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Thirty Days to Discover Yourself...

This is the story of a group of friends.
All of them could be undoubtedly be classified as dreamers.
They called themselves "The Wickedly Lovelies".
At the end of their junior year of college, they made a decision.
They decided to go on an adventure to a far off land.
In reality, they were planing to go on a vacation to a different country.
The friends had no certain plan of action for their vacation.
Only that they would make it up as they went along.
They made a pact before they left, though.
Each of them had to bring something back with them.
They had to find a thing on their vacation that they had never had before.
A single thing for each friend that was completely new to that person.
They had thirty days to discover themselves in a far off land.

This story started as an entry in this contest and each chapter was based off of a picture.
Now it is entered in 10 Ways To... and each chapter is based off of a sort of saying.

Warning; may (or may not) contain: cursing, provocative activities, homosexuality, alcohol / drug use, etc. You have been warned, however much you might not need to be.