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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

In the Middle of Summer

The week leading up to prom had been passing by slowly and Katelyn's behavior wasn't helping one bit.
For the past week, Katelyn had insulted Brendon numerous times while in the presence of Orchestra kids, and she hated it. It didn't exactly help when the girls, Crystal and Liz, threw cruel remarks at him and behind his back. She was only doing it to keep the peace during orchestra, because she was stressed out enough by her upcoming solo during their concert. All the girl wanted to do was practice the pieces without hassle, but these girls had other plans. They constantly brought Brendon up in front of Katelyn, who could do nothing but agree upon how dorky he was or how stupid his glasses looked. She knew she should've just kept her mouth shut, but that would have warranted more questions from Liz and Crystal.

At lunch on Friday, Katelyn and Brendon sat out under the usual shady tree, waiting for the rest to get their lunches.
"I'm so sorry again.. I hate that those girls joined in," Katelyn apologized for the hundredth time that week. She never told Brendon what the girls said, just that they spoke poorly of him.
"It's fine. I know you don't mean a word of it, and I don't care what those stupid kids say about me.. But you do know that they're gonna see us at prom."
"I know, but I'm not too concerned."
Everything was set and arranged for prom. It started at seven, so Brendon was coming over at 5:30 for pictures, because Helen Tieger was camera crazy.
The dinner was at 5:50, and then group pictures, then they leave for prom at 6:45.
It was a very well orchestrated plan, if Katelyn could say so herself.

"Hey guys, excited for tomorrow?" Spencer sang as he, Ryan, and Brent joined Katelyn and Brendon.
"Mmhmm," the girl nodded, tapping her can of peach Arizona iced tea she was holding.
"Hey Kate, what's with you and that tea stuff?" Brent asked, making her laugh.
"I don't exactly know.. It's just an old habit. Plus it's delicious."
"How can tea be good?" Spencer asked, his eyes on the large, light pink and creme colored can, as she shrugged.
"Want to try it?"
Spencer nodded, and she handed him the can.
He took a sip, and a weird, scrunched look hit his face as he passed it to Brent, who followed suit and passed it to Ryan.
After he tried it and cringed, Brendon laughed, taking a sip from the supposedly nasty drink.
"Mm," Brendon grinned, licking his lips.
"See! Brendon likes it," Katelyn laughed, retrieving her beverage.
"That stuff is disgusting," Ryan grimaced, chugging half of his water bottle.
"It's an acquired taste. You guys like coffee, and I hate it."
The five continued to debate until lunch was over, then Brendon and Katelyn walked to English.
"Are you excited for tomorrow night?" Brendon asked while they took notes from a power point.
"Actually, yeah.. I kinda am," Katelyn nodded, "You?"
"Yeah, it should be fun."

It was five o'clock on Saturday, and Katelyn was ready for prom.
She had gotten her nails done the day before; a light teal polish that matched her dress, with soft pink polka dots.
She had done her own makeup and gave her hair a bit more to its natural wave.
Helen had come home from work just to take pictures, then she would meet the kids back at her restaurant when they had dinner.
"Hey Katelyn, do you have enough memory for tonight?" Helen asked, glancing at the Sony Cybershot she bought for her daughter earlier in the year.
"Yeah mom," the girl rolled her eyes, pulling on her strappy silver heels.
When the doorbell rang, it was exactly 5:30 and Katelyn lit up.
Helen went and got the door, letting Brendon inside.
"Katie, your date is here!" Helen lingered on the word 'date'.
"Mom!" she laughed as she walked into the living room and saw Brendon, who was staring at Katelyn, and she was staring back at him.
Brendon was in a nice black tux with a teal vest and a white shirt, with a light pink tie that matched Katelyn perfectly and he held a clear plastic box, a corsage inside.
"You look amazing," Brendon smiled honestly, and Katelyn flushed a shade of red.
"Thanks. You look really good too, Bren."
"Picture time!" Helen interrupted, clutching onto her own digital camera.
Brendon slipped the elastic band of the corsage over Katelyn's wrist and she pinned a matching flower onto his lapel as Helen was snapping away with her camera.
The two posed together, bright smiles on their faces, until Helen had taken pictures to her heart's content.
"Alright, promise me you'll take lots of photos at the dance."
"I'm sure we will, mom," Katelyn rolled her eyes, and Brendon agreed.
"I promise, Mrs. Tieger," he nodded.
"Thanks for the reassurance, Brendon. Now hurry and get going or you won't make your reservation."

