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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

When the Moon Fell

Katelyn sat in first hour Physics, ignoring her teacher and trying to fall asleep, wishing her senior year could end at that moment.
But four months was a long ways away.
The girl sat towards the back corner of the room, and began to nod off.

"Mr. Urie, glad you could grace us with your presence this morning. Miss Tieger has been off in dreamland without you here to keep her entertained," Mr. Mylam said suddenly, and Katelyn's head shot up to see her friend handing a pass to the old man.

"Take your seat, Urie."

"Good morning to you too, Mr. Mylam," he laughed, walking back to his spot next to Katelyn.

"Having fun without me?" he asked, flashing her a bright, playful grin.

"Uh, yeah. You just totally crashed my party," she replied, shooting him a fake glare.

After they settled in, Katelyn pulled out a sheet of paper and wrote,

Where were you? I saw you before school..?

Brendon quickly looked over at it before writing on his own.

Taking care of some stuff.

She gave him a confused look, writing a question mark on her page. Brendon shook his head, writing.

Tell ya later

Katelyn sighed, nodding quickly before continuing to write.

Do you have practice tonight?

It's Friday, so he usually does. Shaking his head, he responded.

Nope. Ryan's got a hot date..

With Nina? He nodded.

Eeewww.. she drew a frownie face too.

The two kept this up until the bell rang, and they walked over to the music department before going their separate ways.

Brendon went to band, and Katelyn went to orchestra.. Which explains why they never got to hang out with each other around their friends.

Orchestra and band kids do not get along.. But these two did. They met in Physics at the beginning of the year and at first, they weren't too sure what to think of one another. It didn't take long for them to realize that their interests and personalities were similar, so they pushed aside the fact that they were supposed to hate each other and became friends.

Katelyn stared blankly at the music on her stand as her teacher, Mr. Deally, rambled on about how the class needed to respect him. Her phone vibrated in her pocket, so Katelyn pulled it out, disguising it behind her violin.

Make it to class ok? She smiled, seeing as Brendon did this every day.

Um.. I'm in the back of a white van.. Some guys grabbed me before I could get into class Katelyn had come up with a different reply every time.

The pair had four classes together, and sat within easy note passing or talking distance. But they never hung out at lunch or really outside of school. When Brendon and Katelyn were in the same room with their own friends, there had always been an unspoken agreement to respect each other's space. At lunch, they sat at different tables, but they'd always grin and make faces to one another.

Katelyn sat in the cafeteria, still texting Brendon even though they'd just had calculus together.

Whatcha doing tonight? his latest text asked.

Sitting around at home doing nothing.

Wanna do something? She looked up to see Brendon watching her.

Katelyn sent him a wide smile and nodded quickly. Brendon flashed that toothy grin, then looked from Katelyn to her friend, then down at his lunch.

"Kate!" her friend Natasha groaned.

"What?" she asked, turning to face the girl next to her.

"Help me study for my Latin test!"

"Tash, I'm not in Latin.. I'm taking French five AP."

"So.? They're basically the same.. Pleaseeee?"

"Sorry.. I'm no help," Katelyn sighed.

"Are you coming to dinner and stuff with us tonight?" A girl named Sarah asked.

"Nah. I'm gonna stay home. Thanks though."

Her friends all pleaded and begged for her to come.

"It's tradition!" Tasha whined, but she did have a point. Katelyn and three other girls, Tasha, Sarah and Ty would go to dinner and see a new movie on the second Friday of every month.

"Guys," Katelyn sighed a bit, "I know. But I just don't feel like doing anything tonight."

"Fine then," Tasha huffed, and Katelyn wondered why she hung around these people.

"I'm gonna go to class.. See you guys later," Katelyn got up, quickly heading to her locker, only to find Brendon standing there.

"Hey," she smiled at him.

"Fancy meeting you here," he laughed before pulling her in for a fast hug.

Katelyn blushed, turning away from Brendon to turn the dial on her lock. After depositing her math book and pulling out the binder she needed for her next two classes, she closed the locker door, making sure to lock it.

"Hey, thanks for inviting me to hang tonight. I'm seriously getting tired of those girls," she told Brendon quietly.

"Really? Aren't they your best friends?"

She shook her head, "I don't know anymore."

"Well, now we have a topic to discuss in english," he smiled, making her laugh.

"Wanna walk around?" she asked, and he nodded, allowing her to lead the way.

"Oh no. No way!" Brendon gaped as they stood outside the orchestra room.

"Come on," Katelyn grinned, grabbing his hand and pulling him inside the empty room.

"Aaahhh!! It burns!!!" he groaned, shielding his face from the fluorescent lighting.

"Oh it can't be that bad," Katelyn laughed at the crazy boy standing before her.

"You think my pain is funny?" Brendon asked, then lifted the girl up over his shoulder, casually
exiting the room and going down the hall to the band room.

He set her down once they got inside, all the band geeks greeting Brendon, then giving Katelyn a look of disgust.

"Hey everyone," Bren waved, and Katelyn glared up at him.

The girl felt extremely awkward as Brendon brought her over to talk to a few kids. Katelyn pulled out her phone as it vibrated, reading the text.

Where r u? need hlp w/ latin Tasha still didn't understand.

'What the hell?' Katelyn thought as she glared, jamming the phone in her back pocket.

Katelyn glanced to her left, spotting a rather attractive, tall boy with dark brown hair and green eyes, sitting alone at a drumset. Seeing as Brendon was so into his conversation, Katelyn walked over to this kid, who looked to be a junior.

"Hi there," she smiled once she caught his attention.

"Hey.. Sorry to ask, but I think I've seen you around before.. You're Katelyn, right?" She nodded, taken back by his cute freckles and bright eyes.

"That's me.. How'd you know?"

"Oh. Brendon never shuts up about you. Plus I think my locker's right next to yours." Katelyn flushed momentarily before getting caught up in those green eyes.

"So, what's your name?" she asked quickly, and he smiled, "I'm Mark, it's nice to meet you, Katelyn."

"You too," she grinned, and then Brendon came over.

"Ready to go to English?" Katelyn nodded at him, waving to Mark as they left.

"Oooohh. Looks like someone's got a little cruushhhh," he teased down the hall, but he seemed jealous.

"Oh yeahh. Cause you know, I'd totally be seen in public with a band geek."
As soon as those words left her lips, Brendon froze.

'Oh shit.'

"Brendon," Katelyn began, but he shot her a hurt look before walking to English alone.

Katelyn spent all class trying to talk to Brendon, but he simply ignored her.

'Fine, Bren. But just so you know.. When I said 'band geek'... I don't count you. I figured you knew that. Guess not. :('

She pressed the sticky note to his binder while he was up sharpening his pencil, then she got up and walked out right as the bell rang.

Katelyn sat in her Economics/Government class, and Brendon walked in a second after the bell rang. He came and sat in the open seat next to Katelyn, and she ignored his existence as she doodled on her papers. Brendon attempted to gain her attention, so he set a sheet of paper on her desk.

Katelyn, look at me.. Please?

She took a glance at the paper, disregarding its request.

After spending half a period trying to catch her attention, Brendon gave up, and she was glad. Granted, the girl felt guilty for saying what she did to Brendon, but she was mad he wouldn't take the time to listen to her.

The final bell rang at exactly 2:45, and Katelyn was the first out the door. After stopping at her locker, the girl got in her car and went home.

Her mother was working late- as per usual, so Katelyn changed into a pair of short shorts and a tank, pulling her navy University of Arizona sweatshirt on over her head.
She braided her hair into loose pigtails, and moped around the house, thinking about what happened between her and one of the best friends she ever had.
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