Status: Finished!

My Arranged Marriage to Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby and Jessica Hunter have never gotten along together. They have been fighting since before they can remember.

But what happens when one Winter Break Jessica and Sidney discover that they're supposed to get married? Both of them are completely surprised and completely against the whole idea, until Jess starts to see her mom cry.

Will Jess and Sid be able to find a way to get along with each other? Or will things just get worse for the both of them?
  1. Chapter One: Are You Serious?
    Meet Jessica Hunter and Sidney Crosby and their families.
  2. Chapter Two: An Interesting Drive
    Sidney and Jess are off!
  3. Chapter Three: Nice to Meet You
  4. Chapter Four: Pittsburgh Material
    Jordan takes Jess out for some dinner and what happens when Sidney finds them asleep on the couch together?
  5. Chapter Five: A Breakfast Food Fight
    Well, the chapter title pretty much sums it all up.
  6. Chapter Six: Spoiled Fun
  7. Chapter Seven: Let's Make a Bet
    And they're at it again.
  8. Chapter Eight: It's Perfect!
    Sidney takes Jess out.
  9. Chapter Nine: Night Out
    Sidney and Jess go out with some of the other guys on the team.
  10. Chapter Ten: The Bet
  11. Chapter Eleven: I Wouldn't Lie to You
    (: Drama....
  12. Chapter Twelve: Not Like the Guy I Know
    Some interesting things play out...
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Dinner
    Some Sid and Jess time.
  14. Chapter Fourteen: I Like that Shirt
    Some Sid/Jess action going on.
  15. Chapter Fifteen: Miss Slutty
    Nothing too interesting really happens, but it'll be important for later chapters.
  16. Chapter Sixteen: "I'm Leaving"
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Admit It
  18. Chapter Eighteen: "I'll Be Better"
    This will have another chapter to followup where this one ends.
  19. Chapter Nineteen: Good Morning
    Continuation of Chapter Eighteen(:
  20. Chapter Twenty: "Are you Jordan Staal’s girlfriend?”
    Just a little bit of shopping.... and looking at engagement rings.
  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Still Touchy with Jordan
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Practice
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: Suite Texts
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four, Part One: Overtime?
    This chapter is split up into two parts because it was really, really long and I told you guys I'd make it two parts. But a lot of stuff happens, so pay attention!
  25. Chapter Twenty-Four, Part Two: Why I'm the Way I Am
    Part Two. Continuation of last chapter.
  26. Chapter Twenty-Five: These Hickeys!
    I'm thinking a lot of you guys will be very happy for this part....
  27. Chapter Twenty-Six: Wedding Errands
    Sidney, his parents, and Jess go out for the day to get some things done for the wedding.
  28. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Blindfolded Surprises
  29. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Best Player
    Few weeks have passed.
  30. Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Misshapen
    This is kinda a short chapter\:
  31. Chapter Thirty: Surprise Me Darling
  32. Chapter Thirty-One: Cross My Heart
  33. Chapter Thirty-Two: A Flight Home
  34. Chapter Thirty-Three: Doctor Visit
  35. Chapter Thirty Four: The Teal Coffee Mug
  36. Chapter Thirty-Five: Speaker Phone
    Chapter written in Sid's POV
  37. Chapter Thirty-Six: The L-Word
  38. Chapter Thirty-Seven: A New Chapter