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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

Under the Green Umbrella Trees

Brendon walked back in, sitting at the table next to Katelyn.
"What'd I miss?"
"This man seems to think that I should move out to Snobsdale, Arizona with his mistress and lovechild."
"What?" Brendon snapped.
"I'm not going anywhere, Kevin," Katelyn sneered, "Come on, Bren, let's go."
She and Brendon left the restaurant, and the boy drove back to Katelyn's house.

The girl had barely gotten to her bedroom before she broke down.
Brendon managed to catch her just before she could collapse to the floor; he held onto her sides, holding her into his chest.
As warm tears fell from her eyes and light sobs racked her body, Brendon rubbed her back soothingly.
"I don't want to move," she let out through ragged breaths, wrapping her arms around the boy and nestling her forehead into his shoulder.
"Once your mom comes home, she'll set everything straight. When's she coming back?"
"Tuesday," Katelyn answered quietly, now calming down. The more she thought about it, the more she realized that there was nothing her father could do to make her leave. She was pretty sure her mother had full custody... Then again, she could always be wrong.
"Alright. We'll stick it out until then.. But if he tries to make you leave, I'll call my parents," he paused momentarily, "I have to get to Spencer's for practice.. But if you don't want me to go.."
"No," Katelyn raised her head so she could look Brendon in the eyes, "go have fun. I'll stay here and chill out."
"You sure?"
"Positive," she nodded, thanking him for comforting her.
"Anytime, Kay. I'll see you in a few hours."
"Later," she smiled, and Brendon waved.
When Brendon closed the door, Katelyn waited until his car drove off and went up to the computer in her room to check her Livejournal.

"Hey Bren," Spencer, Brent and Ryan chimed as soon as he had walked in.
"Hi guys," Brendon replied, flopping on the couch and picking up the acoustic guitar to his left.
"Rough day?" Ryan asked, and the boy nodded.
Brendon strummed a few chords, quickly tuning.
"Katelyn's dad showed up out of the blue and we met him for lunch."
"And tried to kill you for hanging out with his daughter?" Spencer offered a suggestion.
The boy shook his head, a light smile on his lips.
"No, man. The guy left six years ago. He got involved with a coworker or something and they had a kid."
"So, why'd he just come back?" Brent asked.
"He wants her to move to Arizona with him and his new family."
"Why?" Spencer continued the questions as Brent fiddled with his bass. Brendon merely shrugged.
"That seems really bogus," Ryan added, and Brendon nodded.
"It was seriously awkward. But I doubt she's going anywhere, so let's get practicing."

The boys worked on their existing songs, all three of them, and played a few covers just for fun. They improvised lyrics, making it into a game much like the ones they had seen on the show 'Whose Line is it Anyways?'
"So, Katelyn and I figured we could go to her mom's restaurant for dinner before prom," Brendon pointed to Ryan, "you and Shannon, Brent and Rachel, and Spencer and his date."
"But I don't have a date. I'm flying solo."
"Actually we found someone for you," Brendon bit back a smirk.
"Do I even want to know?" The unsuspecting Spencer asked, and Ryan shook his head.
"Probably not."
"That Adam guy Katelyn is friends with."
Brent and Ryan burst out laughing, but Spencer gaped, punching Brendon in the arm.
"Dude, what the hell!"
"Are you sure it's not so he can go with Katelyn?" Ryan asked, a skeptical expression across his face.
"Dude, no. I'm pretty sure there's nothing going on between them," Brendon retorted, shooting Ryan a dirty look.
"How sure are you? A hundred percent?" Brent asked, and Spencer added, "I want him to be my date, not Katie's."
"I'm like, ninety-six percent positive," Brendon laughed, "and don't worry Spence, you'll still get some. Adam seems like a pretty open guy."
"I'm not worried about that, man. I'm worried about you."
"Does she even like you like that or is it just wishful thinking?" Ryan asked suddenly. The four boys were pretty open with each other since they were all best friends.
"I kissed her in her car," Brendon admitted, feeling his cheeks get hot.
"What?! When?"
The three boys began chiming in with questions like a group of teenage girls.
"Did she run away screaming?" Brent laughed.
"No, actually. She kissed me back.." Brendon told his best friends, and their laughter halted.
"Then what?" Ryan asked, extremely curious.
"That was it," Brendon shrugged, "the car behind us honked cause the light was green, and that was it."
The boys tried to get more out of Brendon, but he wouldn't spill, so they went back to practice.

