Guilty So Guiltless


"Hey, sexy." a voice slurred behind me. I turned around, a grin ready on my face. The boy was unfamiliar to me but it just made it even better.

"Well, hello." I said, seductively. I licked my lips and took a sip from my red cup full of alcohol. I was ready to get drunk and crazy, especially after what I saw with that Samantha chick. She had Kenny wrapped around her finger--it was disgusting.

The boy was clearly very drunk, and he shook his dark brown hair out of his eyes and grinned at me. "You are so hot."

"Why thank you." I smiled. "You aren't too bad yourself. What's your name?"

"Michael." He grunted, taking a gulp from his drink. He pressed his body up against mine. "You're Evangeline, right?"

"Oh, people are talking about me, are they?" I whispered in his ear.

Michael nodded his head. "Want to come home with me?"

I laughed and said, "Of course I do." I looked past his shoulder and my eyes caught Kenny's, who's eyebrows were furrowed and he had a look of annoyance on his face.

"Can you wait an hour?" I asked, pushing Michael away. "I'm new this particular scene. I want to mingle." I shrugged.

He nodded his head and let me. I made my way towards Kennedy.

"Great party, eh?" I leaned back against the wall, next him. He cleared his throat and said, "Its just like the others."

"Oh, well," I shrugged. "I like it."

"Of course you would." Kennedy nodded his head. "Who was that guy you were talking to?"

I grinned slyly. "His name is Michael. I'm going home with him tonight."

Kennedy spun his around to look at me and he exclaimed, "What?"

"You heard me, Brock." I winked. "He looks good enough, don't you think?"

"So you're the same as you've always been. A slut." He spat at me. My expression flickered only slightly and I grinned at him, "Oh, Kennedy, haven't you learned to never judge?"

"I have every right to think what I think." He threw his empty cup on the ground.

"Thats only if you knew me." I said, starting to get angry. "You have no idea who I am, Kennedy."

"Of course I do." He said, turning his whole body to face me. "You're the slut that I dated for a year and then cheated on me with not only one, but two guys."

If only you knew why, I thought. "Well then, I guess our relationship was just a waste, huh?"

I probably hit a nerve there, but he tried his hardest to hide it from me. He glared at me, "Go off, then, Evangeline. Go sleep with Michael."

I grinned. "Thats what I had planned from the beginning, honey." I waved my fingers at him and turned around and went outside. My grin dropped immediately and I sat down on the ground.

Kennedy had no idea.


"Evy--you're still here?" Kennedy slurred, his voice was suddenly behind me. I turned around and grinned, "You're drunk, Kenny."

He nodded his head. "It's because of you. I hate youuuuuuuu."

I threw my head back and laughed. "Old news, Kenny."

Kenny stumbled onto me and we were both pressed against the wall. I felt his heavy breathing and I looked up into his dark eyes.

"Go home, Kenny." I said, quietly. "Samantha will be waiting for you."

"Samantha can wait." He yelled, pushing himself off of me. "I have something to say to you, you slut."

Ouch. That was a little more painful than the first time. He was just drunk though--Kennedy would never call me a slut.

"You think you can p--prance around with the shortest dress in the world and think you can just forget about what you did to me? You're h--heartless, you know that, Ev--Evangeline?" He spat at me. "I hope you get a fucking STD or s--something."

I smiled and said, "I never knew you had that in you." I patted him on the shoulder and walked past him, reaching Michael.

"Hey, you ready." I winked. Michael nodded his head and he took my hand and led me outside.

"Whats with you and Brock?" He asked, suddenly.

I smiled and shook my head, "Don't worry about it," and climbed into the car--towards the rest of my night with Michael.


I woke up the next morning and my head was pounding. I had no idea I even drank that much. Either way, I left Michael, who slept soundly, and quietly crept out of his house.

I looked like a hooker, as usual. Some guy whistled me when I walked past the park but I didn't mind, I waved to him.

When I reached John's apartment, I knocked rapidly until he opened the door.

"Holy mother of the fucking earth," John groaned, looking like a mess. "Stop knocking."

I grinned. "Hey, Johnny." I stepped inside and did a little spin before plopping down on his couch.

"I love you, Evy, but why are you here?" John asked, rubbing his eyes.

I shrugged. "I don't like going home."

"You still live with your parents?" He asked, sitting down next to me.

"Ever since I left California, I haven't exactly had the money to afford my own place. So, with my parents it is." I said. "At least, my dad. My mom works too much."

John nodded his head. "Alright, well, if you can concoct you're infamous hangover cure, you can stay whenever the hell you'd like."

I grinned and got up. John followed suit.

"I've missed you, you know?" I said. "There wasn't anyone in Cali that needed the hangover cure more than you. I miss that job."

John rolled his eyes. "Why the hell did you leave, anyways?

I laughed and ignored his question, going into the kitchen, pulling out different things from the fridge that I needed.

Before I could start my concoction, John's front door burst open and we both spun around. My heart suddenly sank but I kept my grin on my face.

It was Kennedy.
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