The eight friends met outside the restaurant and took a few group pictures, then went inside and were seated in the dining room.
On the way to their table the employees, all of which Katelyn knew well, stopped her and complimented her dress.
"You look gorgeous. Your dress is adorable!" Shannon smiled at Katelyn from her seat across from her, and Rachel nodded, who was next to Shannon.
There were three seats on each side of the table, and one at each end.
Their waiter, Corey, brought their drinks and took their orders.
"I'll have the chicken tenders," Katelyn smiled; it was all she ever got there.
"I'll have what she's having," Brendon finished the table's order in an embarrassed voice.
After Corey left, Katelyn laughed.
"You're not man enough to order your own dinner off of the kids menu?"
"I guess not," Brendon blushed.

Everyone talked and got along throughout dinner, and Adam was integrated immediately. He seemed to fit in with the group of seniors, despite being just a junior.
At 6:30, Katelyn's mother took her aside and said not to worry about the bill, but to tip Corey amazingly. They left him a $100 tip, then all took a few more pictures against the horizon and the falling sun, then headed in their separate cars to the dance.
Brendon and Katelyn goofed around until they got inside the huge, overly decorated hotel ballroom where people were already dancing and having fun.
"Don't you dare let us get separated," Katelyn said to Brendon in a half-joking, half-serious tone, and he set his arm around her waist.
"I promise we won't," he smiled, leading her to the dance floor.

The night flew by for the two kids. They caught up with the group, danced, took pictures and watched them crown prom king and queen.
All in all, it was a drama-free night. No one was making a big deal about the band geek and orchestra girl being each other's date, and it was relieving for them both.
Brendon and Katelyn were locked in a slow dance when Katelyn spotted Crystal in her peripheral.
"Kate, I can't believe you!" she hissed as Tasha and Sarah approached them too.
Katelyn shook her head immediately.
"Go away. You're ruining our dance."
"You'll regret this. I'll make sure of it," Tasha snarled.
"Oh, I'm sure you will," Katelyn held back a giggle, then Crystal and the girls stormed off.
"Well someone's in a no-nonsense mood," Brendon smiled.
"Duh. I'm not gonna let them ruin our fun night."
With that said, Brendon leaned in an kissed Katelyn wih such confidence, that it surprised her, and then she kissed him back.
But they were rudely interrupted by Spencer Smith, who tapped Brendon on the shoulder and pointed to one of the administrators.
"'Hands off' remember?" Spencer quoted, and Brendon nodded, his face now beet red, and so was Katelyn's.

"After this, what do you want to do?" the boy asked, gliding over the floor with his date in perfect time. It was a good thing that they both were so musically inclined, otherwise it could have been a disaster.
"My house? Everyone here is gonna go out and get drunk. Why don't we just chill and watch movies?" Katelyn shrugged.
"Sounds like a good idea to me.. I left some sweats and a shirt in my car so I don't have to be in this tux all night," Brendon grinned proudly, making the girl laugh.
"Only you would think of that.."
"I know. That's why I'm so awesome," he smirked, and Katelyn nodded.
"Can I cut in?" Adam asked out of nowhere, and Brendon stepped away, letting the boy dance with his date, then walked off to talk to Ryan.
"I like him," Adam smiled, pulling the girl close to his body, "You two seem good together."
"Don't get ahead of yourself now!" Katelyn laughed, resting her cheek against his arm, "You're so tall.. Even in my heels, I can't see your face without looking up!"
They danced until the song ended, then Katelyn tiptoed to kiss the sweet boy's cheek. Even then he had to lean down slightly so she could reach him.
"Thanks for the dance," she grinned, then went off to find Brendon.
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