Brendon and Katelyn stuck it out until Helen returned from Scottsdale. When Brendon went home, Helen called Kevin and he came over immediately.
"So, is Katelyn ready to come home with me?"
"She's not going anywhere, Kevin."
Although Katelyn was in her bedroom on her computer, she could hear their arguing quite clearly.
"Why can't she come live with us? Caroline would love to meet her, and she should know her baby brother."
"She has a month left of school. You aren't ripping from her friends. But even if it weren't the end of her senior year, I would say no."
"And why not? She's my daughter too," Kevin stated, and Helen answered swiftly.
"You gave up the right to call yourself her father the day you left. There's also the fact that Katelyn doesn't want to go!"
"Is it so wrong to want to spend time with her?"
"Why so suddenly? You haven't so much as called once over the past six years. You hurt her, Kevin. You took away one of the things she loved the most, and now you expect her to be fine? You're oblivious and I want you out of my house," Helen told the man, and from the sounds of it, he left.

Katelyn let out a sigh, refreshing her Mozilla Firefox browser and grinning at the new message waiting for her on Livejournal.
The girl picked up her cell phone off of the desk, punching in 'Bren' and hitting send.
"Hey Katelyn, what's up?"
"Are you busy?"
"I'm at practice. Why?"
"At Spencer's?"
"I'll be right over."
"Kate, what's going on?"
"You'll find out when I get there! Bye."
She hung up, slipping on her shoes and grabbing her bag and keys.
"Mom, I'm gonna go hang out with Brendon and the guys! I'll be back in a bit."
"Alright, have fun. Drive safe."
"Later," Katelyn walked out to her car and drove to Spencer's where the four boys were waiting for her to arrive.

"Seriously, Katelyn. What's going on?" Brendon asked, speaking for the whole group.
"Okay.. So, you know how I'm in this community on Livejournal, and that's where I get all my music from, I put up stuff there, other people put stuff up too, and we all just trade?"
"Yeah, so?" Brent nodded.
"Well, it just so happens that Pete Wentz trades there too, and is a member of the community. He posted a request for 'good, new music' so I sent him your demo, and I got a message back.."
"You what??" Ryan yelped, turning bright red.
"I sent him your demo saying you guys were a local Vegas band just waiting for a big break to come their way, and that you didn't know I was sending it."
"And?" Ryan asked, figuring it out.
"He wants to talk to you guys about a possible contract!" Katelyn grinned, and all four boys were up off of the couch, tackling the petite girl with hugs.
Once they pried themselves off of her, Spencer was the first to speak.
"Wow.. When?"
"Well, Pete said he wants to come out to meet you and hear you live. So you need to come up with a day he should come, and not next weekend, because Saturday is prom."
"But this weekend is game?" Ryan asked, and Katelyn tilted her head to the side, curious.
"Don't you want more time to prepare?"
"She's got a point.." Brendon agreed.
"Spence, your grandma has a computer, right?"
"Yeah, she's not Amish.."
"Cool," Katelyn grinned, "lead the way."
The girl logged into her Livejournal, letting the boys read the message for themselves.
She quickly typed up a response.
'Pete- I told the guys, and they're super excited. Can you come out soon? Not this weekend or next, but the one after that? Hope to hear from you soon. -Katelyn'
"Okay. I have to get home.. See you all at school," Katelyn smiled, glad that she had helped her best friends get at least one step closer to their dream.
Each boy thanked her once again, giving her a huge hug before she left.
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