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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

When the Moon Found the Sun

After looking around and searching for Brendon, Katelyn got fed up and went to sit with the wallflowers.
"What are you doing over here?!" Spencer asked the girl, who looked utterly miserable.
"Brendon ditched me," she sighed, blowing her bangs out of her eyes.
"Hey, my date disappeared too! Want to dance? Such a pretty dress shouldn't go to waste," he winked, grabbing her hand and pulling her up.
"Thanks for complimenting my dress, Spence." Katelyn rolled her eyes with a laugh.
"My pleasure. If Brendon caught me complimenting how you look, I'd be dead," Spencer chuckled and they started to dance to the beat of whatever the DJ was playing.

It was getting closer to eleven, closer to the end of prom, and Brendon had remained missing in action. Katelyn was growing more and more anxious without him nearby. They had grown close over the past few months and it felt strange when they weren't around each other.
As the fast songs changed to a slow melody, Katelyn went to leave the dance floor when a pair of arms caught her.
"Where do you think you're going?" Brendon's soft voice fell across the back of her neck.
"Well I was looking for my date. Have you seen him?" Katelyn asked, setting her hands on top of his and smiling, swaying with him along with the music.
"I think I saw him on the phone with his mom, convincing her to let him stay the night at Ryan's. Then I saw him having a pretty intense talk with Adam, and now he's with his gorgeous date," Brendon said in her ear and the girl grinned, turning around to face him.
"Yeah? Are you really staying over at Ry's?"
"That depends.." Brendon shrugged, a devious grin on his lips.
"On what?"
"What do you mean? You want to sleep over at my house?"
"I think it'd be fun.."
"Brendon," Katleyn started, "I'm not going to become a prom-night statistic."
"You think I want to have sex?" He blurted, a little too loud for Katelyn's liking, and his cheeks were now bright red.
"I don't know what you want," she slightly laughed, ignoring everyone around her except for Brendon.
"I just figured we'd be hanging out pretty late, so I didn't want to sneak home at four am or something."
"Smart move." Katelyn nodded in agreement, glancing over Brendon's shoulder to see Brent coming towards them.
"Hey, it's almost eleven and we're all figuring out what we're going to do after," he told the two.
"Well.. We're gonna call it a night and go to Katelyn's," Brendon said, and Brent nodded.
"See you two on Monday."

Eleven quickly came and Brendon drove Katelyn to her house, grabbing his extra clothes and following her inside.
"Want to take some pictures before I wipe all of my makeup off and my hair goes flat?" Katelyn laughed, taking out her camera.
"Um, duh!" Brendon loved being in pictures for some reason and he never turned down an opportunity to make funny faces.
The two walked outside to the backyard and into the cool night air, somewhat unusual for Las Vegas, but they weren't complaining.
Brendon pulled Katelyn in close, holding up the camera and together they wasted nearly fifteen minutes and fifty frames with goofy smiles and silly poses.
"Okay, it's getting cold. Can we go inside?" Katelyn asked, her teeth lightly chattering.
"Just a couple more," Brendon chuckled, slipping off his tux jacket and helping the girl into it.
"So what now?" she asked, and Brendon suddenly gave her a sweet kiss.
She felt a smile cross her lips, then she heard the camera's shutter flicker.
"Brendon!" she giggled, setting her hand on his chest and pushing herself back.
"What was that?"
"I dunno," he shrugged, a sheepish grin on his face.
"Cheesy post-prom makeout pictures?" She hated doing stupid cheesy things like that, but that was probably because the girl never had anyone to do that with. Katelyn thought it was odd that Brendon was being so affectionate as her best friend. She figured that was just what guys did when their best friends were girls. There was the thought that he wanted to be more than friends in the back of her mind, but she ignored it for now.
"Of course not! Innocent post-prom pictures. I'm Mormon, remember," he winked.
They stayed outside for a few more minutes, Brendon stealing soft kisses and Katelyn hugging close to him, trying to stay warm.
"Can we please go inside now?" the girl pleaded, giving Brendon a pout and he caved, dragging her inside.

