Point Me Towards Tomorrow

I Tried So Hard, And Got So Far...

To whoever might find me:
I am Estelle Pritchard. Well, that's what people called me. I'm not sure who - or what, for that matter - I am anymore. So I supposed I should have said 'I was Estelle Pritchard.' Names are irrelevant in the long run, anyway. They are nothing more than a way to describe a human being. But I know the only way to classify mankind. Weak.


Estelle-Desiree Pritchard sat idly in study hall. She already had finished her math homework, and had all weekend to read three chapters for English Literature. The 16-year-old girl had nothing to do for her last period of the day, but look out the window and think.

It was a lovely day in early September, even though it was quite cloudy. The slight breeze ruffles Estelle's long, dark hair through the open window. Next to her sat her best friend, Queen Ravenburgh. When the two had met, Estelle felt bad for Queen, just because her parent had the nerve to name her Queen. Estelle chuckled at the thought.

Her thoughts were broken by a nudge in the ribs by Queen. A carefully folded note landed on the desk.

I'm driving tonight, right? -Q, Estelle read off the note. She quickly wrote a reply.

Yeah. You're driving me, Holls, Zachy, and yourself to the Hippo Hop. - E, Queen read and nodded. She pushed her blue-and-blonde streaked hair away from her eyes and went back to figuring Algebra 2 problems.

The bell rang a few minutes later and the two went walking to the locker they shared. When their book bags were loaded, they linked arms and skipped through the jam-packed halls to their other best friend's locker.

"Holly, dahling, what is taking you so long?" Queen asked in a mock-sophisticated voice.

"Thompsen let us out late, again," the red-haired girl replied. "Or rather, me. He said I 'never pay attention in class.' Well fuck yeah I don't, I hate Home-Ec!"

Estelle giggled at Holly's rant and suddenly felt an arm sling across her shoulders. She turned to see Holly's boyfriend, Zachy, there. Holly played with his hair as a signal that Estelle should step away before they kissed.

After joking around for a while, the four went out to the school's small parking lot and got into Queen's car. Queen was 17, and her parents were intent on getting her a car on her sixteenth birthday, even though she would have preferred a new keyboard.

"I need to stop by my dad's house for a little bit to clean up some," Estelle said as they started moving.

"Well, its 2:45 now, and the show doesn't start until eight. Your dad's house isn't too far away, and I think Zachy would be excited to meet him, anyway," Holly said from the backseat.

"You're not only dating my best friend to meet my dad, right? 'Cause if that's true, I might need to go back there and kick you," Estelle said jokingly to Zachy.


Fifteen minutes later, after getting stuck behind a school bus and a train, Queen parked on the street in front of a plain house, in a regular sub-division.

"Here it is! Welcome home, Stell," Queen shouted as the four got out and started walking towards the front door. Estelle opened it and let the others in.

"DAD! I'm home! And I brought Queenie, Holls, and Zachy!"

"I'm in the kitchen, Stella! And who's Zachy? I don't know a Zachy," came a voice from down the hall. The four moved down the hall and turned into the kitchen.

They saw a tall man, with short brown hair, and light blue eyes standing next to the stove, with an apron on over regular clothes, looking down on a big pot with something red bubbling in it. Next to him, was a cup of coffee and a hand-written recipe.

"Do you remember that chili that we had at the Armstrong's last week?" The man asked his daughter. He turned to the group of teenagers and waited for Estelle to reply.

"Yeah, it was really good," she said, walking towards her father as Queen walked towards the stove.

"Are you making chili? 'Cause this looks like tomato soup with a little bit of meat put in it," Queen said after inspecting the red substance in the pot. She took a spoon out of the cupboard and stuck it into the soup. She tasted a little bit before critiquing it. "It needs some salt, or something, because it's really bland."

She looked at the recipe and then the cup of coffee sitting next to it. She looked between the two for a moment before taking the coffee and pouring it into the soup. She stirred it a little bit and then tasted it. "Well that worked. Taste it, man, it's good."

The man walked towards the soup and sniffed it. He then took out a spoon and tasted some.

"No matter how much I sometimes wish that you would get new friends, this one does know how to cook," he said. He then turned to the teenagers again and saw Holly and Zachy trying very hard to not kiss in front of him. "Now, I'm guessing this is the 'Zachy' fellow you told me about," he said as he approached the boy. The man circled Zachy a couple of times before stopping in front of him and sticking out his hand to be shook. "Mike Pritchard, or, as you might know me, Dirnt."

Zachy just looked at the hand before him and then gingerly took it and shook it. "Zachy Aprum, and it's a pleasure to meet you," Zachy said after the two shook hands.

The five stayed downstairs and talked for a little while before Estelle led her three friends up to her room.


After a few hours of sitting around and talking, Estelle shooed Zachy out so she could change. They all then went back downstairs and outside into Queen's car again. They started driving to the club.