It Began With A Gunshot

This story is an A/U thing. It's 1996 and Green Day don't exist. Billie Joe is single and works in McDonalds, Mike is a widower with one son, Louie and a doctor and Frank is married with a kid on the way and President of the United States of America.
Due to an accident, the three if them are thrown together. They begin to form a strong friendship and their lives change drastically.
  1. The Beginning (Imaginative, I know)
    We meet the trio and find out about their day-to-day lives.
  2. At The Hospital
    Billie and Frank recover. Frank's first child is born and Mike helps the patients.
  3. Recovery
    Billie wakes up and begins to get better.
  4. Adrienne
    Billie and Adrienne talk and Frank gets used to fatherhood.
  5. Eleanor and Adrienne
    Frank receives some bad news and Billie gets a visit from his Mom.
  6. Mourning
    Billie plucks up his courage, Mike goes home and Frank has Eleanor's funeral.
  7. Frank's Great Idea
    Frank has a great idea.
  8. The Great Idea
    Mike, Frank and Billie go out for dinner.
  9. Vice President Armstrong
    Billie moves into the Vice President's home.
  10. Tre Cool
    Billie freaks out big time after Tre's announcment, and Adie and Billie spend some quality time together.
  11. Boredom
    Mike heads off on a well-deserved holiday; Frank and Billie are bored without him.