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P.S. I Hate You

I Hope I'm Ready

My eyes stung. I took a tissue from the table in front of me. I was watching chick flicks in the living room. Kim was on the floor crying softly too. I wasn’t only crying because The Notebook is a touching movie, but because James was a dick. I don’t think I could live with him for the rest of my life.

I sat up and carried the bowl of popcorn seeds.

“Hey Kim,” She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, “I’m going to get more popcorn. Do you want anything?” I asked her.

She held up her water bottle indicating she wanted more. I shook my head and walked to my right, the way to the kitchen.

I opened the cabinet and took out a bag of theater popcorn. I opened the bag, popped it in the microwave, and pushed the button. I leaned in the corner and waited for three minutes while the popcorn popped. I sighed and looked at my shoes.

My parents would never let me get out this mess. They wanted me to marry that hot, jackass, prince up stairs in our room. I would have to live with a perverted jackass. I would have to live in the same room with that hot perverted jackass. I would have to have kids with him. Then we would have to grow old together. We would have to rule a country together. Everything I do, has to be with… him.

I let a single tear escaped my eye. I looked up and saw James coming through the doorway. I quickly wiped away the tear and looked at the microwave. I groaned, still two minutes left.

James reached in the freezer and grabbed a large carton of ice cream. He looked my way and put on a slight grin. I rolled my eyes. He slowly came towards me and put his free hand on the counter. The other holding the ice cream. He leaned in and slowly reached behind my back. During this whole scene I was quite and looked him dead in the eye.

He opened the drawer and took out three spoons. For himself, Terrance, and Gavin. He leaned back and put the ice cream and spoons on the counter. He stared at me. I stared back. Staring contest.

I slowly walked over to him. I smiled. He looked at me the way I looked at him a few moments ago. I trailed my hand up and down his arm. He seemed to relax. Until I kicked him in the crotch. He bend down and dropped to the floor. I smiled in victory.

“You’ll pay for that, bitch.” He muttered, still grabbing on to his sensitive spot.

The microwave dinged. Thank God. I turned and walked over to the microwave. I took out the bag, opened it, and let the popcorn fall into the blue bowl. I took a piece and threw it in my mouth. A hand came from behind me and took the bowl out my hands.

I turned and saw James towering over me. Not holding his crotch in pain anymore.

I turned and saw he had the popcorn bowl, spoons, and ice cream in his hands. He walked out the kitchen, “Thanks dick,” I said getting out another bag of popcorn.

He didn’t reply back. I had a horrible feeling that that wasn’t the pay back I was waiting for.

I lightly yawned. The dim sun welcomed me from the windows behind me. I looked around, that’s right, I slept on the couch. I heard two conversations going on. One from the TV and another louder from the kitchen.

I quietly got off the couch and crept to the outside of the kitchen. I saw Mary and John. They looked angry. Their faces were my direction so I could see their expressions. James’ back was turned to me. He was leaning on the island.

“James, why did you let Ever sleep on the couch? You do remember that I told you that you two must sleep together,” John asked. His face was red.

James leaned closer to the island, put his hand on his forehead and nodded his head.

“Well you must do that from now on my son. We don’t want the public to find out that you dislike your fiancé and the same for her. We don’t want them to find out that you two don’t even sleep in the same room together. Now, do you hear me?” John pointed his index finger at James.

“Yes father.” James replied obediently.

“Oh and James,” Mary started. James looked at her, “Please be nice to her at lease. Don’t take her for granted and whatever you do. Don’t call her a bitch.” His mother shook her head. “I know what its like,” Mary stared at John above her. He smiled.

“But now we love each other.” John said looking down at Mary and smiling.

“You guys disgust me,” James turned.

It was time to make my entrance. I yawned loudly and walked in the kitchen.

When I opened to the door the first thing I saw was James’ chest in my face. I blushed and walked to the side.

“Good morning.” I said to everyone.

“Good morning, dear,” Mary replied. John left the kitchen. James took an apple and looked at me.

I looked back at him, “I’m going to school,” He muttered and left the kitchen also.

I sighed and leaned on the island, the same way James had.

“I know how you feel, honey.” Mary said and sat down next to me. I gave her a confused look, “Don’t look at me like that dear. When I had to get married I was angry. Just like you. Maybe a bit different, I was spoiled and so was he. I got what ever I wanted. I basically tortured him, till I came to reality and found that I was in love with him.” She smiled, “Now, Ever, you have to realize. You may not know now. But it’ll dawn on you later.”

