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When the Moon Fell in Love with the Sun

He Looked Like

Brendon and Katelyn waited at the baggage claim of the Las Vegas International Airport, both wearing $8 Blues Brothers sunglasses from the show they had seen at the House of Blues the night before. Brendon was holding a piece of paper with the name 'Ben Dover' on it, as per the request of Pete Wentz. At five thirty on a Saturday night, Katelyn had no idea why they needed to be wearing shades, but Pete wanted to be able to recognize the people picking him up.
"What if he doesn't show up?" Brendon asked nervously and Katelyn shook her head, running her fingertips along his lower back in a comforting manner.
"Relax, he'll be here. Maybe his plane got delayed."
"Or maybe he listened to our demo again and decided not to come."
"Bren, shut up! Your demo is great. He'd be an idiot not to show up." Katelyn hushed the boy with her compliments, making him turn red.
"Who'd be an idiot not to do what now?" A voice came from a few feet away, making them jump and look up to see a familiar looking man.
"Pete!" The girl flushed, quickly pushing her sunglasses up onto her head of reddish brown hair.
"You must be Katelyn?" Pete asked, shaking her hand as she nodded.
"This is Brendon," Katelyn introduced, watching them greet one another with smiles as Pete recognized the boy's voice.

The two took Pete to his hotel to check in and drop off his stuff, and then to Spencer's grandmother's house for Panic!'s practice. Katelyn sat beside Pete on the couch as they watched the guys perform songs from their demo. The girl kept a close eye on the man next to her, watching for any signs of interest. All he did was watch intently and tap his right foot to the beat. As worrying as this should have been, Katelyn wasn't reading too much into it. The guys had been a little nervous at first, but they focused on the girl sitting in front of them and soon enough their butterflies were gone.
Pete seemed impressed after they finished and told them that he would have to talk with a few people before they could draw up any sort of paperwork. He also mentioned that he was amazed that they had never played a live show before. Then again, the music scene in Las Vegas was terrible.
"I'm not letting any of you sign with me until you're high school graduates though." Pete made sure that was clear before telling them that he had to get to his hotel for a conference call.
Brendon and Katelyn drove him, and once he was dropped off, the boy looked at his girlfriend with a bright smile.
"It's gonna happen, isn't it?"
Katelyn nodded, making his grin widen and he said that they should go celebrate.
"It's seven o'clock on a Saturday night. What do you suggest we do?"
"Well, I can think of a few things we could do if your mom isn't home…" Brendon wiggled his eyebrows, making the girl turn bright red.
"Brendon!" She hit his arm as they sat at a red light in his car, waiting to continue on their way to her house.
"What! I was thinking we could have a movie marathon and cuddle."
"Mmhmm. Sure." Katelyn rolled her eyes, trying not to laugh at the boy.

The pair ended up ordering pizza, cheese of course, because Brendon was vegetarian, and together they sat out in the back yard talking and eating before their movie marathon.
"What's gonna happen when you get signed and have to leave?"
Brendon looked at Katelyn with a slight frown, wondering why she was bringing it up.
"I don't really know. We just have to make every second we have together count, don't we?"
The girl nodded, mentioning that she got a letter back from UC Irvine the other day. It had been a last minute decision to apply and Brendon had really encouraged her to do it.
"Oh yeah? Was it a big envelope or a small one?" Brendon wasn't planning on college, so he was living vicariously through the petite girl that sat across the patio table from him. Katelyn could barely contain her smile as she said that it was a large one, which meant that she had been accepted.
"Aah! That's great!" Brendon leaped up and engulfed her in his long arms, pulling her into his chest.
"Thanks! I really think it's the place I want to be. But that would mean I wouldn't be in Vegas."
Brendon could feel the light, happy atmosphere changing and he quickly tried to save it by saying that they would have all summer together.
"You're quite right. We'll deal with it when we deal with it."
"I'm always right, duh!" Brendon planted a sweet, yet confident kiss on her lips before dragging her inside to watch movies and make out.
It was hard for Katelyn to push the thoughts of being separated from Brendon out of her mind, but she knew she would be making things worse if she didn't. Little did she know, Brendon was having the exact same battle with his restless thoughts.

Pete left Las Vegas after watching the guys practice again on Sunday, promising that he would be in touch soon enough. Katelyn hadn't been at practice, but Brendon made sure that he stopped by her house after to tell the girl all about it.
"And then he told me that he liked my voice!" Brendon was beaming as they sat in the girl's room, playing poker on her bed.
"Well he'd have to be deaf not to! You have a great voice."
"Thanks… Now I just have to figure out how I'm gonna tell my parents if we get signed." Brendon was having a lot of problems with his parents since his grades had declined. Even though they were getting better, things were still tense because Brendon was trying to pull away from the Mormon church. He had expressed to Katelyn more than once that he just didn't believe in all of the stuff he had been fed since he was a child, and Katelyn felt for him.
"You'll know when the time is right, Bren. I'll even be there when you tell them if you want me to."
Brendon looked at her as if she had grown another head.
"Are you crazy? Of course I want you to be there!"
"Your parents are gonna think that the heathen girl you're dating told you to join a band and leave the church." Katelyn shook her head in fake disappointment, she was such a bad influence.
"My heathen girlfriend doesn't control me!" The pair laughed and Brendon leaned forward, kissing her roughly and taking her by surprise. It always shocked her when Brendon took control because he was usually so passive and shy. Something about Katelyn made him feel confident though and he loved it. Brendon had always been the shy, awkward kid and he felt as if she was helping him get out of that stage.

May swiftly arrived after having such a busy April. Brendon turned eighteen, Pete visited again and liked what he saw, and with Katelyn's help, Brendon's grades were stabilizing at B and C averages. Graduation was approaching quickly and Katelyn had sent in her deposits and decision to UC Irvine. Brendon was so proud of the girl for pursuing her dreams, living in California and getting out of Las Vegas. As much as they tried to ignore the fact that they were going to be separated in a matter of months, it somehow brought them closer together. The two were practically attached at the hip now.
Katelyn had been preparing her solo piece for the end of the year orchestra concert and Brendon played cello to accompany her during her practices in the guest room of her house.
"Bren, will you teach me to play cello?" She could already play viola along with violin, but she had never attempted cello.
"Of course… What am I gonna get out of it though?" Katelyn put down her violin and walked over to Brendon, who was leaning back in his chair.
She set her hands on his shoulders and straddled him so she was sitting in his lap. Brendon's cheeks flushed a bright red and Katelyn laughed, giving his big lips a peck before getting up and returning to look at her music.
"Okay, okay! I'll teach you to play! Just come back over here!" Brendon pulled her back into his lap and held her close, never wanting to let go.
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