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Sweet Perfection

Hard Goodbyes and Fresh Hellos

Dani's POV

Chris looks at me, shocked and worried, but I can't help it. He's going to leave me and after tonight I probably wont see him again. It has been bugging me the whole night, buy I'd refused to dwell on it, not believing us to become so close in such a short time. I try my best to blink away the tears as I find my voice.

"you won't be staying here," I say numbly, trying my best to keep the remorse from my voice.

He nods, and looks away sadly. "I can't let the people i care about down."

I understand, but that doesn't keep it from hurting. I look back toward the lake, gazing sadly at the stars. "I'll miss you," I whisper, my voice cracking slightly.

Suddenly his arms are around me, comforting me, and the tears are spilling over. I sob into his shoulder as he mumbles soothing nonsense into my hair. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, and we shift slightly to a more comfortable position, and stay that way for a long time.

Five Months Later
Chris's POV

I sit at a coffee table in a book store I haven't seen in a while, waiting. I check my watch again, for the third or fourth time since I arrived. People around me are glancing at me suspiciously, and I shift in my seat, trying to cover a bit more of my face so as to not be recognized. As I am looking down, two bare feet walk up to me, and I hear hands slap the tabletop.

I look up slowly to see a girl with brilliant blue eyes staring down at me intently. She has a hard look on her face, and straight brown hair falls around her eyes and over her shoulders. I gulp nervously.

I haven't seen her for a while, and I wasn't sure how shed react when I sent the message, telling her to meet me where we first met. I wanted to tell her earlier, but we hadn't really kept in touch since we met. I wait silently for a reaction as dani glares at me.

Suddenly her expression changes, warming as she smiles.

"welcome back," she says as she opens her arms to me.
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ok, this is kinda pathetic. not really the best story, ans yes this is the end of it. im sorry if your dissatisfied with it, but its all that i got right now... And hey, i kinda like it. it only took me like two days to complete(not in a row, like two random days form different months), so if you dont like it, sorry. feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section, and suggestions will be welcome, if you would like to give them. Peace.