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P.S. I Hate You

I'm A Hero

I took the pale hand in front of me. I thanked Terrance. I was crying, thank god the water hid it. I don’t know why Madiline hated me. I didn’t care.

The coach came over to the scene he finally saw, “Terrance, take Ever home.” He handed me a towel which I gladly took. I didn’t wipe my face. I was still carefully crying. I dried my hair.

Terrance guided me out the back door and into the senior parking lot. He took me to his yellow car. Nice car, I thought. I got in, and Terrance got in the other side.

Within three minutes we were in front of home. Not really home is what I would call it. More like a house that I was forced to live in till I had to marry James and then we would live in a palace. Yeah this is the life…

I opened the door and stormed through, stomped upstairs, into our room, and walked in the bathroom. I was through with trying to make this work. The real Ever is coming out. I was through with playing nice. No more nice Ever. Nothing was going to get in my way… Or so I thought.


I stepped out the bathroom. I took a long hot shower. The new and improved Ever. I would never forget that.

I put my clothes in the hamper and looked around the large room, I saw Terrance laying on the bed, channel surfing.

I smiled and put my hand on my hip. “Terrance, what are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Well I wanted to know if you were okay. Then I thought, of course she’s okay, she’s a trooper. Then I thought again, if she’s not okay. I’ll be here for her. Even if that mean fiancé of hers isn’t.” He smiled and I swooned at his accent.

Goodness was he cute. If I didn’t have to marry James, I would be with Terrance. Day in and day out. He was nice, sweet, cute, and most of all kind. I smiled and sat down with Terrance. I watched as he surfed through the channels, back and forth. Not giving himself a chance to even see what’s on.

“Terrance, your not even stopping to see what’s on!” I yelled at him and laughed.

He looked serious, “I’m watching them all at the same time.”

I laughed. It was a serious laugh, a tummy clenching laugh. I threw the remote out his hands. He looked mad at me, I ignored it. “If you were watching all the channels what’s happening on this show?”

“Well,” he started, “that girl is cheating on her fiancé with his best friend. The fiancé finds out and breaks it off with the girl. The fiancé goes to a party and gets drunk out of his mind. The girl finds him and brings him home. In the morning the fiancé forgives her and they live happily ever after.”

I shook my head, “You’re a nerd,” I muttered.

“It’s my favorite episode.” I laughed, again, another tummy clenching laugh. “Hey, guys can watch soap operas too!” He yelled.

I was still laughing, “No offence Terrance, but soap operas like this.” I pointed to the TV, “You kind of come off as gay.” I was still laughing.

Terrance showed a fake gasp. He started tickling me. I laughed even harder. I was laughing so hard I felt like I was going to piss my pants. “Terrance!” I yelled at him. He kept at it. He was laughing also. Finally he stopped. My laughing died down and I laid down, my head hanging off the bed.

He still sat there, looking at the TV.

“What if a TV show came to reality?” He asked. I looked up and him and used my elbows to help me.

I gave him a confusing face. He smiled at me. He came closer and closer. He put his hand on my cheek. My heart started to race. What do I do? What do I say? I just sat there. Until he put his lips on mine. I smiled into the soft kiss. This is what I was waiting for. A fairytale. To bad it wouldn’t last for long.

I sat straight up and put one hand behind Terrance’s neck, the other still supporting me on the bed. He got deeper in the kiss. This was like magic. I was finally happy. The happiest I’ve been in months. That was until James barged in the door.

“God, get a fucking room.” He looked at us, disgusted.

Terrance and I broke apart. I blushed and looked down at the bed. I touched my lips. They still tingled. I slightly smiled, Terrance was playing it cool.

“Damn, what did I miss?” Gavin came in the room, arms folded.

“Those two were making out like a couple of teenagers.” He pointed to us, can of beer in his hand. He took a deep drink.

“Fuck! I miss all the good shit.” Gavin sat on the couch to the right of me. I looked up at him and smiled.

“Not to remind you lad, but we are a couple of teenagers.” Terrance pointed out.

“She’s a teenager,” James said, “We are legal. 18. She’s still a minor.” He looked at me, full disgust.

I looked at him the same way. I was still confused. If I was him, even if I didn’t love the person I was marrying, I would be furious. If I walked in on my fiancé kissing another person, I would be totally mad. But this was different. We didn’t care for each other. But he could do a bit more and act a little mad. Even if he didn’t care. We still had to get married.

Maybe if he cared. I would care too.


Terrance I were in the arcade room watching movies. Even if I wasn’t allowed to be with Terrance, it was nice to have someone around. Someone who wasn’t in a different state. Someone who didn't have to work all day. With Terrance I could talk to him, without any judgment. He knew James.

The movie we were watching was over. Terrance stood and offered me his hand to take. I gladly took it. He lead me to James and my room. James and Gavin weren’t in there. The only thing in the room was a folded note on the bed. Once we got closer Terrance sat on the bed. I took the note, opened it, and began to read.

Went out with Gavin. Didn’t bother to tell you. I thought you and Terrance might be… busy. If you want to come have fun for a night meet us at Club Silver Glitter. You have to be 18 to get in. But you can show off your tits to get in for free. Once you read this I might already be wasted.
P.S. I Hate You.’

I sighed. “What is it?” Terrance asked, taking the note from me.

I didn’t give him a chance to read it. I went in my closet and got my jacket.

I’m always saving the damsel in distress. I guess I’m a hero.