I scoffed and lightly rolled my eyes, this woman was nuts! I hate James and everything about him. I always will.

“But anyway. Soon James will be graduating, less than a month or two. Then everyone will be waiting for the announcement of whom James will be marrying a month after. Then within two weeks, you two will be crowned king and queen.” Mary touched my face and smiled, “It may sound like a long time, but three months is like a week to get ready for a marriage and get ready to rule a country.”

Mary turned and was about to leave the kitchen, “I hope you're ready Ever. It’ll hit you like a slap in the face.” She smiled kindly, “See you after school.”

I lightly threw my face down to the island when she left.

I hope I was ready too. I hope that James would actually turn into a nice, sincere guy. I know it’ll happen sooner or later. I was hoping sooner, but I know, it’ll be later.


“Now class, we are going to be talking about protection during sex.” The coach said. I was in second period, health. I wasn’t in school for even an hour and I wanted to go home. I felt tired and irritated. Every time the coach, also the health teacher, said sex, he said it with emphasis. It sickened me.

He handed out condoms to every kid sitting in the bleachers. I was sitting next to Meghan and Terrance. They both looked at the packet and looked at the deformed, stretchy rubber.

“Its slimy…” Terrance muttered.

“It smells…” Meghan muttered back. They both looked at each other and broke out laughing. I couldn’t help but smile also.

I looked below us at James and Gavin. James was looking down at his shoes. Gavin was smiling at the condom. I felt like someone was staring down at me. When I looked up, what do you know? I saw Madiline staring dangerous daggers at me. Didn’t effect me at all, I rolled my eyes and continued to try to put the green rubber on a banana.

The coach continued with his lesson. I drifted away and stared at the yellowish green banana. It looked disgusting. People were eating their bananas. But to many wrong thoughts were coming to my mind to even think about eating a banana for a week.

Terrance nudged me. I saw people getting up and walking around the pool, talking. Was it the end of the period already?

“Free time,” Terrance told me. When the coach was done with his thirty minute lesson he always let us do what ever we want, as long as we were active and moving.

I sighed and got off the bleachers and started walking with Meghan and Terrance. Meghan put a hand on my shoulder.

“I heard what happened,” Meghan said, and shook her head.

“Uh, what happened?” I asked, confused.

“Oh don’t act dumb Ever. Everyone who’s stepped foot in that house knows. James is an ass hole and he’s using you as his bitch now.” Terrance said in his sweet accent.

“Thanks for calling me dumb,” I muttered. He rolled his eyes in response. I stopped and looked at them, “Look guys, I really appreciate that you guys care enough to talk about James and try to comfort me with all of this going on. But I can handle it. I’ll be married to him for a year and then divorce him. Or I could refuse to have children with him, be a virgin the rest of my life, and then be with him the day I die.” I continued to walk and knew they were close behind.

“Its not that easy honey,” Meghan said, “Its hard to get a divorce when your royal. You have to find a reason, a good reason. Then you have to approach court and they might not approve of the divorce anyway. And you have to have children with him, we need someone to rule after you guys right?” She asked, it was a question that wasn’t really meant to be answered.

“You could rule.” I got excited, “I mean it’ll only be two years till you graduate. Or I could kill James.” I suggested, not for the first time.

“I refuse to rule and if you kill James I’m not visiting you in prison.”

I rolled my eyes, Terrance gave me a hug and Meghan held my hand, in a friendly and comforting way.

“Hey slut!” I heard a voice say to me. I turned and saw Madiline coming my way. Everyone stopped and turned to us. The coach was in his office listing to music I groaned. Why does it always come sooner?

“What do you want, Madiline?” I asked, I was seriously irritated now.

“You stole James from me!” She accused and pointed at me, “I can't marry him, I can't love him anymore because you came in the picture. Do you know how bad it hurts when you love someone and they can't love you back?”

Sadly I did, “Madiline I don’t care. You can marry James. I don’t give a shit! Our parents planned this out the day James was born.” I told her.

She came closer to me, “I don’t care anymore. I’m done with James anyway.”

“Then why are you doing this to me?” I asked.

That’s when it hit me. Not her fist, not reality. The water. She pushed me in. I quickly came up to the surface and took a deep breath of air. I stayed leveled with my hair in my eyes and my now heavy clothes weighing me down.

“Because I hate you…”