As Brendon changed into his other clothes in the guest room, Katelyn did the same in her room. She hung up her dress in the garment bag in her closet after getting into a pair of track shorts and a plain gray American Apparel v-neck shirt, her usual lazy attire, then she went to see if Brendon was done.
She peeked into the empty guest room, wondering where the boy had gone.
"Brendon?" Katelyn called, then turn around and walked straight into who she had been looking for.
He immediately wrapped his arms around her waist, picking her up and spinning her around.
"Woah, Bren," the girl laughed, now extremely dizzy.
"Want to watch TV in my room or something?"
Brendon nodded, grabbing her hand and pulling her into her room.
Katelyn hopped under the covers of her bed, motioning for Brendon to join her.
The two laid in the queen size bed together watching Mythbusters and talking.
"Hey, you know that Pete Wentz will be here this time next week?" Katelyn mused, laying on her side to face Brendon.
"Yeah.. And I don't know how the guys and I could ever thank you for this opportunity," he told her, a genuine look in his eyes.
"Really.. The only way you need to thank me is by making music and getting signed," Katelyn replied, making him grin.
"We can do that."
They continued to watch TV, laughing and talking until they both fell asleep.

Katelyn woke up around ten on Sunday morning next to Brendon and she smiled to herself.
She carefully got out of bed and went to see if her mom was home; it was one of her two days off she got weekly.
Helen Tieger was doing some gardening in the back yard, so Katelyn went to talk to her.
"Hey Momma Bear," she waved slightly.
"Did you have fun last night?"
"Yeah, actually. It was pretty cool."
"I noticed that you weren't alone when I looked in on you last night," Helen said casually, her eyebrows raised with curiosity.
"Yeah. Brendon and I just fell asleep I guess. Sorry.."
"There's nothing to be sorry for, as long as you're being responsible and use protection."
"Mom! No! We didn't..."
"If you say so," Helen shrugged and Katelyn groaned, rubbing her hand over her face and running inside where Brendon was wandering around, confused.
"Bren.. Good morning," Katelyn caught his attention.
"Hey! There you are," he smiled, "Where were you?"
"Outside. My mom think we had sex because you spent the night."
"Well, it doesn't sound like a bad idea," Brendon wiggled his eyebrows, and Katelyn turned bright pink.
"Oh relax, I'm just kidding. I love getting a rise out of you."
"Obviously! Want some breakfast?"
"Uh, well. I should probably go home." Brendon heaved a sigh, rubbing the back of his neck.
"How about some Eggos for the road then?"
"When you put it that way.. How can I turn down waffles?"

As Katelyn pushed the cinnamon waffles down into the depths of the toaster, she formulated an important question for the boy standing with her in the kitchen.
"What exactly are we?" the girl asked quickly, catching Brendon off guard.
"Huh?" he answered, shooting her a confused look.
"Are we friends or something else or what?" she clarified.
"Well I was hoping something more.. But if you don't want to.."
"No, I do," she told him, watching his eyes light up.
"So, wanna be my girlfriend?"
Although he appeared somewhat confident, Katelyn could tell he was extremely nervous.
"I like the sound of that," she nodded as the waffles popped up. She set them on a napkin, handing the warm waffles to Brendon.
"They smell delicious," he thought out loud, "Thanks."
"Anytime. Now go home before your mom and dad freak."
"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow." The boy kissed her cheek, grabbing his stuff and shouting a goodbye to Helen before heading home.
After he left, Katelyn went to her room and uploaded the near two hundred picture from prom to her computer, posting her favorite ones to her myspace, which she only had because of her old friends. She didn't even know why she kept it at all, it was pretty pointless.

Over the next week Brendon and Katelyn began to show little signs of their affections towards one another more and more at school. They fearlessly held hands and exchanged short yet sweet kisses in front of anyone, regardless of whether they were in band or orchestra. Although they were defying the implied 'high school clique code', Katelyn had been hearing good remarks about how people thought of the pair. Of course, her once best friends couldn't stand it, and Katelyn couldn't have cared less. With Ryan, Brent, Spencer and especially Brendon, Katelyn felt unstoppable. The final push to the last few weeks of high school shouldn't be too difficult if things keep going the way they were.
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