It Began With A Gunshot


*Mike’s POV*
I smiled as Louie babbled excitedly about aeroplanes and Disneyland. We were walking through the airport, ready for our vacation. Louie was more excited than I’d ever seen him.

“I’m gonna see Mickey an’ Minnie an’ Donald an’ Goofy and I’m gonna go on all the rides an’ have loads an’ loads of ice cream,” he bounced up and down on the spot as we queued to board the plane to Florida.

“We’ll see,” I grinned ruffling his hair.

“’Top messin’ wid my hair!” he frowned.

“You can mess with mine,” I lifted him onto my shoulders and he messed up my hair. “Happy now?” I lifted him down and he shook his head.

“Are we there yet?”

“Louie, we aren’t even on the plane yet.”

“When are we gonna get there?”

“In about, nine hours, we’ll be at the hotel.”

He groaned. “That’s gonna be forever!”

“Actually it’s going to be nine hours.”

*Frank’s POV*
Billie and I were sitting in his basement working on some music. We’d started playing a month ago, once a week, but we found it so much fun, we played practically every day. We had some songs we really loved, and were thinking about maybe making an album. I still had some contacts from my Lookout! days and if none of them worked out, we were going to send tapes off.

“Shall we run through Basket Case again?” Billie said, strumming aimlessly.

“I dunno, it doesn’t really feel right without Mike,” I replied, twirling my drumsticks.

Jessie came running downstairs. “Mommy’s made dinner, and Lily just had a bottle. Now she’s sleeping again.”

“Thanks, Jess,” I smiled.

“Yeah, we’ll be right up sweetie,” Billie added.

We went up to the kitchen and helped Adrienne carry the dinner things through to the dining room. I checked on Lily in her carry-cot, and Billie kissed Adie on the cheek. They had started going out about a week after we moved in, and they looked really happy. So did Jessie. They had taken her to Toys R Us and bought her some teddies and things to fill her room.

I glanced at Jessie and grinned. She’d brought about a million teddies down with her, and was trying to get her Mom to give them food too.

“Jessica, if we give all of your toys food, not only will we run out of food, but all of North America will run out of food,” Adie sighed, grinning slightly as she caught my eye. “Now, please, go and put some back upstairs. You can keep two down with you. But be quiet, Lily’s sleeping.”

Jessica stared at her pile of toys for a few minutes, then scooped them all up in her arms and ran off, unaware of all the toys she was scattering behind her as she went.

Adie rolled her eyes as I chuckled.

“You laugh, Mr President, but just remember, in a few years, Lily will be making as much mess as that.”

“And you just remember,” I grinned back. “That I have dozens of people who can pick those toys up for me.”
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I am so very sorry I haven't updated in so long. I lost a lot of files on my computer, and then when I managed to recover them, I suffered a long and nasty case of writer's block. But, here is part 11, which is mostly just a filler, I'm afraid.

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