Everyone was in the pool. Well the three boys, Meghan was trying to tan.

“Hey Ever!” Gavin yelled to me, “Come join us in the pool.”

“No, Ever is joining me. She doesn’t want to swim with all of you hormonal boys in the pool.” Meghan said patting a chair next to her.

I walked over to Meghan and sat down with my legs crossed on the sun chair.

I looked over to my right at the garden. I saw Kim coming up with a plate of six lemonades.

“Hi Kim.” I smiled at her once she came over to me.

“Hey Ever.” She said quietly placing the lemonades on the table between Meghan and me.

James glared at me from the pool. He quickly got out, climbed on the highest diving board and hit the surface of the clear blue water head first making a big splash. Kim squealed and Meghan screamed.

“Okay that’s it!” Meghan said jumping in the pool also and tackling her brother.

I lightly giggled and from my left I also caught a glimpse of Kim giggling too.

James came to the surface of the water from Meghan dunking him in, “What are you laughing at Kimberly?” He said rudely.

Kim immediately stopped and looked down at her feet.

“Don’t be mean to Kim,” I said looking at James, “Don’t tell her what to do anymore or I will personally go to your mother call this arrangement off and let Meghan be Queen or whatever.” I used the one thing I knew James wanted. That and sex. But I knew that would hurt him and he wouldn’t let anything like that happen. He wanted to be King and he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way.

I took Kim’s arm while I stood up. When I was about to pass by the pool James came to the edge and said, “You wouldn’t dare do such a thing.”

I bent down and looked James straight in the eyes, “Don’t. Temp. Me.” I said making every word a new sentence.

James took my neck and put my ear next to his lips, “You're going to wish you never said that.” I shivered at the feel of his breath on my neck.

Before I could ask what he was talking about he pulled me in the water making my face collide with his. So close to our lips touching. I screamed and flapped my arms in all directions, accidentally punching James.

I came to the surface of the water, I could see James and Gavin laughing and Terrance and Meghan looking very disappointed. Kim, was as usual, looking down at her shoes not saying a word.

I rubbed my eyes free of chlorine, “Yeah thanks a lot, dick.” I climbed up the steps and made my way back to Kim. I gently took her hand and led her into the kitchen

“Is it possible for me to kill him?” I asked Kim.

“Yes, but I’m certain that everyone would know it was you and then you would go to jail then you wouldn’t have the life you thought you would before all of this happened. Not to mention that your life in jail would be worse than the life here. You only get one pair of knickers for a year!” Kim said making a funny face.

I laughed, “If only James was as nice as you.” I hugged Kim and from the window I saw James look at me. At first it was a concerned face, then it switched to sorrow, lastly his face showed a sign of anger, hate, and disgust.

I’m going to make James Levitt Jones wish he was never born.